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541. Gabriel A. Levicky from New York (2006/01/18)
I am curious about your structure and what it takes to join you on the experimental base...

542. Sam Newhouse from biggleswade some where in england (2006/01/18)
the websites actually for our band. But the main point is that there's so much in the world that shouldn't be, and the only way i feel i can escape them is to live in a comune with people who feel the same way i do. i need to escape from poverty and leave this capitalist trash whole! the only problem is i'm only 15...but i don't think that is enough to stop me from living in a peaceful comunity where we all work as one.
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543. madeleine from uk (2006/01/26)
well my economad friends i have been following you for years and am very disappointed in how you have not written your log for so long and the trash in the guestbook. Are you aware you are advertising teen porn and a poker site. Shame on you get your act together.

544. Fabiola from Bolivia (2006/01/30)
Awesome! I wanna join

545. Ian Gordon from Seoul (by way of Scotland) (2006/01/31)
Very interesting site. I particularly liked the section on coppicing. I want to start a rooftop garden but have always considered myself to have black fingers.

546. Richard Nacamuli from Califon, NJ, USA (2006/02/02)
This is an amazing site, full of valuable information. You are at the top of my favorites.

547. moi from IN (2006/02/03)

548. sebastijan from croatia (2006/02/07)
my qualiti of living is straight to zirro, i want to improve my life and be a part of something that i think is wright. actually, i know that way you people do is absolutly wright. i am 26 years old,no drugs problem, no vegeterian, no children and wife.

549. Bill Taylor from Los Angeles (2006/02/08)

550. Duncan Williams from London (2006/02/13)
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