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661. Frederic from Huntsville (2006/11/20)

662. Kevin Stuart from Carlisle (2006/11/23)
I seen your development on the tele the other day. I think what you are doing is great. Good luck with the planners, there are always people around who will stop you doing what you want.

663. curtis from nj (2006/11/24)
am ayoung good going man who try to reach people needs went in want

664. tony aguilar from calif (2006/11/25)
I have been going barefoot since I was a kid in my neighborhood we went barefoot from spring though fall man it was great filp flops what are those? we went every where in barefeet no one said a word thirty years later I still enjoy barefeet although it is not as accecpted as it was back then more than once I have come across resistace about barefeet they say it the health dept I know thats B.S. but it don't stop me. all I can say if God ment us to ware shoes we would have been born with them no shoes no sweat barefoot just do it

665. frida from sweden (2006/11/26)
Hope I see u all in the new world where love rules

666. Bela Glosz from Hungary (2006/11/27)
You've been doing very good things -- I'm amazed!!! The is also superb!!!!

667. nate van noord from detroit, mi (2006/11/28)
i live in an intentional community in detroit and am very curious to here about your journeys and some of the communities you have visited.

668. may from spain (2006/11/29)
I want to get in touch with you

669. bernd from germany/portugal (2006/12/01)
We are grateful for the connections, Your networks offers!!

Thank You ! - And possibly meet us in southern protugal or elsewhere, where the network garden-of-europe or the porject-.ideas Iberia-Verde! and Trees-for-Earth act!

At Haliotis - Cetntre of ecology and health in Southern Portugal offers holiday-times, workshops, practical work in the reorganization of traditional forest-gardens, permaculture and knowledge about plants and animals. Remember: Southern Europe is the main refuge-area for all spoecies, who are no longer capable with the critical ecological conditions in central.-europe, due to water- and air-pollution, the separation of landscape by roads, influences of radiatons etc .... As some thousand years ago, when thwese countries where effective "glacial refugies" they act now as "industrial refuges".

Another part of our programs are tai-chi and qigong, combined with drawing and modelling with earth, wood etc. ... -
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670. Devere Myer from Durango Colorado USA (2006/12/04)
You have the right ideas about a sustainable lifestyle that we all need. Right now I'm still caught up in 24 hour four day week job that I have to drive to and that I'm trying to get away from.



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