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91. Sara from Dallas, TX (2002/11/08)
Greetings to all fellow travellers...
I have probably signed on this page before but just wanted to add how much I appreciate Erika and Ofek recording their lives for so many to see. Not only will Momo benefit, but we can all come along for the ride. :) I enjoying travelling as often as I can. My favorite place so far has been Toronto in Ontario, Canada. I would say: "The world is a book, and those who do not travel, read only one page." Whatever you have to do, however creative, be sure that you take vacations!! It is the most natural and healthy way to live, I think. Otherwise, how can we understand our fellow man in another culture? Never stop going. Be a mover and a shaker. Remember what George Burns said? "I can't die. I'm already booked through June."
Also, I want to add that one of my best friends (now has left us) lived to be 95 and he told me: "Sara, the key to life is activity." So, to everyone- have the most passionate day possible.

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92. Samadhi from Twin Oaks Community (2002/11/08)
Hello Erika, Ofek, and Momo. We miss you here at Twin Oaks. Thank you for visiting us and living in a way that is less harmful to the environment. I hope we meet again!
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93. Karen Benson from Devon England (2002/11/14)
Would love to come to ecoforest and as a mum of 1 year old, be in company of a child holistic care and education minded, community.
It is so great you've started something - it sounds inspiring.
Good luck.

94. Sarah Rose from US (2002/11/16)
I used to live in la Sierra Nevada in a place called el murrion

95. anna from sweden (2002/11/17)
My place in life at the moment...
We have started to work on something very nice in Sweden. I would like to just travell but my partner wants a music studio(a big material trap we are in) and need a beautiful place to bee. So we have begin to set upp a place here in sweden.
We will have a little baby in june 2003. Carried, breastfeeded, non vaccinated, born at home. Loved.
All familys are always welcome to visit us and help us build.
And I would be gratefull for informations about communitys in southern Europe to visit.

I was very happy reading your website, thanks!

96. wendy from holly michigan (2002/11/20)

97. Cadence from Alaska-Chile (2002/11/25)
This is absolutly wonderful what you guys are doing. I imagine when I have children and a family Id want a very similar lifestyle, raw, traveling and learning, independent living,ect. Its always wonderful to see others on the same path and doing well!! blessings

98. ben from england (2002/11/29)

99. KAREN OR AND ELISHA from ISRAEL (2002/12/04)
Dear Momo, Erika and Ofek.
We were amazed to meet your website today..
It's very exciting to find out that there are people that share with us the same thoughts and ideas.
We thank you for the inspiration and wish you a lot of plesant and fullfilling adventures.

100. delphine from Provence (2002/12/05)
I don't have much oppportunity to acces internet, but each time i read a bit of your website i am like Waouh, these guys seem tuning to the world in a way very close to ours. Such a nice feeling as you sometimes end up feeling a bit of a freak travelling in this world as down to earth nomads in quest of future civilisation. Respect ! Delphy !



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