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561. Basia from Canada (2006/03/10)
Hey Ofek, Erika & Momo! long time no talk! how r U guys? where r U? what r U up to? (just to refresh U'r memory, my son Nachman & i, gave U guys a lift from....i think Eugene OR, area, from the ...raw festival....wat was it called...hmmmm.....then U got some durians & we shared them at U'r place in Portland...i think... i'm in White Rock, BC (or Vancouver, BC) area...& getting itchy again to visit some raw/living U have any to recommand in united states, or north america? ...Momo must be a lot bigger by now...that was ~ 3 years ago our paths crossed....i think it was a ...tribal gathering...??? LOTS OF LOOOVE, BLESSINGS, & LIVING/RAW BLISS, Basia, ps. r U still raw?
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562. shawna patruno from midland ontario (2006/03/12)

563. Casey Makela from US (2006/03/12)
Awsome site and resource!

Sign the first online petition ever launched to decriminalize birth and support birthing freedom at the American College of Traditional Midwives website.

Casey Makela

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564. Erin from Olympia, Washington (2006/03/15)
Awesome website... my sweetie and I want to do the same thing you guys are doing during the next few years. I'm interested in what you're up to now, and how you liked Lost Valley (I used to live in Eugene). We're headed to Acorn in September, I believe (plans not final yet) and your comments helped. Thanks, & happy Tuesday :)

565. TORI VOLLMER from KANSAS CITY, MO (2006/03/19)

566. Paul Greenman Barker from South Africa (2006/03/19)
In pondering the issues of personal expression I would like to pose a question. Why be normal when you can your self?
Bom shankar
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567. dorinda from ghana (2006/03/19)
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568. moath from Jerusalem,Palestine (2006/03/22)
Bism Allah Alrahman alraheem
Enshallah Palestine will return to the Palestinians shortly. The Enemies of Palestine are many throughout time and history we have been able to toppel all occupiers and foreign miltaries since the begining of thime. Enshallah we will succeed in eveicting the Jewsih american Zionist Squatters from our indgenous Palestinian lands and expell the jewsih intuders and invaders who come to murder our Palestinian pepole back to Europe and AMerica and Germany , Russia and from where ever else they came from. Allah Akbar min ALdunia, ALLah will enshallah Make the Jewsih and american occupiers Pay in 55 gallon barrels of blood for every Palestinian that is killed by U.S. and israeli made soldiers. Death to the Occupiers of Palestine(ZIonist AMericna and british forces), Death to all who seek to murder My Palestinian Specail Forces Units Of Palestine.
Enshallah alnasser lina.
Signed Commander of Palestinian Specail Operations and Specail forces Units of Occupied Palestine. Palestine Specail ForcesCommander S.F.O.Moath Abusaud

569. Taib from Australia (2006/03/22)

570. Holly from Earthaven (2006/03/23)
Was bummed by your review of Earthaven. I've lived here for 8 years, birthed here, breastfed for years here, used and washed cloth diapers here, lived in a tent with 2 kids here, built a home here, and grow food here. It is sad to me for you to paint one and all with the same brush in such a manner. It is a challenge to live under others' public scrutiny and judgement of what is true and right, while attempting to live and create a village out of a forest and raise a family. We are all trying to figure this out, some take different paths. I feel the best we can do is try to find the commonalities and support each other in our quest for a sustainable future.



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