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571. Pignut from UK/Bulgaria (2006/03/23)
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572. SunnyDay from Frankfurt (2006/03/23)
Dear Erika, dear ofek dear Momo!
Very very good Site, surprisingly interesting. Are you still on the road or back in Palestine?? Please update your Evolog! Thanks a lot and all the best for your future!
Love SunnyDay

573. Gardener from (2006/03/25)
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574. Katrina Taylor from Florida,USA (2006/03/27)
Wow! Very interesting and informative site. Keep up the good work.
[Suggested Webpage]

575. jeff from toronto (2006/03/28)

576. Mary from North Carolina (2006/03/29)

577. gavin from uk (2006/04/12)
i will eat you raw, you disposable plastic hamburgers.

578. alice from france (2006/04/13)
i just left beneficio and i came back to babylone to work help i am lost!!!!

579. Dawn LaBorde from Arcata, Ca (2006/04/15)

580. Art Kab from Japan, but US originally (2006/04/15)
I found your website. Cool. Sounds like something I want to do. I am looking for a place away from the electrosmog. A place where people can't and don't use cell phones. Do you know of any?



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