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21. Rob from New Zealand (2001/12/30)
Excellent website, great lifestyle! For anyone wishing to work for accommodation during travels around Australia, New Zealand and Europe might want to check out the Help Exchange website at byeeeeee!!!
[Suggested Webpage]

22. Dora from Canada/Germany (2001/12/30)
Hello! Ich schreibe von Canada. Solch eine Web page ist toll zu haben. Etwas von meiner Heimatgegend zu hoeren ist noch besser. Viele Gruesse von Dora.

Translation: I'm writing from Canada. It's great to have such a web page. To hear something about my home (the place where I come from) is even better. Many greetings from Dora.

23. natalie from maryland (2002/01/11)
Great web site

24. Jim from Detroit Area (2002/01/14)
Greetings Friends:

Visit our website and email us when you can. We love to hear from other vegans!
[Suggested Webpage]

25. Ori from <somewhere> (2002/01/24)
Thank you for the update, I love to read about your tour.
Be well and safe.

26. David and Maggie from Turtle Mountains, Manitoba, Canada (2002/01/26)
Hey! I'm not sure who sent me your website, but what a treat it is to run into you this way - a wonderful work of art this site is. We've been on a bit of a journey as a family - around the perimeter of North America and into Central. We had a blast - particularly learning to laugh together - what a gang of characters. And so many friends made along the way and so many sights seen. Maggie and I wanted to keep going, but the kids were ready - after 11 months - to be with their friends.

It would be great to see you all. There's an eco-community near here who we are friends with - Northern Sun Community about 3 hours east of us. Let us know if you are ever in the area. We'ld love to swap travel stories - and brag about each child's deep beauty.

Blessings from us all. David, Maggie, Kholi, Ezra, Teyana and Jonah (all in a row).

27. brice from <somewhere> (2002/01/29)
hello. my name is brice. i have been in contact with your website through mangos site. yours is very impressive. why have you not been to the vegan village of Rabiez and in Coulis vegeterian community near Genolac in the Cevenes? they are very good places. For my part i have never been to le village de la douceur et de l harmonie but i feel to do so now.

see ya love brice.
[Suggested Webpage]

28. Denise from Switzerland (2002/01/31)
Hi Eika, Ofek and Momo

Your site is amazing! I really love to read about your tarvel, it's so inspiring I feel like hitting the road as well.
I love the Libaware it's full of interesting subjects.
Keep on writing about your journey.
I wish the three of you a great time wherever you go and stay well!

29. BK from Muenchen/ Germany (2002/02/15)
Hi Erika, OfeK and Momo,
I just checked your website and I think you are doing a wonderful, really exceptional thing with your tour!!
It is very interesting for me to read about your tour, as Im planning to take a year or so off and live/ work in several ecovillages/ communes/ WWOOFing farms, hoping to be able to try out a better way of life... I would love to get in contact with you and to learn more about how you organized your tour. I was surprised, for example, about the short times you had spent in each commune- was it possible to come by spontaneously and just join them working there? Or had you planned your visits a longer time in advance? And is it possible for anybody to live and work in these communes( without paying)? I would love to hear from you!!
Till then I wish you th very best on your tour and THANK YOU for this website!!

30. Steve from UK (2002/02/18)
Thank you, all three of you! Seeing your webpage has sent me whirring off in a million directions all at once. I had no idea that so many people felt good about the world, so I am emerging from my hidernation (hehe) and I'm going to try once again to find my 'spot' on this planet.

Burn all flags, and let's live responsibly together - I love the world again!



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