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551. aimzdroid from brighton (2006/02/15)

552. David from Texas (2006/02/18)

553. Frank Johnson from <somewhere> (2006/02/21)

554. PaCe PaCe from Colorado (2006/02/22)
Dear Friends from everywhere and nowhere. I am a folk ways artist and laborer who speaks german and eng. and teaches ESL and who sews dolls andwants very much to return to the Alpine Regions soon. Does any of you out there reccomend a wwoof or oekohof or Projekt in the Alps (or near) Bakery, Goatfarm, Theater Folkmusic group orSchool hwere I might serve and live?
I am a thoroughly hippy person who doesn't want much in the way of $$$$ But for adventure and REAL PEOPLE I am a glutton of curiousity.
Please write:
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555. Retired farmer from Mi. (2006/02/22)
The majority of things you state are untrue. Why do you lie ?

556. manal sorour from Egypt (2006/02/26)

557. Green Man from South Africa (2006/03/03)
Just stubbled apon your site. All I can say is KEEPIT UP!
Bom shankar
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558. R H Pace from colorado (2006/03/04)
Dear Retired farmer from MI
(below) Now calling someone a LIAR is pretty cold.
Are you going to site examples or are you just going to spew as most of the antiprogressives do?
Do you have any proof?
Hey retired farmer from MI-you have the time tell us or else get your shoes off NOW and start walking a mile in economad's barefeet.
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559. RD from wv (2006/03/09)

560. Tom Ivers from Los Angeles (2006/03/09)
Enjoyed the site, were lifetime environmentalists in Los Angeles at CH Landscaping, -BEAUTIFUL FOUNTAINS, PONDS, RETAINING WALLS.

We will make you the most beautiful fountain inside or outside the home at prices lower than our competition, also construction of small ponds, patio, concrete, and wood work. Also specialize in retaining walls ; Keystone, concrete, walls set with or without mortar, we let you pick whatever style/design you like. All kinds of landscaping work done as well, write or call today - 310 714 - 3976



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