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521. veronica from nyc (2005/11/07)
eat veggies!

522. chris from nigeria,africa (2005/11/07)

523. Sam from UK (2005/11/08)
Interesting site and ideas, found it while searching for parenting information.

Sam x
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524. Shane from Sheridan, WY (2005/11/09)
Hey!! You guys are helping us out a lot! We're seeking an Intentional Community and find your work inspiring. We'll let you know if something comes up! Shalom

525. Goran Nikolic from Serbia & Montenegro (2005/11/11)
Hey, I want To Come To You, In USA.

526. Issis from Houston (2005/11/15)
Awesome site!

527. ira krause from Buffalo,NY& Zion,IL (2005/11/18)
in the mist of trouble you can be in
peace and joy./////Within you comes forth to my mind the precious one that you not accept yourself as in the past, Realize right now that you are a
great treasure(no pride)///Keep the excellent spirit of being a
child-son-daughter of the Most High///What you walk away from God will lead you
,(instruction).In which you will follow and determine the futhure you
create,(Holy Spirit guidance). In closing God will treat you better than you
will treat yourself written by ira krause

528. precious from philippines (2005/11/18)

529. emily from burntwood (2005/11/22)

530. Ben from USA (2005/11/23)
Love the site design layout. You did a great job. Keep it up along with your journey.
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