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671. Barbara from Poland (2006/12/05)
I love your website! I am a nomad too but looking for a place to stop. Namaste. Barbara
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672. Angela from Minneapolis (2006/12/06)
i just happened to stumble on your page. How did you guys decide to do this and how do you come up with money to get from one place to the next? any other expenses? just curious...i think its really neat

673. Kenneth Appleton from Superior, WI, U.S.A. (2006/12/09)
I was thinking how neat it could be to travle around and learn about intentional communities as you do before I discovered your website.

674. Rosemary from Devon, UK (2006/12/11)
I am interested in finding out more about you and whether you welcome guest/volunteers to visit? I am seeking an alternative to the 9-5 rat race here in the UK. My diary is empty so please reply!! Thank you.

675. mauricio from brazil (2006/12/12)

676. JIm from Texas (2006/12/19)
Dear ignorant people like satatisticians you repert on what you want to report on. The milk is "cleaned" at a milk plant by going through a seperator, or a clarifier that removes red and white blood cells. Milk is pasturized to remove harmful bacteris, and i want you to prove to me that milk causes bed wetting, how studid can you be? Since humans work in milk plants tes sme problems exist, bt to say all milk is bad is like saying all Dr.s are clumsy oafs because a few leave things in patients. Get a life! My father hads drank milk every day for 78 years and has had no prolems with it i have drank it for 51 and due to a weight problem cased by over indugence i have a problem wuth my cholesterol. It was not caused by milk its by living life in tge ffast food labe. People are looking for an excuse so when your kid weat the bed, when you have high HCL or triglycerides lets all balme milk, BS!

677. Marie from La Lune Nette (2006/12/22)
Hello, i'm a french girl and don't speak english very well... excuze me!
i had seen your website some times and i discover la lune nette on your website, thank you because now, i leave at this place and it's so great and interesting. in 1 or 2 years, my boyfriend and me will travel in France and maybe in the world and if you speak a little french it will be so great to listen your experience of communities... i don't know if i speak very well and i'm so sorry if you don't understand...

very good website! good luck!
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678. Heidi from Portland (2006/12/26)

679. Lori from <somewhere> (2006/12/27)
Thank you for the informed information on vitamin B-12.

680. Istvan from France (2006/12/30)
greatings to Heinz with the hope to meet online
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