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591. Matthew from High Peak, UK (2006/05/17)
I want to follow in your footsteps!

592. Marika Isom from Vermont (2006/05/17)
My lover, Jeremy, and I are are raw foodists looking for a place to be happy. We are signing up to Wwoof soon and hopefully will find a nice place for the summer and then hope to head out of the country by the winter. What are you economads up to? We feel so stuck right now but we are getting there. We are currently in Northern Cali and can't want to find a good environment to be in and feel healthy again!
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593. LooPY from Durban,South Africa (2006/05/19)
i have nothing to say/it's been an average day/but hey i guess that's the point/u only see it after your 1st joint/that haze/that makes days eternally ease into infinity/but...enough about me
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594. Martha from Earthaven Ecovillage (2006/05/29)
Have you considered visiting Earthaven Ecovillage, near Asheville NC. Thank you for your EvoluLog
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595. uche from america (2006/05/29)
i like this site guest keep it fro all

596. An On from Spain (2006/06/02)
I have just read your piece about Sunseed in Spain. I stayed there recently - early 2006 - I just want to say that many people have a good time there, but I completely agree with your criticisms. It is not a serious project at all! The manager who suggested that you "move on" (about your web site) has now moved on, and what has replaced her has moved the project back.

597. Patrick Crawford from Forest Row, UK (2006/06/03)

598. Liam from Decatur, GA USA (2006/06/11)
Stay Strong!

599. Louise Stanzione from florida (2006/06/20)

600. Ketama from Australia (2006/06/20)



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