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41. Julia from Germany (2002/04/23)
hello, i've seen the Photos of Urupia. I was there some years ago for 10 month. Nice to see Carina and Burzu on one of the pictures.

42. Michael Burke from Bloomington, Illinois (2002/04/27)
Before I went on The The D'Adamo diet. I weighed an extremely unhealthy 280 lbs. (Approx. 50% body fat composition) I was preDiabetic - Numb feet,etc. Had Gastroparesis (Paralyzed stomach) , Severe GERD, Severe diarrhea, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Chronic Fatigue,Chronic allergies, Chronic Bronchitis, Depression, hair trigger impatience and irritability etc., etc. ( I am the dreaded TYPE O MALE NON SECRETOR! )After only 16 months of going on his BLOOD TYPE DIET, (AFTER 17 YEARS OF A LONG, TOTALLY FRUITLESS SEARCH IN THE TRADITIONAL MEDICAL COMMUNITY - ( I ENDED UP SPENDING NO LESS THAN $50,000 ON 15 DIFFERENT DOCTORS - INCLUDING A 10 DAY TRIP TO MAYO CLINIC WHERE THEY DIDN'T KNOW UP FROM DOWN!!! ) I have lost 65 lbs. of fat, gained back 15 lbs. of lean muscle - All my sickness symptoms of any kind have totally subsided.I have not even had as much as a cold in the last 16 months running! (THE LAST TIME I WENT FOR OVER 12 MONTHS WITHOUT EVEN A COLD WAS AT THE AGE OF 7 - A WHOPPING 38 YEARS AGO!) All my bodily systems are now in a state of dynamic equilibrium. I am in fact gradually becoming the ultimate human machine as Dr. D'Adamo proposes I can be. For years, I listened to Dr's like you & all it got me was MUCH fatter & MUCH sicker with each and every day that passed! you're more than welcome to see before and after pictures if you'd like. For me, it is the real deal and pulled my numbed foot out of the grave at age 44 and gave me a life after so many years of needless suffering! Best wishes to you.

Mike Burke

43. Avi from Jerusalem, Israel (2002/04/29)
Nice to see your way of life...

I wish more people could do that in our world.....

44. Elizabeth Epple from California USA (2002/04/30)
Greetings fellow nomads...wondering about in matrix looking for a working farm/garden I might be able to join......

45. Rachael Smart from soon to be on the road in the U.S. (2002/05/07)
Thanks to you for introducing my family to diaperless baby raising. We started a bit late but our 13 month old has now been diaperless for just over a month. By the way - I like your web site.

46. Cousin from Toronto (2002/05/18)
Very proud of you. As Gandhi said - The future depends on what we do in the present. Andrew
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47. Mark Mier from Southern California (USA) (2002/05/22)
Hello please come visit me at I am interisted in Intentional Community using permaculture design and ethics, if you are two, please chime in.

48. annette from deutschland (2002/05/31)
eure seite ist wundervoll. leider kann ich kaum englisch, habe mir nur die bilder angesehen und einiges übersetzen können. ich wohne 10 km von poppau entfernt. dort seid ihr auch schon gewesen. wünsche euch alles liebe, bleibt gesund

Translation: Your page is wonderful, unfortunately I can barely understand English, but I could look at the pictures and was able to translate a few headings, I live 10 km from Poppau where you have been, I wish you all the best, stay healthy.

49. nikolai from worpswede (2002/06/05)

it is good to know people like you travelling on this earth keeping your hearts up.
thank you for sharing.
i wanted to ask you, if you could give me the phone number of urupia - i'd like to work there this summer but would like to make sure - as you suggested - that there is work to be done by some guest like me.

all the best


50. anva from amirim, israel (2002/06/09)
lovely site, wonderful pictures, great ideas! we hope to see and hear from your trip in england, and hope you will visit us in amirim as well! we miss you back home... kisses and hugs for momoly, love, imma-savta anva
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