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681. Craig Delandre from UK (2006/12/31)
I think ive only seen five excellent web sites period, and this one is part of them, good on you, good health, peace, love and happines.
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682. lan from south africa (2007/01/10)

683. achaibou from marseille (2007/01/10)

684. Justin Boudreau from RI (2007/01/15)
Hey troy madeville from Ri is either my father or long lost half bro,,, have him contact me

685. Vanessa from Italy (2007/01/16)
Thanks for your very interesting web-side,
hugs vanessa

686. ava burgess from manchester (2007/01/16)

687. antony from lincolnshire, englang (2007/01/17)
take a look at my website charting the experiences of a family trying to live self-sufficient inan urban environment.
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688. ~chico. from canadia (2007/01/22)
helo again. :)
we need to talk.

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689. shaun from burntwood (2007/01/22)
wow wee!!!

690. bob from north pole (2007/01/29)
very interesting



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