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651. steve from mt hood (2006/10/31)

652. eugene palow from usa (2006/11/07)

653. simone from italy (2006/11/08)
very simple life for a better future...

654. amy from london (2006/11/09)
i want to run away and become a hippy

655. Jane Sutherland from bristol/south gloucestershire (2006/11/12)
I wish i was a bit younger so that I could join you! but being nearly 56 I am not sure if I have what is needed but truly admire what you are you know of any other similar communities who take old codgers?

656. Steve from UK (2006/11/13)
Wow... respect! Incredible to hit the road as you did with young kids... I can't even cope babysitting my nephew and niece for an hour :p
-From a fellow traveller seeking more than the "daily grind".
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657. misty from texas (2006/11/13)
i found this place very interesting compared to where i live. we wwere doing researches on utopias in school and i decided to read this page. This has led me to find out that not all utopias are the same. But theres nothing wrong with utopias!

658. martin from uk (2006/11/16)

659. Tim from Oklahoma (2006/11/19)

660. zack spencer from oklahoma (2006/11/19)



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