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621. romita from united states (2006/08/22)

622. Elisa from Italy Verona (2006/08/23)
I love this adventure u are doing and I appreciate the nice photos of Cinque Terre, the best place I saw here in Italy (until now!).
Have a nice journey around the world!
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623. steve jr from mi (2006/08/29)
this is steve, steve darden's son. he works at trendwest. i need someone to talk to sometimes. hes big into cocaine and had problems with it in the past. i with we could have a normal family life. he raped me and my sister, september also. she is pregnent now, but not with my dads kid. i'm so fucked upemail me to talk

624. DAN 1 from Narbaria Minor (2006/08/29)
Please bring your journey up to date? It is important to me to know your progress.
Where is Lost Valley, Oregon?
Respectfully, DAN 1
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625. LightningHeart from Wassaic NY (2006/08/29)
A great book ("The Continuum Concept")and resource for the spanking section. Also "Birth without Violence" by Fredrick Leboyer
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626. from EU (2006/09/01)
HI Erik@feK/moČ wonderfull site!!!
i'am just awaiting for updatings about your last 2/yrs i'am so curious about your experience of live

627. samantha from arizona (2006/09/04)
There is a person that posted a posting pretending to be steve darden jr going by screen name stevejr666 this person posted onto several different sites lies and complete slander to several different sites on the same day aug 29th using a bogus email PLEASE REMOVE THIS FROM YOUR SITE it doesnt belong on any site including yours,thank you ahead of time for your fast action on this matter.

628. Javier from Spain (2006/09/10)
Your community is not sustainable!! You depend on schools, hospitals, services that the rest of us pay for!!!! But yet it seems you believe that you are better people than the rest of us. Anyway, good luck

629. Sarah Dallas from Paris, France (2006/09/13)
Enjoyed your website. Thank you. Keep up the good work.

630. Richard Fagan from Falfield (north bristol) (2006/09/14)
Looks idillic. What a great idea for living (maybe ahead of the rest of the fossil fuel reliant world). Must be a very peaceful life? I just what to chop wood and build fires for the rest of my life. When can i move in?



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