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1. Erik@feK/mo² from <anywhere> (2001/07/22)
Our guest~book is a place for you to express your deepest feelings and confidential information such as your mother's maiden name and/or your bank-card's 4-digit PIN number.

Most people don't write in guest~books, but beware! Mark Twain suggests:
"Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect."

Thank you for your time and creativity!
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2. Stefan from Big Island, Hawaii (2001/07/28)
You have a truly fantastic web site... how on earth you do all this while constantly on the move and presumably without electricity sometimes, I really can't imagine! Have to go - time to have my disposable pesticide burger.
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3. Amnon Levav from Maalot, Israel (2001/07/28)
Dear Erik@feK/mo²,

The site is wonderfull. We watched it today, truely exited. Gives us alot of inspiration. Please keep writing.

We hope you will tell people in about your journey.

Amnon & Orit Levav
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4. Yoav from Atzmon (2001/08/26)
hi Erik@feK/mo²
Thanks for providing more opportunities to think about human intuitions, behavior and reflexes. Not that it made me shift and turn, but I admire your sense of justice and truth (as always). Your website is amazingly delightful!

5. Colin Ready-Evoy from Toronto (2001/08/27)
Hi Guys,
just wanted to write a quick hello and how are you. The new page is quite lovely - lots of green! Green IS my favourite colour. I hope to meet you three out there again someday but until then best of luck with your lives. I admire the way you live and try to love Earth as much as I can too.
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6. Karen Attrill from London (2001/08/28)
Your Mark Twain quote got me!!!
Fantastic website guys, an amazing way to record your travels for yourselves and others to enjoy. Feeling quite jealous that i'm back in an office saving up for adventures and not having them on a farm right now (so much so i even miss Falcon Blanco!!). Thank you for your inspirations, its always good to be reminded that i definitely don't want to spend the rest (or any significant part) of my life in an office (even a trying-to-change-the-world campaigning one) when there are so many other options.

Heres a couple of quotes i like (and the only two i can remember by heart!)

"The greatest mistake ever made was by those who did nothing because they thought they could only do a litte" (Edward Burke)

"Never doubt that a small group of people can change the world, in fact it is the only thing that ever has" (Margaret Mead)

and heres a veggie one from a very long time ago:

The Sending of the Animals - Henry Salt(1851-1939)

The animals, you say were "sent"
For man's free use and nutriment
Pray then, inform me, and be candid,
Why came they aeons before man did,
To spend long centuries on earth,
Awaiting their devourer's birth?
Those ill-timed chattels, sent from Heaven
Were, sure, the maddest gift ever given -
"Sent" for Man's usage (can Man believe it?)
When there was no man to receive it!)
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7. Peggy & Bob from <somewhere> (2001/09/01)
....wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!
I love your journey and your site - keep us updated please.

8. Martin from London (2001/09/13)
Just wanted to make my mark and tell everyone how much fun it was to live with Momo, Erika and Ofek at falcon blanco for a short time.
Ofek's ideas have sunken into me more than i thought they would, now that i'm home in London i see how much better things could be with a little effort.

9. Roman Naef from Zuerich (2001/10/06)
Zieht Faeden durchs Land - cool - interessante Spuren, faszienierende Knoten - human networking. Keep traveling... and visite Anhalonium:
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10. John Newcomb from Wisconsin (2001/10/07)
Dear Ofek and Erica,
I am impressed and moved once again from your writings....thank you! I believe you are correct in saying that in your travels, you are experiencing the future of civilization. What a great way to get an education!

Thanks again,
-John Newcomb
PS- I am going to see your friend Alyson Ostenaa in Minneapolis soon to visit and give a talk. Thanks Ofek, for telling me about that.

11. Caro from Bremen (2001/10/10)
Hi Erika, Ofek and Momo!
I am rght now in your webpage and was looking for new ideas and informations.
I hope you have a good journey and thanks for being with us in Bremen Caro

12. Patricia Krause from Olympia, Washington (2001/10/10)

I hummed Olivia Newton John's ever so 80s pop hit Xanadu while, I read about Martin's fabulous Xanadu garden. I really enjoy your information and pictures.

Peace-Love-Joy and oh yeah - Rock N Roll!!


13. Rick Ostrander from Maryland/USA (2001/10/26)
Happy trails. I'll revisit. Please stay in touch.

[Suggested Webpage]

14. Ute from Ireland (2001/10/27)
Lovely site, great travel writing, gorgeous Momo!
Keep us posted. Give us a shout if you ever make it to Ireland. You'd be most welcome to stay.
Ute (+ Mick in absentia)
[Suggested Webpage]

15. Jasminka from Croatia (2001/10/28)
Thank you for reminding me... :)
Am just starting a permaculture garden and hopefuly, will invite you to visit soon :)
[Suggested Webpage]

16. Jacqui Knight from Russell, Bay of Islands, New Zealand (2001/10/29)

What a wonderful adventure! I admire your courage and the manner in which you are sharing so many "green" thoughts with the people you visit along your way.

I was directed here by someone who has seen my website which they said reminded them of your journey... But my baby was a dog, and two horses instead of bikes. Please look me up if you get to New Zealand as I'd love to meet you.

[Suggested Webpage]

17. nicole philps from sydney australia (2001/10/29)
bonjour erika, ofek and momo. I met erika in paris nearly 4 years ago!! i am a travelling vegetarian who aspires to be as ecologically conscious as you are and to travel and live a much less harmless way. one day. thanks for sharing your wisdom and dreams with us all.
love nik

18. rachel from usa (2001/10/30)
Well I am not exactly sure what to say, but I would like to say that I think Italy is a fasinating country. It has interested me for quite some time now. I would love to visit Pompeii. Or maybe another state. But of course Pompeii is my favorite! When I think about all the mystery and excitement I can't help but think it might have been like to live during the explosive volcano. It must have been a real thrill to live and tell about it. That would be my number one place to visit also to investigate. Maybe one day I will find something out that no one else has found. Maybe one day I will live my dream, not only from books, but from reality.

19. wimpy from belgium (2001/11/13)
finding these encouraging words and people on the internet gives 1 main thing : HOPE

Thank you all travelling people and stay well

20. Mango from England(this time) (2001/12/05)
Love the barefootedness. I'll include a link to you in my website. Eat Fruit, Be Cute, Live long and prosper (ps I'm the author of the story you have about the life of a cow).

Rawesome, Mango.
[Suggested Webpage]

21. Rob from New Zealand (2001/12/30)
Excellent website, great lifestyle! For anyone wishing to work for accommodation during travels around Australia, New Zealand and Europe might want to check out the Help Exchange website at byeeeeee!!!
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22. Dora from Canada/Germany (2001/12/30)
Hello! Ich schreibe von Canada. Solch eine Web page ist toll zu haben. Etwas von meiner Heimatgegend zu hoeren ist noch besser. Viele Gruesse von Dora.

Translation: I'm writing from Canada. It's great to have such a web page. To hear something about my home (the place where I come from) is even better. Many greetings from Dora.

23. natalie from maryland (2002/01/11)
Great web site

24. Jim from Detroit Area (2002/01/14)
Greetings Friends:

Visit our website and email us when you can. We love to hear from other vegans!
[Suggested Webpage]

25. Ori from <somewhere> (2002/01/24)
Thank you for the update, I love to read about your tour.
Be well and safe.

26. David and Maggie from Turtle Mountains, Manitoba, Canada (2002/01/26)
Hey! I'm not sure who sent me your website, but what a treat it is to run into you this way - a wonderful work of art this site is. We've been on a bit of a journey as a family - around the perimeter of North America and into Central. We had a blast - particularly learning to laugh together - what a gang of characters. And so many friends made along the way and so many sights seen. Maggie and I wanted to keep going, but the kids were ready - after 11 months - to be with their friends.

It would be great to see you all. There's an eco-community near here who we are friends with - Northern Sun Community about 3 hours east of us. Let us know if you are ever in the area. We'ld love to swap travel stories - and brag about each child's deep beauty.

Blessings from us all. David, Maggie, Kholi, Ezra, Teyana and Jonah (all in a row).

27. brice from <somewhere> (2002/01/29)
hello. my name is brice. i have been in contact with your website through mangos site. yours is very impressive. why have you not been to the vegan village of Rabiez and in Coulis vegeterian community near Genolac in the Cevenes? they are very good places. For my part i have never been to le village de la douceur et de l harmonie but i feel to do so now.

see ya love brice.
[Suggested Webpage]

28. Denise from Switzerland (2002/01/31)
Hi Eika, Ofek and Momo

Your site is amazing! I really love to read about your tarvel, it's so inspiring I feel like hitting the road as well.
I love the Libaware it's full of interesting subjects.
Keep on writing about your journey.
I wish the three of you a great time wherever you go and stay well!

29. BK from Muenchen/ Germany (2002/02/15)
Hi Erika, OfeK and Momo,
I just checked your website and I think you are doing a wonderful, really exceptional thing with your tour!!
It is very interesting for me to read about your tour, as I´m planning to take a year or so off and live/ work in several ecovillages/ communes/ WWOOFing farms, hoping to be able to try out a better way of life... I would love to get in contact with you and to learn more about how you organized your tour. I was surprised, for example, about the short times you had spent in each commune- was it possible to come by spontaneously and just join them working there? Or had you planned your visits a longer time in advance? And is it possible for anybody to live and work in these communes( without paying)? I would love to hear from you!!
Till then I wish you th very best on your tour and THANK YOU for this website!!

30. Steve from UK (2002/02/18)
Thank you, all three of you! Seeing your webpage has sent me whirring off in a million directions all at once. I had no idea that so many people felt good about the world, so I am emerging from my hidernation (hehe) and I'm going to try once again to find my 'spot' on this planet.

Burn all flags, and let's live responsibly together - I love the world again!

31. Chris from Australia (2002/02/23)
Hi! Great page!

32. Sylvia Rodriguez from Mcallen Tx (2002/02/24)
Hi Erika! Wow love your website! Just wondering how you were doing. We have a lot of catching up to do!
An old friend-Sylvia

33. Colin Ready-Evoy from Toronto (2002/03/14)
Hello, hello again!
I have a bit of good news for you - i have been offered $200 by The David Suzuki Foundation to print and distribute more of the brochures that I had designed on their behalf on the subject of Global Warming.
I like the new name for the website but I always thought the old one was prettyt damn clever. Thanks for regaling us all with tales of your journey and enlightening us with so much information about......everything.
Your fan and friend,
P.S. and thanks for the surprise graphic of me on the Guest book. :)
[Suggested Webpage]

34. abba from home (2002/03/16)
great job & kiss momo

35. Katie Jo from Austin, TX (2002/03/16)
Bright greetings to Eco-nomads,

I am on the list serve for the yahoo intentional communities group. I checked out your recommended website and found it to be very pleasing. I am living in a collective community in Austin that is at the grassroots level. My tentative plans are to travel this fall overseas and learn more about permaculture, eco-living,, solar power, animal care, spirituality, and ect...I saw some of your the places you visited that you immensely enjoyed. Do you have any other places to share that are outside of Germany? I am interested in Spain since I can speak some Spanish. I am looking for a community that I can share and learn from with exchange of my labors of love a place to dwell and nourish and nuture myself? Thank you for your precious time and devotion,
Take care and take heart,
Katie Jo

36. robert miller from parkersburg (2002/03/19)
live long and prosper. is it the same as. lele makou nona puali

37. Joan Arlette from Richfield, Wisconsin (2002/03/22)
We wholly support your ideas and want to find ways to participate in the kind of movement you are defining. We, too, do organic gardening, follow similar practices in many areas of our lives. Human rights, peace and the sharing of the world's resources are uppermost in our minds.
Please keep us on your list.

38. andrea from hawaii (2002/04/10)

39. Hilla Ben David from Shanti Beach, Dead Sea, israel (2002/04/15)
I became a nomad lately, sharing time between living in a hut on the beach and traveling in the country with a base in Jerusalem. This are very high days - everything is on the edge.
It is a great time to travel, meet people across the land and get more undrstanding of the wonderful opportunities that are hidden behind the difficult "situation" in this wonderful country. What wonderful people.. what an explotion of natural beauty everywhere...

I am an ecological designer, doing reasearch on ecological community building and sustainable developement and I am trying to practice what I learn with my friends in Shanti Beach

[Suggested Webpage]

40. Chris Chopik from Candaa (2002/04/22)
You have opened my mind to new ideas - some of them uncomfortable ones. One suggestion for improved resonance is to remove "uncircumcised" from your fromt page - unless your intention is to exclude jews and muslims from participating in your organization.

See you on the brige to the middle way.

Peace, Love and
[Suggested Webpage]

41. Julia from Germany (2002/04/23)
hello, i've seen the Photos of Urupia. I was there some years ago for 10 month. Nice to see Carina and Burzu on one of the pictures.

42. Michael Burke from Bloomington, Illinois (2002/04/27)
Before I went on The The D'Adamo diet. I weighed an extremely unhealthy 280 lbs. (Approx. 50% body fat composition) I was preDiabetic - Numb feet,etc. Had Gastroparesis (Paralyzed stomach) , Severe GERD, Severe diarrhea, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Chronic Fatigue,Chronic allergies, Chronic Bronchitis, Depression, hair trigger impatience and irritability etc., etc. ( I am the dreaded TYPE O MALE NON SECRETOR! )After only 16 months of going on his BLOOD TYPE DIET, (AFTER 17 YEARS OF A LONG, TOTALLY FRUITLESS SEARCH IN THE TRADITIONAL MEDICAL COMMUNITY - ( I ENDED UP SPENDING NO LESS THAN $50,000 ON 15 DIFFERENT DOCTORS - INCLUDING A 10 DAY TRIP TO MAYO CLINIC WHERE THEY DIDN'T KNOW UP FROM DOWN!!! ) I have lost 65 lbs. of fat, gained back 15 lbs. of lean muscle - All my sickness symptoms of any kind have totally subsided.I have not even had as much as a cold in the last 16 months running! (THE LAST TIME I WENT FOR OVER 12 MONTHS WITHOUT EVEN A COLD WAS AT THE AGE OF 7 - A WHOPPING 38 YEARS AGO!) All my bodily systems are now in a state of dynamic equilibrium. I am in fact gradually becoming the ultimate human machine as Dr. D'Adamo proposes I can be. For years, I listened to Dr's like you & all it got me was MUCH fatter & MUCH sicker with each and every day that passed! you're more than welcome to see before and after pictures if you'd like. For me, it is the real deal and pulled my numbed foot out of the grave at age 44 and gave me a life after so many years of needless suffering! Best wishes to you.

Mike Burke

43. Avi from Jerusalem, Israel (2002/04/29)
Nice to see your way of life...

I wish more people could do that in our world.....

44. Elizabeth Epple from California USA (2002/04/30)
Greetings fellow nomads...wondering about in matrix looking for a working farm/garden I might be able to join......

45. Rachael Smart from soon to be on the road in the U.S. (2002/05/07)
Thanks to you for introducing my family to diaperless baby raising. We started a bit late but our 13 month old has now been diaperless for just over a month. By the way - I like your web site.

46. Cousin from Toronto (2002/05/18)
Very proud of you. As Gandhi said - The future depends on what we do in the present. Andrew
[Suggested Webpage]

47. Mark Mier from Southern California (USA) (2002/05/22)
Hello please come visit me at I am interisted in Intentional Community using permaculture design and ethics, if you are two, please chime in.

48. annette from deutschland (2002/05/31)
eure seite ist wundervoll. leider kann ich kaum englisch, habe mir nur die bilder angesehen und einiges übersetzen können. ich wohne 10 km von poppau entfernt. dort seid ihr auch schon gewesen. wünsche euch alles liebe, bleibt gesund

Translation: Your page is wonderful, unfortunately I can barely understand English, but I could look at the pictures and was able to translate a few headings, I live 10 km from Poppau where you have been, I wish you all the best, stay healthy.

49. nikolai from worpswede (2002/06/05)

it is good to know people like you travelling on this earth keeping your hearts up.
thank you for sharing.
i wanted to ask you, if you could give me the phone number of urupia - i'd like to work there this summer but would like to make sure - as you suggested - that there is work to be done by some guest like me.

all the best


50. anva from amirim, israel (2002/06/09)
lovely site, wonderful pictures, great ideas! we hope to see and hear from your trip in england, and hope you will visit us in amirim as well! we miss you back home... kisses and hugs for momoly, love, imma-savta anva
[Suggested Webpage]

51. akila from france (2002/06/13)
i am glad that you exist.i am akila living in london,a high tech illusionnist labyrinth .most of your reports and sources is in sort what i ,delicately try to preach to people on the path....i cook for the homeless in central london,where my regular ressource is.i think the population here has been targeted with bio nanotechnological .by the way ,being on the side of the majority is the top place to view the frame and the picture ,apart when you are surrounded by mirror,then you are blinded and illusioned.the site is attractif and i met the impossibilty to log in to maichto eric'site.
i'll see you soon people.
thank you

52. Camiel from homeless (2002/06/18)
it's great to read about where ya'll are these days. I wish you all the best wiht your adventures across Europe. I am heading back to El Salvador to work this summer with unions in the maquilas. un abrazo- CAMIEL

53. Mango from Spain today (2002/06/18)
Hello beautiful people.. your website is continuosly improving. I admire your lifestyle and hope to meet up with you one day.. peace and barefooted love and laughter,
[Suggested Webpage]

54. Brian White from Victoria Canada (2002/06/19)
Please look up pulser pump on google. It is a hydropowered pump (with no moving parts) that may be of use by very poor people. You may meet some on your journey.
best wishes Brian White

55. Eric from Belgium (2002/06/19)
my Son Almond gave me your adress.

56. meru tereichel from everywhere (2002/06/20)
Thank you so much. I've been looking for this info, hoping to find it one day. You made my day.

57. Gwen from Lynchburg, Virginia, USA (2002/06/20)
I get so excited when I open my mail and see that the Economads have posted an update to the Intentional Communities list! You make my day.
If you ever come to the US to visit Twin Oaks in Virginia (the oldest on-going commune in the US) I do hope you'll let me know. I would love to meet you all.

58. Dana Meek from Great Falls,Montana (2002/06/22)

59. Eva Christofano from Wilmington Delaware (2002/06/24)
What a wonderfull concept!
[Suggested Webpage]

60. Jona from Germany (2002/06/27)
friends of mine were at the Beringhof (near Dortmund) recently and they told me that there and in the Oekodorf 7 Linden in Poppau are several young babies without diapers! All of them were inspired by your visit! Next weekend Birgit and Josch and me, we are travelling to Poppau to visit a friend... maybe we meet the "EC-babies"!

61. Denise from <somewhere> (2002/06/28)
Hi Erika, OfeK and Momo

I just wanted to tell you how much I like your webpage. It's so interesting to read about your trip and I have been doing so for months. Actually you partly inspired me to do our travels. We are leaving in November for Mexico and are planning on traveling south living in intentional communities, ecovillages etc. and are going to help in a humanitarian project. I have a little boy about the age of Momo so I love to read when you write about her excperiences. I also like your Libaware with so many interesting topics and so many issues which of many are not part of my life (yet)but are surely worth considering and trying.

I wish you all the best wherever you are going and I'll keep on checking your wonderful webpage.

62. steve from Boise, Idaho (2002/07/03)
I Used To Vistit my Grandmother in Reutlingen as a child(Im 40Yrs)I was surfing the web and stumbled acrossed your sight, thanks for the tour.

63. gali & moran from jerusalem (2002/07/04)
beautiful!...discovering modern technology.. thanks alot for writing everything. easy to use, interesting & useful information toda

64. thor from U.S.A (2002/07/07)
Diaperless parenting can save the world if we let it.

65. Sri Thakur Mahasaya das from London, UK (2002/07/10)
Nice to see your advocating Cow protection, Bhaktivedanta Manor at Watford, has had a Cow Protection program for years, they are loved, their calfs are kept with them and they can grow old and eventually, as we all must, die naturally. Keep up the good work, if you get to England, go to the Manor and see how the cows should be looked after

66. Colin Streeter from London UK (2002/07/13)
I agree with your comments about Sunseed. Wonderful people struggling against some distant management but nothing for Africa and no commitment to true self sufficency. A SHAM.

I shall seek out some of your other places. Thanks for the inspiration.


67. Tim Irwin from Northern Ireland (2002/07/24)
Im new to this site, but Im actively seeking an alternative to the lifestyle and existence I've forged for mayself, thus far. As a London "suit" Im desperate to find for myself or be guided towards a more fulfilling and ethical way to lead my life. Surplus money, material items, power and authority are truly overrated. I will never give up hope.
[Suggested Webpage]

68. Emma from El Bierzo(Spain) (2002/07/30)
"La peor cárcel es la mente, sobre todo cuando no te dejan usarla". I won a fail by my beautiful phrase! Obviousness:España va bien! (By Pepe-Mari Aznar, not Me)
[Suggested Webpage]

69. Marielle from Acorn Community in Virginia (2002/08/18)
I think your website is Wonderful! I enjoyed browsing through your articles and pictures. I hear we may be seeing the three of you very soon at Acorn. How exciting!
[Suggested Webpage]

70. Jason Allen from Chicago / Tehran (2002/08/31)
Unbeleiveable! Wha a feeling to be doing something similar to your journey to visit these kinds of communities and one day find a site such a yours speaking right to my experience. Wow! I am on month 27 of spiritual quest that now takes me to intentional communities in western Europe. My site has impressions and photos fromevery country from Thailand to Greece accross Eurasia and the pure core spirituality and self development in the major faiths.
[Suggested Webpage]

71. Troy Mangum from Las Vegas, Nevada (2002/09/14)
There's alot to be said about the things in you have included in your ecclective collection of wonders. This is a tremendous help. Please continue in your work to spread the word.
(The Mangums - Troy, Carolyn, and Jessica)
[Suggested Webpage]

72. Michelle from NY but stuck in GA (2002/09/19)
Been cloth diapering 3 children since 1997. Loved the article about "disposables".

73. Fred Bering from Rockford, IL USA (2002/09/23)
I found your site very interesting, and I am very interested in the lifestyle your community practices. From what I have been able to learn, the Beringhof is the former home of some of my anscestors. If I ever get to Germany, I would like to visit you--but my German is not very good or extensive.

74. Pete from England (2002/09/23)
Great site, one of the best! Hope to meet up with you guys in a sunny corner of an organic farm commune one day. You've been an inspiration! (and I went out and read Momo too - great book! thanks ;-)
[Suggested Webpage]

75. George from <somewhere> (2002/09/24)
deepest feelings:
I can't stop thinking about donuts.
mothers maiden name:
4-digit- Pin Number:

76. Guy Aba from New Biafran (2002/09/26)
Very good site. I love it. Keep it up.

77. rich from glastonbury (2002/10/07)
I like the place that your website comes from. It is promoting awareness in a time where so we are made to feel so small. Thank you for allowing people the material with which to reclaim their power
[Suggested Webpage]

78. Hermann Otto from Neuseeland (2002/10/13)
Sehr gute webseite, schoene
Gruesse an meinen Neffen:
Max Kubierschky, der mir von euch geschrieben hat.
Wir haben hier in Ngunguru ein
grosses eingeschossiges Strohaus gebaut,mit Beton verputzt, das Dach wird von 45
aufrechten Holzstuetzen getragen. Wenn ich mal Zeit und genuegend Geld habe werde ich euch auf suchen.
Hermann (c:

79. Crow Hardy from Ithaca, NY USA (2002/10/15)
Your site is a wonderful discovery, & hopefully will help strengthen the Circle of our global tribe. Peace & Love to Brothers & Sisters everywhere in these difficult times.

80. Jon from Plant City FL USA (2002/10/16)
Wondering it you still may vist?
[Suggested Webpage]

81. Dionysio from southwest usa (2002/10/19)
hey!!! I like your website to see we are not alone... i especialy enjoyed the spain bits...i was recently there...get in touch anytime ..especially if you are in northern new mexico...
[Suggested Webpage]

82. Troy from <somewhere> (2002/10/21)
In this friendly, friendly world,
With each day so full of joy.
Why should any heart be lonely.
In this friendly, friendly world,
With each night so full of dreams,
Why should any here be afraid?
The world is such a wonderful place to wander through
When you've got someone you love to wander along with you.
With the sky so full of stars,
And the river so full of song
Every heart should be so thankful
The world is such a wonderful place to wander through
When you've got someone you love to wander along with you.
With the sky so full of stars,
And the river so full of song.
Every heart should be so thankful
Thankful for this friendly, friendly world.
By Andy Kaufman

83. Erin from Dallas, Tx, USA (2002/10/25)
I love your site! It has a lot of information and is very well made. I was born at home in 1984, I have been 'unschooled' my whole life, have been doing all raw foods since January ('02). I am very interested in barefooting, though I work in a health food store, and it would be against dress code, and with going through detoxification I get cold very easy. But it is definitely something I see in my future, and I do it when I can now. I love your information about the Blood Type diet. My family was interested in it for awhile, but it didn't change anything for us (raw foods HAVE!!). I'm B positive, and my whole life I could tell I was lactose intolerant (although I didn't get confirmation from a doctor, or really go to a doctor much at all for that matter...). I'm rambling! Anyways, you sound like awesome people, and if you are ever in Texas you have somewhere to stay/visit if you would like :)
[Suggested Webpage]

84. lila from tel aviv (2002/10/27)
I love your idea and your way of life!
[Suggested Webpage]

85. Kate Moore from England (2002/10/27)
Having been disgruntled with tampons for some 30 years, I've always used the good old Dr Whites or let my knickers take care of things. I'm always interested in new ideas.

86. lyndon hadley-coates from malta (2002/10/28)
my daughter is planning to visit you. i hope she enjoys the experience. she is one of the most beautiful people i know in every respect and i hope you enjoy her honesty and enthusiasm. if i were born again i would like to return just like her.

87. Johanna from X-student at Holma College of Holistic Studies (Sweden) (2002/10/30)
Hey! Thanks again for the visit! Remember the sangha all around the world:). I hope the project is going well. Love, Johanna
[Suggested Webpage]

88. Carl Lehrburger from Boulder, Colorado USA (2002/10/30)
Greetings Economads, it was very nice to see the "Out of Sight, Out of Mind" article posted on your site. Thanks. Should you want to include updated contact info for me, please note:
Carl Lehrburger
PureVision Technology, Inc.
511 N. McKinley
Ft. Lupton, CO USA 80621

Be well and thanks,

[Suggested Webpage]

89. emma from england (2002/11/02)

90. Marin from Poland (2002/11/06)
You are great! Maybe someday I visit yours familly. By and positive energy for you.

91. Sara from Dallas, TX (2002/11/08)
Greetings to all fellow travellers...
I have probably signed on this page before but just wanted to add how much I appreciate Erika and Ofek recording their lives for so many to see. Not only will Momo benefit, but we can all come along for the ride. :) I enjoying travelling as often as I can. My favorite place so far has been Toronto in Ontario, Canada. I would say: "The world is a book, and those who do not travel, read only one page." Whatever you have to do, however creative, be sure that you take vacations!! It is the most natural and healthy way to live, I think. Otherwise, how can we understand our fellow man in another culture? Never stop going. Be a mover and a shaker. Remember what George Burns said? "I can't die. I'm already booked through June."
Also, I want to add that one of my best friends (now has left us) lived to be 95 and he told me: "Sara, the key to life is activity." So, to everyone- have the most passionate day possible.

[Suggested Webpage]

92. Samadhi from Twin Oaks Community (2002/11/08)
Hello Erika, Ofek, and Momo. We miss you here at Twin Oaks. Thank you for visiting us and living in a way that is less harmful to the environment. I hope we meet again!
[Suggested Webpage]

93. Karen Benson from Devon England (2002/11/14)
Would love to come to ecoforest and as a mum of 1 year old, be in company of a child holistic care and education minded, community.
It is so great you've started something - it sounds inspiring.
Good luck.

94. Sarah Rose from US (2002/11/16)
I used to live in la Sierra Nevada in a place called el murrion

95. anna from sweden (2002/11/17)
My place in life at the moment...
We have started to work on something very nice in Sweden. I would like to just travell but my partner wants a music studio(a big material trap we are in) and need a beautiful place to bee. So we have begin to set upp a place here in sweden.
We will have a little baby in june 2003. Carried, breastfeeded, non vaccinated, born at home. Loved.
All familys are always welcome to visit us and help us build.
And I would be gratefull for informations about communitys in southern Europe to visit.

I was very happy reading your website, thanks!

96. wendy from holly michigan (2002/11/20)

97. Cadence from Alaska-Chile (2002/11/25)
This is absolutly wonderful what you guys are doing. I imagine when I have children and a family I´d want a very similar lifestyle, raw, traveling and learning, independent living,ect. It´s always wonderful to see others on the same path and doing well!! blessings

98. ben from england (2002/11/29)

99. KAREN OR AND ELISHA from ISRAEL (2002/12/04)
Dear Momo, Erika and Ofek.
We were amazed to meet your website today..
It's very exciting to find out that there are people that share with us the same thoughts and ideas.
We thank you for the inspiration and wish you a lot of plesant and fullfilling adventures.

100. delphine from Provence (2002/12/05)
I don't have much oppportunity to acces internet, but each time i read a bit of your website i am like Waouh, these guys seem tuning to the world in a way very close to ours. Such a nice feeling as you sometimes end up feeling a bit of a freak travelling in this world as down to earth nomads in quest of future civilisation. Respect ! Delphy !

101. Lo from Wisconsin (2002/12/06)
I like how you promote veganism and peaceful cooperation. Shalom Aleichem.

102. shelem from the community (2002/12/10)

103. DARREN AKA SCOTT from BRITAIN (2002/12/11)
I had a fabulous time in orgiva and i would like to wish everybody a life of light love and happiness. Hare krishna.

104. dave hodgson from old hall community (2002/12/12)
[Suggested Webpage]

105. momo from texas (2002/12/15)
you should separate the raw foods from your politics (that suck !!)

106. Amnon Levav from Maalot, Israel (2002/12/16)
Try to be positive - it works. Do it with love! separate the raw foods from your politics. The site would be more digestable that way.
[Suggested Webpage]

107. galation people, from usa . everywhere (2002/12/16)
the people of the usa , need to understand , jesus loves everyone , who are you to say someone down on their luck is of no value,isahh 65,66
[Suggested Webpage]

108. Andrew Paisey from Pill, North Somerset (2002/12/18)
It seems so sad that freedom comes at the price of being denied access to the sun.
[Suggested Webpage]

109. shiri ben dov from israel (2002/12/25)
trying to see how to pack my doughter and myself and eco travell to somewhere we can live and learn nature.
i am fascinated by your sight and stories.
happy new year- love- shiri.

110. Emma from El Bierzo(Spain) (2002/12/25)
Jou,jou,jou...! O.S.B. in Christmas When I was a little girl: (By myself & my cousin Willby) -Bebe wisky hasta que te caigas,bebe wisky hasta que te caigas,bebe wisky hasta que te caigas... y disfrútalo bien! Te pringas comiendo pudding,te pringas comiendo pudding,te pringas comiendo pudding... y disfrutas muy bien!Tu borras con la goma y escribes con el lapicero... Bebe wisky hasta que te caigas... y... disfrútalo bieeen! (Sorry!It´s "We wish you a Merry Christmas...") It´s a Joke! I only want a Smile in Christmas!

111. Fede Sanchez from L.A.Calif.U.S. (2002/12/26)

112. holly from currently china (2002/12/26)
Hello, I met you in Rome many moons ago. After travelling tibetan villages of Gansu Province in northern China I came across some new 'Momo' words you may or may not have heard. 'Momo' is a special kind of tibetan dumpling (containing detestable yak butter) and also means 'grandmother'in tibetan (or so I hear).
Cheers, holly!

113. shiri from <somewhere> (2002/12/28)
it was nice to recieve your mail and update. we plan to traviie to south india starting in the middle of january. still havn't travelled overseas with lalli exept to sinai. happy and fascinating new year.

114. Joan Arlette from Richfield, WI (2002/12/31)
Thanks for your travels and insights. I'd like to suggest a website of which I've recently become aware. It is and details the toxins & chemicals in the U.S. environment. Provides opportunity for viewer to receive info on their specific area's toxins. Very informative site for pollutants in the US. I don't have a similar resource for the planet but I am sure there is one.
[Suggested Webpage]

115. Alan Blanes from Edmonton Alberta (2003/01/02)
I am interested in finding out if you are aware of how many people become homeless due to abuse in social housing. I am wanting to organize 2 video screenings "Under the blue Light" and "In the Gutter and Other Good Places" which shows that a large portion of people lose their sense of belonging in some of these arbitrary, nepotism ridden empirebuilding clique operations that are often referred to as "projects" - They can often be run outside of the bounds of the law - and no-one can stand up to the abuse that is perpetrated in such housing organizations. I am interested in finding people who are also disturbed by this type of demeaning tripe, and I would like to get a group of people together who are willing to ask questions of funders of these abusive housing operators - and to start the demand notice process to force answers!
If you know what I am talking about - I want to hear from you.
Happy new year!

Alan Blanes 2.Jan2003

116. tricia from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada (2003/01/03)
Awesome idea. I hope to have the same type of pilgrimage some day soon.
[Suggested Webpage]

117. steven berkowitz from washington state, USA (2003/01/07)
we are hoping to start a Moshav in Israel,during late 2003, in the Jezreel-HaGilboa area. Interested parties are encouraged to email me at SABERKOWITZ@ATTBI.COM

118. Vitya from Puna, Hawaii (2003/01/09)
Love and blessings from the raw foodists in Hawaii. We have wonderful sustainable communities here. I haven't been away from the islands in years, so it is nice to see that consciousness is rising globally...I thought it was just here...great web-site...I hope to have my own raw eco-village on the ocean someday,


[Suggested Webpage]

119. Bishop Sotemohk Beeyayelel from Ong's Hat, New Jersey, USA (2003/01/15)
My Dear Friend,

Thank you for creating such a fascinating website dealing with one of my favorite countries in the world, Morocco. I love it for its human diversity and beautiful geography, and look forward to visiting.

May I invite you to visit our own humble website, that of the Moorish Orthodox Church Diocese of New Jersey at

Thank you again, and God bless you!
[Suggested Webpage]

120. Mike from Soho, London (2003/01/17)
Good site.
Please look at ours. One of our authors of the website (a hostel residents) has been issued a warning about it and they want to close it because the truth hurts. We think the warning is very unfair. What do you think??
Please email us or the managing company that issued the warning or
Thank you. God bless all
[Suggested Webpage]

121. rebex from minneapolis (2003/01/20)
nice meeting you at the Revolutionary Anarachist Mom and Baby League meeting. check out this pro-choice young mama website, think its up yore ally. viva, "raising kids, raising hell!" keep in touch.
[Suggested Webpage]

122. virginie from granada (2003/01/20)
hola todos, es una pagina muy ricas..gracias a vosotros para enseñar al mundo lo que vivir realmente. estoy en granada y queria saber si habia una communidad de este tipo a lado de granada? en la Alpujarra por ejemplo? sé que hay muchas communidades hippies pero no sé exactamente donde. anyway, mi gran respectos por lo que haceis. besos. virginia

123. gabrielle & yannick from Paris for the moment (2003/01/27)
We just want to thank you for the good time we've spent with you tonight.
Hope to do what you're doing one day.
Good luck !
[Suggested Webpage]

124. Shawn from Nebraska, USA (2003/01/28)
Hello I found your webpage very interesting. I'm interested in intentional communities, and in fact I'm trying to start one up of my own. If people are interested please visit my website. Thanks
[Suggested Webpage]

125. rose from Avalon (2003/02/03)
i love your site and i am going to the l'harmonie in frabce soon. you are doing a great job welldone folks!

126. kalyani olson from new hope (2003/02/03)
I heard the end of the kfai radio program today. I am interested in the toxic oil/heating food theories. I also had all my metal fillings exchanged, but still feel the aftereffects. Any suggestions?

127. carly allen from tyler texas (2003/02/09)
keep on keepin it real. your an inspiration. you bring hope to the world

128. Bob Briggs from Kailua, Hawaii (2003/02/18)
Darlene, I really appreciate your account of the fluoridation fiasco and all that you have done and are doing. I have been actively fighting fluoridation for a long time here in Hawaii. We are now hoping to get a ban on fluoridation through our legislature this year.
Thank you and the best to you. Aloha, Bob

129. Tamar Snir from Minneapolis-MN (2003/02/23)
Thanks guys for the courage you bring to the world. It is possible to live the life you see as true. Only a handful do and the rest just watch. some will follow and make it happen. God bless.

130. Eric Alexander from Longview, Texas (2003/02/24)

131. carrie from mpls (2003/02/24)
I attended the lecture Ofek spoke at last tues, it was
incredibly informative and inspiring!..I look forward to hearing more of your
travels., with you and your family..thanks for sharing your story!

132. heinz from austria (2003/03/01)
good luck and it looks like you may or will become an example for many others! :-)
[Suggested Webpage]

133. Joshua from NY (2003/03/01)
i don't think that toys are a waste. in fact, many learn dexterity with small toys!

134. Tash [alan lodge] from nottingham UK (2003/03/02)
these folks in the same area of the country as you, have made 'em a website, do check it out.... cheers Tash
[Suggested Webpage]

135. Stefan Kubierschky from Germany (2003/03/03)
Inventor of new wheel system

136. Pam from Arizona (2003/03/03)
Great Web-site! I agree 100%! Eating healthy is the key--blood type has nothing to do with loosing weight or staying healthy!

137. amy from california USA (2003/03/03)
enjoyed the site :)

138. Andrew from Somerset, England (2003/03/07)
This ios my second visit this one comes via the Cool Vegan link. I think the Evolulog is a brilliant idea both in terms of education and setting an example of liberation. But is all the Zionism content sitting happily under the Economad banner. Would it not be better to let it have it's page ?
[Suggested Webpage]

139. Justus from Oregon (2003/03/08)
Your pioneering a new world! Thank you guys. Peace.

140. Jon Graham from UK (2003/03/16)
Hi, A friend of mine was telling me today of an exciting new project being set up in France. Her French is not much better than mine, but here is what she gave me. Les amis de la douceur et harmonie. Can you get enough from that to send me more details? Nahwinga

141. thor from IN, USA (2003/03/17)
Saving the world one diaper at a time.
[Suggested Webpage]

142. ohyouwelcome from France (2003/03/18)
Thnaks for your Site!
Be happy!
[Suggested Webpage]

143. Andreina Yon from Miami Florida (2003/03/24)

144. Manuel from USA (2003/03/24)
Nice site. Nice photos. Nice People. Could you please post more of momo ? Or make a own site ?

145. Amy from Oxford (2003/04/02)
Very interesting, thank you!

146. Simone from Martin Cruz (2003/04/03)
Ola! eu sou do brasil, e estou procurando informaçoes sobre Orgiva, a cidade qu eminha bisavô nasceu, adorei as fotos, voce mora ai!

147. Debra from Santa Cruz, California, USA (2003/04/18)
Hello!! I was just browsing the EcoForest website and found your link! I am also a vegan rawfoodist ecovillage/commmunity enthusiast! Your travel logs are beautiful; your trip is inspiring! Over the past few years, I have visited intentional communities across the United States and done work trade and WWOOFing. Me and my biodiesel van have been living in Santa Cruz, California for the past six months. I work at an organic vegan half-raw restaurant inside a dance studio collective! And I am an American Jew for PEACE in the Middle East!!!! I love you and hope your travels continue to be enlightening and joyful! Keep in touch! Blessings!
[Suggested Webpage]

148. yollana from australia (2003/04/20)
hey economads

little momo is getting bigger

and you last updated in september. where are you? how are you? thanks for your sweet web page. change is the only constant. you are always free to be yourself. evolve to peace. love yo
[Suggested Webpage]

149. jason from originally evanston, now planet earth (2003/04/26)
Hey Brethren, just looked at your beautiful site from here in accra, ghana and read reports on communities in spain. Wonderful. I will write you directly to ask a question about my plans for scandinavia eco village visits this summer.
[Suggested Webpage]

150. Mark from Southern California (2003/04/27)

151. Andrew from Minneapolis (the wedge) (2003/04/28)
Wow!! Thank you! Your travel journals are excellant, and here in a free, no-paper publication! I should give move-out notice to the landlord. Wandering days are now!
[Suggested Webpage]

152. stefania from sicilia (2003/04/30)

153. Silvia Schulteisz from New York (2003/05/01)
Hi OfeK, Erika, and Momo

I very much enjoyed reading about your travels. Thank you for sharing your journey.

Love, Silvia

154. Lisa from North London (2003/05/02)
Hi how are you all?!! Good I hope. I'm travelling too, I'm in India at the mo. I'm setting up my own web page, (about time) anyway, I'd like to include you as a link. My web Page is in the process, so give it time...

Me and Coral are fine, we just met these people in India who've almost written a book on travelling with children. They attually live a few miles from me in England. I'll be in touch with them too, and I'll let you know when they have a site. I don't want to go back to Eng. now. We're in the Hymerlayas. I might go back for the summer?? Poss. I may get a .com address eventually. I'll let you know. Keep in touch, Lisa.
[Suggested Webpage]

155. baška from slovakia (2003/05/07)
I just need to feel the Wind in my soul,the Earth in my body...feel the uniqness of each being..

156. olli from planet earth (2003/05/08)

just found your webpage - very nice - god luck with the global chai garden,...

[Suggested Webpage]

157. Olivo from Spain (2003/05/14)
Sorry my english is very bad, i prefer to writte in spanish.

Web maravillosa, he viajado con vosotros por el mundo compartiendo momentos muy bellos.

Increibles fotos y detalles del viaje.Seguid bien and a Kiss for momo

Suerte y salud.

See you later

158. Jay Waters from Australia (2003/05/14)
[Suggested Webpage]

159. Ylva Jansson from Falun, Sweden (2003/05/15)
Acupuncture, nutrionist.

160. polly schofield from England (2003/05/20)
I just loved your web page and especially the pic's. thanx for giving me some insight into what i have to look forward to!

161. Jennifer Brotherton from <somewhere> (2003/05/23)
Please, come check out my natural parenting site and free online book, My Journey to Freebirth! Peace, Jenn
[Suggested Webpage]

162. sabrina maring from Texas (2003/05/27)
Thank you for yor rebuttal to the blood type diet. I am searching for a different way of eating. I observed a picture of a woman on a macrobiotic site also that was emaciated looking and smiling as big as she could...funny. Would appreciate any feedback on summer foods and obsurd diets to stay away from! cya

163. Jean Owita Lewis from Georgia (2003/05/27)
I enjoyed this article VERY MUCH!!...Here's a line from a Song/Poem that I wrote...How far away is God?...He's as close as the dewdrops...when I walk barefoot across the grass in my backyard. JEANSONGIONL...

God Bless!! from Owita

164. Edward C. Corrigan from London, ON, Canada (2003/05/28)
Thank you for publishing my article on Jewish Criticism of Zionism. I reviewed it and noted that the last part of the article in not posted on your site. That is fine but you may want to add the conclusion or eliminate the empty space on the posting.

165. Hannah from Michigan (2003/05/29)
The raw food diet is the best. You can check out my website below.
[Suggested Webpage]

166. sherry from <somewhere> (2003/06/02)
We are looking for a community tolive at. are you english speaking?

167. Camiel Becker from Buenos Aires, Argentina (2003/06/03)
Hey Ofek and Erica-

It is great getting your updates from time to time. I am so glad the three of you have kept this trip going... I can hardly imagine what you have seen and lived the last two years.

Since we last saw each other back in Falcon Blanco i have travelled back to El Salvador to work with unions and, more recently, I worked on an Environmental law project in Argentina. I am finishing up my second year of law school this semester in Buenos Aires and have recently discovered the newest of my many political battles: international gay rights. I have been working with a queer group here in the capital and trying to spend as much time as possible with my head in the books so that I am prepared to take on whatever policital fight I end up working with (rather it be world poverty, the environment, labor issues or gay rights) when I finish law school next may.

Thanks for the periodic updates. On more than one occasion they have inspired me and assured me that, although a lot of people think my hard-headedness is juvenile and too idealistic, change can and does happen.

Ofek, can you reccomend any websites on how to create a web page? I want to start my own web page but I dont really know where to start. Any advice you can send in your spare time would be much appreciated.

besos y abrazos para los dos- Camiel

168. jason from anywhere but now accra, ghana (2003/06/04)
Hey Erika and Ofek, you may not know me but I am a long time admirer of yours on both the web side and the ideals side of your journey and its presentation here (I dream of having such a beautiful site as yours!). I read this morning about your economadia sailing idea and am mad about it. My french partner says that she can do it if we install a wind-wheel powered sewing machine on the boat so she can continue her work as a clothing creatrice. The suggested website below links to my own homepage at GoRustic about a similarish sort of global nomadic journey that has been going on for three years and counting...
[Suggested Webpage]

169. MoMarsha from Phoenix, AZ, USA (2003/06/04)

170. Laurie Chancey from Lake Charles, LA, USA (2003/06/11)
You have a beautiful website! I was unschooled from birth to college and I highly recommend it. My mom has written a book on unschooling called <A HREF="">The Unprocessed Child: Living Without School</A>.
[Suggested Webpage]

171. elodie from paris (2003/06/13)
i'm a journeyman's friend from i discover your site cause of his links, i'm very curious about you and of course the way you manage your life, i really enjoy to see peaple doing it, it is a good exemple about what is possible as economadism...i'm very interested by the 3 of you.
happy to follow your adventure on the web, to think and prepare my own way of doing it...
thank you, enjoy, and hope to meet you one day on the road, or on the boat...
see you,

172. chris from leighton buzzard england (2003/06/21)
happy solstice mateys....

173. Druve from England (2003/06/22)

174. ceara from Illinois (2003/06/26)
I work for a foodbank. I discovered your site while trying to locate a communal living arangement for a woman who called in, looking for assistance. I support what you do and see the rise of mechanized living to be the downfall of humans. Travel well.

175. Sylvia Reid from Georgia, USA (2003/07/12)
I think this is the coolest
thing I have ever heard of
in the course of my lifetime. I have SLE. Need
your prayers.

176. Edward C. Corrigan from London, ON, Canada (2003/07/12)
Thank you for posting my article on Jewish Critics of Zionism. Your presentation of the article is most impressive.

177. Deidre from victoria BC (2003/07/13)
You guys are so awesome, it is great how you are living and I wish I had the courage to do the same :)

178. Maureen from Levittown (2003/07/16)

179. Yael from Givat Ada / Moshav Gea (2003/07/31)
I'm a friend of Elifal (we play together) and I've stumbled accross this site.

180. succi from britain (2003/08/01)
what has happened seem to have had a quite year. Hope you all still travelling!!!
let us know.

181. Richard Lofty Skies from Wisconsin (2003/08/06)
Hi Folks! Im an old hippy Deadhead hitcher and Hobo a found this site very interedting,boy can I relate to it all!I included a webpage of some wonderful folks I met a few times in mt travels ,I think you will enjoy it ! Peace!
[Suggested Webpage]

182. Deb Lynn from Illinois (2003/08/08)
Hi, What a beautiful website. It is a comfort to know there are so many people out there doing so much to help the earth. If we keep in touch with each other, we can share so much. Thank you for your site, I will be visiting often.

183. steve from coin (2003/08/08)
is steve the guy whos looking for a jeep?(chereokee) long shot but who knows.,yohio

184. Tina from next door (2003/08/10)
Hi there you three. I finally got to see your website. It looks great. Where is the report on Portland?

185. Jan from czech rep. (2003/08/10)
36 old,two kids,one wife.
My dream: build Rainbow community in czech.rep

186. shira franklin from nevada city, california (2003/08/11)
hello economads,
what a great website! thanks for your nomadic inspiration. my boyfriend and i are preparing for our new nomadic Life soon. buiding a camper to go on our biodiesel fueled truck, growing hydroponic greens on the road, eating raw and most of all meeting great people like yourselves and finally LIVING Life!!(yes! schedules and no clocks ..."Time is just saying "NO" to Spirits eternal invitation")
send you our website as soon as it's up and running.
more happy travels,

187. Trish & Chris Condron from Sydney Australia (2003/08/11)
I've only had a quick browse of your site, enough to know we are headed in the right direction. A decision has been made, a date has been set to begin our journey in a 6-wheeled home, not quite homeless yet open to whatever develops ahead. We will be visiting your site again to take notes of inspiration throughout our own adventures, I hope it won't be a problem to express ourselves over and over again. Thanku!!

188. succi from britain (2003/08/15)
new additions look good...waiting for the words! shame about the trip over to about over indulgence by western society...glad you showed them the way.

189. Maurizio Pittau from Italy (2003/08/27)
There Are Utopias Yet?
[Suggested Webpage]

190. Tony from Australia (2003/08/28)
Nice to know I'm not crazy after all. Most people suggest it when I tell them how I want to live. You inspire dreamers like me.

191. Ahmed Saeed from Inner Space (2003/08/29)
May God Bless you,protect you and guide you

192. Guy from Vancouver (2003/08/30)
it is realy wonderful connecting with you this week end at critical mass in vancouver.
with velolove
[Suggested Webpage]

193. carl metzger from ohio (2003/09/02)

194. shiri from ramat gan (2003/09/03)
dear friends
i am always glad to recieve news from you. thank you for keep sending.
i am curious, how do you mannage to make up your leaving? i hope it is not too much chutspa to ask.
i chat with cori through the internrt and we mentioned your name in a site cold
i put your website adress there, i hope it is o.k. with you. love and bracha- shiri.

195. Steven Smith from <somewhere> (2003/09/03)
I am a vegan and I appreciate your website but I strongly disagree with the article you posted denying that Hitler was a vegetarian. Please visit my webpage for an unbiased examination of the subject.
[Suggested Webpage]

196. Mike from California (2003/09/05)
I have been a barefooter all my life. Enjoy the sensation, and find it easiest to walk through life without anything other that my bare soles.
I have had no bad experiences, thankfully in living this lifestyle.

197. Israel from Israel (2003/09/06)
My serious question is that you do not see the Holy Spirit in anyone but in your community and also have people pretend that they do not know scriptures and have their own form of salvation ...their own Yahshua and confront people telling them that their god is Bellezibub (satan) and that accusation against a child of the most High G-D
Yahshua is the sin unto death as when Yahshua was told that HE had an unclean spirit and that you will be judged for having called what is Holy unholy and I am so very sorry for this because I love this community but you are not willing to acknowledge Yahshua in anyone besides your self. So unless you repent of your sin I am afraid that you will be help accountable for having this huge and major false understanding. If you could please humble yourself to
pray individually and collectively and repent of
this....the angels will shout for joy of your own salvation...Amen

198. dark from poland (2003/09/09)

199. Inma from Belfast (2003/09/10)
It is a very encouraging website full of useful information. You are the inspiration of my future travels.

200. claire from uk (2003/09/10)
It's so nice to see piccies of Tinker's Bubble again!!I visited Hazel and Troy there a long time ago.Mary's house looks better than ever,and I got the same wave as I did when I first saw it all!!!!TEARS!!It is the solution,I've been away from me for a while,and I think I want to go home now!!!The first thing that hits you when you visit,is hope,and love.Paradise,everything has it's place,work and fun!The children are so perfect.Now I'm a little older,and have more experience,(and 1 more child!),I'd like to come back,and retrace my steps.
Tinker's Bubble holds love and light,and generates a healing force which cannot be equalled.Love to you all.Clairexxxx

201. Michal from Israel (2003/09/19)
Shalom/salam... I just found your website as I searched for the ecoforest community website (I heard of it from Dao and Sho), and I have to say... WOW. and shukran. From bare foot to antizionism to communities in Europe... many subjects that interest me... I'll probably be spending a lot of rupees surfing the net and reading your articles :)
salam alecum and derech tzlecha
vesuv toda

202. harold moore from missouri (2003/09/19)
I like to go bare foot! Love to read stories of other barefooters travels. I enjoy hearing about barefooters being confronted
by "THEM" you know the other ones that are not us. HA! ha!

203. steve yang from san francisco (2003/09/20)

204. R Pace from Western Colorado (2003/10/11)
Bard, esl-teacher and dollmaker seeks to learn compassion
[Suggested Webpage]

205. mariam seseseko from congo (2003/10/15)
[Suggested Webpage]

206. John from Portland (2003/10/20)
i was blessed with a visit to my home by momo and erica. looking forward to the halloween party. thanks for picking grapes.

207. Ken Avidor from Minneapolis, MN,U.S. (2003/10/26)
Nice Website!
[Suggested Webpage]

208. Rachel from Israel (2003/10/27)
I have begun taking interest in green activism in Israel lately, and so I found your website.

It is a pretty nice and interesting site in general, except for the anti-Zionism section. Excuse me, but one of you at least IS an ex-Israeli, aren't you? (Ofek in Hebrew= horizon, Ohn=strength).

Now, I know there is much to be said against the Israeli oppressive and inhuman occupation in the west bank and Gaza, but you have gone a little too far, haven't you? to say you came from "Palestine", and to show such a one-sided picture, no mention whatsoever of the hundreds of terrorist attacks, many of them by suicidal terrorists, of the ongoing murders of entire families, babies and grandparents, in the park, in cafes, in busses... of the two Israelis who found themselves in Ramalla by accident and were lynched so brutally...

The Israeli Palestinian conflict is not that simple at all, no black and white here, no innocent victim on one hand and a vicious monster on the other hand, so please!!.....
[Suggested Webpage]

209. ben from wales (2003/10/31)
wild imaginings of ancient futures caress the many realities
[Suggested Webpage]

210. sara from groß-gerau/germany (2003/11/01)
hallo, wollte mich nur mal melden, nachdem ich jetzt endlich mal auf eurer homepage war! gefällt mir sehr gut..sehr übersichtlich!ich denke noch oft ans Praktikum zurück und werde auch sicher wieder kommen. Bis bald sara!

211. OLLY from STOKE (2003/11/03)
More Power to the Luddite's
(Regenerative + Renewable!!!)

212. Gaia/ Helena from Sweden (2003/11/07)
I hope next time you do go to beneficio, I lived there for 3months in 98, and it's a beautiful and spiritual place. It's not as you belive a dirty hippie comune. It's filled with love and hope for the people, the world and our spiritual future. Bom, Gaia

213. Neza Carrasco from Mexico (2003/11/08)
Just wanted to say that I'm grateful this website exists!

214. stan from ross (2003/11/10)
hey why don't you dumb hippes get real jobs and pay taxes

215. Joe Roche from Milford ,CT USA (2003/11/11)
Great Site! You haven't added anything in a year. Is everyone healthy? Are you taking a rest from travelling? Hugs and kisses to all. Joe

216. troy from canada (2003/11/14)
just wanted to thank you for the push I needed to "do the right thing".

217. Sherri Williams from Virginia (2003/11/14)
I am amazed at all that you do. I hope to become part of this sort of work. Thank you for all that you have already done!!

218. JEROME from SOUTH AFRICA (2003/11/19)

219. April Rain from Missouri (2003/11/20)
I am curious if there are any hippy comunes anywhere I am interested in joining a peaceful family. Email me Please!

220. John from England (2003/11/23)
Give Momo a own website !
Me and my girlfriend loves Momo so much. Make a website from birth to now.

221. larisa hugel from Australia (2003/11/24)
[Suggested Webpage]


223. Chris from Germany (2003/12/01)
Why don't you guys go and get a job and contribute to society for a change!! Or better still why not move to North Korea to discover what life would be like if more people were like you during 1939-1945.
[Suggested Webpage]

224. Adam Purple from Uranus (2003/12/02)
Let's Erase and Reprogram Now
[Suggested Webpage]

225. Esther Temprano from Bask Country (2003/12/03)
Un saludo y un beso from Bask Country, green north of Spain.

226. conrad schmitt from minneapolis, minnesota (2003/12/10)
would like to network

227. Jutta from Germany (2003/12/19)
it is intriguing to me to read your very personal and alive reports .
I have visited several of the communities you are describing and resonate with many of your views. I am still looking for what kind of community is right for me, and I am sure I will find it.
Having just returned to read your last entries I feel encouraged again to keep reading and looking.

I have felt quite angry with some of the negative entries(why don't you get a real job etc.) to the guestbook and can only applaude you for leaving them in, it shows up your generosity.
I wish you all the best and would like to know how and where you are pesently and if you have found your community.
Keep it up, it has been fantastic to 'follow you around.'

228. Steve from Mi,US (2003/12/21)
You guys are terrific!! If you ever get to Southwest Michigan, you can stay in my bus or camp out in my woods.
[Suggested Webpage]

229. Lou from Montreal (2003/12/27)
looking for a new kind of life.. thanks for the insight...
be well !!

230. Sunshine from Solon Wi (2004/01/01)
what a concept, i havent heard of this before and am impressed

231. ruth francisca from israel (2004/01/10)
i fly in times of energy
love heart love heart swings
mushroom masks beam just to kiss the goast spirit

232. anke from england (2004/01/10)
gute seite
[Suggested Webpage]

233. Losseroy from France (2004/01/12)

234. Dylan Claydon from Kent England (2004/01/14)
Anyone got any information on travelling with donkey and cart? We're making a yurt and want to take to the road.

235. jen lokajickova from lake erie region of ohio (2004/01/15)
hey y'all, this is actually the first time i've been able to access the site, must have had the wrong address before. this is incredible! i had no idea... thanks for your work in compiling it all.

hope all is well with you!
i'm not superheroing anymore, but what an experience. myself and two others have continued biking and we've crossed into california, near joshua tree now staying at the mentalphysics intitute. quite a place. anyway, i am really excited to get back and visit, sometime in march it seems. pass along any great resources you know of heading up into central cali.
peace, blessings, jen
[Suggested Webpage]

236. Coaco Matt from Tobinka, TX (2004/01/18)
Today I ate at Burger King, threw away some paper and plastic, left a poopy diaper in the parking lot, and raced off in my SUV. Am I a sinner?

237. Cryman from Italy (2004/01/22)
Nice Site
[Suggested Webpage]

238. ian from Sark, channel isles (2004/01/25)
no man is not an island unto himself

239. Deva from Portland Oregone (2004/01/28)
way way cool. What can I say. Its not the cough that carries you off; its the coffin they carry you off in..or better still. You do enough,you have enough, and you are enough

240. Gennaro from Italy (2004/01/28)
but you musto go to "La Romita" of Cesi, Umbria, Italy. See you there!!!
[Suggested Webpage]

241. Larry Hatch from California, USA (2004/01/31)
Worldwide UFO maps and statistics from a
database of over 18,000 filtered sightings
from all eras. Pages are fast loading and
non-commercial. -LH
[Suggested Webpage]

242. henri handel from london (2004/02/03)
supreme content...
[Suggested Webpage]

243. delphine from France (2004/02/05)
I discovered your website during our travels, it is wonderful. There is loads I havent read as I spend very little time on the net, but I come back to it every now and then.
We have been back from our trip 2 months ago. The money was gone and a baby is coming, so we thought we might settle around family and friends for a while!
I'd love to read some day about your own experience with momo. (travelling with a baby, things you have to know about...)
Here is a link to our 'travelogue', a lot in French, some in English.
Keep it up!
love, delfy
[Suggested Webpage]

244. dafna from tekoa (2004/02/05)

245. erica from UK- wales (2004/02/10)
hello, wow, you've been everywhere! i'm really envious, i'm still stuck at college, i want to break free! good luck and peace for the future....x
[Suggested Webpage]

246. Andy from Edinburgh/Scotland (2004/02/16)

247. Bill Bryan from Northern Ca. (2004/02/19)

248. jenny from london (2004/02/20)
I find your journey utterly inspirational and send you loving thoughts for continued good health and happiness.

249. Evangelia from Greece (2004/02/21)
very nice experiences you seem to have!i like your site.iunderstand you. i myself lived 3 years traveling in euope and morroco .i've also stayed 6 months in Beneficio: great place but not perfect!

250. Fabien Michel from <somewhere> (2004/02/22)
Hello, i don't speak english very well, but i red your experiences. I think it's fantasic and i think we always have to learn from other people. I d love to be able to build such a great web site.
I ll come back soon to red the next updates !
Thank you again

251. R Pace from Denver (2004/03/03)
Be well, things are changing Revolution is at hand. Love eachother. Be at peace. Sing and bake and dance. Seid wohl und brav.

252. Gilbert from India (2004/03/03)
Good Website
[Suggested Webpage]

253. Britany MacFarlane from San Diego, California (2004/03/10)
Thank you for your sincere criticism of Sunseed. It prevented me from making an expensive mistake.

254. sandra! from buenos aires, argentina (2004/03/19)
I bumped into your web page a few weeks ago, it´s great what you are doing, the way you are choosing to live. I´m amazed about the EC, I´ve never heard of it, I´m going to put it into practice.
May you have peace in your way..

255. Jennifer from Illinois (2004/03/20)

256. William Wood from Cumbria, England (2004/03/21)
You site has inspired me to take up bare-footing and reminded me how life can be simplicity. Thankyou

257. Rod S. from KC, MO, USA (2004/03/27)
I admire the economadic life, though I'm traped in american suburbia...all the best to economads everywhere.

258. Guy Prouty from Eugene, Oregon (2004/03/28)
Hello Momo, Erika, and Ofek.

Great web site and I wish you guys the best!

259. Sunshine from Solon Springs, Wisconsin, usa (2004/03/28)

260. Patricia Dower from Princeton, Massachusetts, USA (2004/03/30)
I am sad to think that the drinking water in South Africa now has fluoride added to it. You had so much knowledge, and I thought you would have stopped them. Peace to you.

261. 13 from Jordanian Kingdom (2004/03/30)
[Suggested Webpage]

262. ARNO from EVERYWHERE (2004/03/31)
revolucion aqui y ahora!!!!!
unidad, y creacion de nuevos modos de vivir...
[Suggested Webpage]

263. Joey from Cornwall UK (2004/03/31)
Hi, this is a great website!
I'm really impressed and will add it to my bookmarks.
You are invited to become part of the new online community @ Hope to see you there!
[Suggested Webpage]

264. kelly jarnagin from indiana (2004/04/01)
yoAll! Has anyone heard of
Pandanaram in IND. .If so, Let me know! I would love to check a comune out to live within and I don't know how to go about finding info about such homes! thanks so much! peace and happiness to ya! Kelly J.

265. big mama from north dakota (2004/04/12)

266. Laura from Athens (2004/04/12)

267. J Green from Dunkirk, MD (2004/04/13)
According to ERFYT, I've been eating wrong for 53 years. I'm at my recommended weight and I do not have any health problems. I eat red meat several times a week along with a common sense balanced diet. (and no junk food) The book was a gift from a whacked out vegan friend, why it was given to me, I don't know.

268. Charla from London (2004/04/13)
Thank you for giving me such a wonderful insight into your journey and the cute Momo. It's a wonderful website with great detail and honest opinions.

269. broomhilda from australia (2004/04/18)
may u always have the freedom to be yourself

270. Joe Roche from Milford, CT. USA (2004/04/18)
Hi! any chance to get a few new pictures of MoMo? She must be growing fast! Good health and the best of Life. Joe

271. Will Ryan Hurley from planet Earth or Eugene some where (2004/04/19)
I hope you suceed in your quest for it is a valiant one! I am glad to have met and spent time with you and your family.

272. meilis from south carolina (2004/04/20)

273. Lori & Chris Bain from Milford, CT (2004/04/21)
We came across your website just after becoming raw, WOW! We have always questions the ways of "society" and have looked within ourselves at the earth and through many resources to find truthful answers, here they are all in one place. Thank you so much for this information, and strengthing our beliefs. You are truly an inspiration.
[Suggested Webpage]

274. david foulis from liverpool - uk (2004/04/28)
hi everyone,it's me again,just back from lesotho and swaziland,went diving with great white shark.hope you are all well at's my birthday in 2 days time and i remembered my trip to atlantic city with you all.good luck and god bless in the future. david xxx

275. Pat Trutty-Coohill from Siena College (2004/05/06)
Thank you for the image of the Sistine Chapel audience from the floor. I'm using it in a presentation at Harvard Divinity School, International Society for Phenomenology, Aesthetics and the Fine Art, May 14, 2004. My paper, "Immanence, a New Experience of the Sistine Chapel" It is about the ceiling coming down to us viewers now that it is cleaned, rather than transcending us as it did when it was dirty. Your photo is most appropriate. Please don't think this is a profitable endeavor. We scholars do not get paid for this work, we just like doing it, for free.
Anyway, thanks for publishing this photo for us to use.

276. jenn from inverness (2004/05/07)

277. gili from israel (palestine?) (2004/05/09)
shalom erika ofek and little momo
with no special suggestion i just needed to say ive been traveling along with you for the last week or so and it was an extreme delight. i returned from a trip in europe that lasted half a year not so long ago (been traveling with a german boyfriend) and the places you visit often remined me of places ive been to (metevenero,la borie noble),so this delight is followed by some jealusy. still it is very (very) encouraging to see a young family that doesnt give up her dreams and ideals, you seem to me very lucky, (if luck has something to do with it),and very courages.
i wonder where you are now and waiting for the continuation of your diary.
all the best.

278. Carmen Luzmila from Panama (2004/05/12)
Your journey is fantastic! my husband John and I dream of the freedom of sharing with beings in other communities who value Life in the true sense of the word. I will be happy to become more informed about intentional communities which brought John and I together almost 20 yrs ago. We are now living in Panama near the border with Costa Rica in the highlands after many years in USA, please come anytime possible; to share personally Namaste/shalom/salam Carmen

279. helga Wittler-Morgen from Germany (2004/05/18)

280. ira krause from zion,il 60099 (2004/05/24)
interested in truth willing to make corrections, adjustments as truth is realized
knowledge & information is great service to man-kind as he come forth to be the real maqn of the creators activity

281. Chris from Northeast Indiana (2004/05/25)
Love your site...I am a barefooter where and when ever possible.

282. em em from ridge, md (2004/06/04)
Cool green graphics. Chocky full of interesting links too!
[Suggested Webpage]

283. yara from portugal at the moment (2004/06/07)
hey vegan friends, what a beautiful page!!! Very refreshing and inspiring! Im an ex-twin oaker, i think i left the community 1 or 2 months before you visited, we almost bumped into each other. I've been having the will to travel around Europe with other fellow vegans and simple people visiting communities, wild camping etc, but unfortunately i havent bumped into many people with the same interests (if anyone interested to hook up for some adventures email me!). I've visited some of the places you've been in; Twin oaks (where i used to live), Acorn, La valette (the best vegan pizza in the world!!!) and a few others you didnt pass by, as well as many squatts here in Europe. Definitely a big world, many things to explore and wonderfull people to discover! All the best for you and if one day you pass by portugal, feel free to visit me, i think there's also a wonderful community here called Tamera, vegan and extremely child friendly! All the best!

284. yara from portugal right now (2004/06/08)
oh by the way, my email is:

feel free to write me!

285. Max le Roux from South Africa (2004/06/13)

286. Tigerlily from Johnstone/Scotland (2004/06/13)
peace, love and happiness for all.

287. avshalom from italy (2004/06/16)
like you, we tried urupia, if it hadn't been for the cars running inside community land me and my wife would have stayed there, but we started a farm on our own now.still having the desire for living in a comune.we think naturally only tribes will survive, but only if they either have no greed for evil products like cars and guns and tv, or /and tesch their children so, and as a logical consequence make themselves independent (by doing enough subsistent farming) from the ruling type of society,which is using the money-concept. we choose to go to italy, when we left germanyand their way of life, because italy is based on families,clans,villages which stick together, giving strangers a chance, never trusting any government. my heart tells me you are greaty people, finding the people so the few, who mean it serious might find a way to each other. of course it would be a pleasure to us to welcome you if you need a few stressfree weeks, in our completely car- and enginefree home, with our darling cats, sheep, goats, geese and your daughter could play with our unschooled daughter. anyway i'd love to get an answer, love avshalom and oona

288. christine wong from oakland (2004/06/19)
hello erika... i wonder if remember me? we went to cleveland school together! i am sitting here with carolyn hew, jordan chew, and jennifer chan... weird huh? your daughter is very cute! BYE

289. Sherm from Cincinnati (2004/06/23)
Nobody really cares about this stuff. It's hard to tell where you are coming from. What are you really trying to say? Just say what you mean quit cowering behind words. What is the final solution?

290. Dino from <somewhere> (2004/06/25)
Yes, some biotech out there is questionable. I wish that more of the public was conversant enough to appreciate such things.
[Suggested Webpage]

291. Hunter&Willow from Point Reyes but moving on (2004/06/26)
Hi from Hunter&Willow; Not comfortable in this strange land; Think we will park our bagage, aquire mobile-home and head south; Headed for Costa Rica; Looking for community and home; Hope to run into you-all again; Love Hunter&Willow
[Suggested Webpage]

292. victor from portland (2004/06/28)
I have been thinking about you. I hope all is well.
Hope to see you soon.

293. Denis from los Angeles (2004/06/30)
Greetings, love this site ! I am a nomad myself looking for a campground area in the southern california area or others areas in the fall season, because it's too hot now, open for suggestions, Free, or low cost campsite, also looking for housing,where I could live and work, offer services ; Pet Care, houseitting, shopping, errands, raw food preparation,etc. Very health conscious quiet man, High chemical/allergy sensitivity. Email at -

294. hamza from al qods (2004/07/04)

295. Alex Malinsky from Tampa, Fl. (2004/07/04)
Love your site!
[Suggested Webpage]

296. Shannon from Everett, Washington (2004/07/14)
This is a very interesting site and the information that is contained therein is also very interesting to me as I have in the proccess of deciding whether to immunize my child or not. I am fully immunized because I was in the military, yet my mother had one of my brothers die at 3 months possibly because of a dpt shot, so I am leary.

297. colleen coohill boyle from brooklyn,ny (2004/07/15)

298. Tammy from Missouri (2004/07/15)
I TOTALLY DISAGREE with your narrow minded opinion on Dr. D'Adamo's blood type diet. You probably don't even know your type. And I bet you spend most of your days constipated, wishing that you could.
I have been followed the blood type diet for over a year now. I do not comply a 100%, it's more like 85% and I FEEL like a different person, because I feel so much healthier. I lost a little weight, which I had been gaining ever since I quit smoking 5+ yrs ago. I also do not have any problems at all with my Hemorrhoids, and I'm far more regular, it's wonderful. I sleep good at night, I have no more insomnia. I have not had a cold or been sick since I have been eating for my type (O-). In the third month of converting to ER4YT, my cholesterol level dropped from 232 to 208! I do not have hypoglycemic episodes anymore, I don't have charlie horses in my legs anymore, I have more energy... I could go on and on. But instead I'll end here, I've got things to do.

299. Brian Foley from Seattle (2004/07/16)

it was nice giving you and Momo a ride from the rest stop to home. Sorry I missed the homemade ice cream. Hope you had as wonderful a time @ Oregon Country Fair as I did!
[Suggested Webpage]

300. amos from somewhere (2004/07/21)
hello erica and ofek, and as well everybody out there! i call myself amos. i wrote to this site some time ago, and when, for a long time i didn't get a reploy. i thought:
" oh, they might not even exist, anyway they are to good to be true, but even as a symbol, as a sign, this could make history..."
but then they DID answer and i got that same fascinating mixture of like: yes, we noticed you're there and if you wanna do some sort of shoulder clapping, that's alright with us, but don't bother us too much, we picked ourselves some work to do, and if you are ready to do some too, then just DO IT! that is,how i got the message. and what work did i pick up,before i came across this site? living in and trying to build up some communes, which failed all, by the way, i collected a certain experiences and a little bit of knowledge, how things are going...
before i tell you more, i want to say, that i send my letter not like the common guest books to the owners of the site but to all the other guests too, and if erika and ofek think that expressing personal ideas means sort of hijuacking their guest book, they will write me, and i will immediately stop doing so.
But i feel there is a time bomb ticking, concerning the situation of techno-logical man on this planet, and it's time for us the people, who still care for the remaining rest of nature, to sit together and discuss how should a future civilisation look like and how could we get there. hey you out there, still searching, pick up this chance and send your thoughts to the electronic tent of the economads. amos

301. Alice from USA (2004/07/25)
cool site you have here

I have some similar interests too. Their on my site.
[Suggested Webpage]

302. jacob barker from middlesboro,ky (2004/07/26)
peace 4 ever

303. les from deutschland (2004/07/26)
Coincidentally found your site from yahoo, although not good in your language, but however enjoyed very much from what i can understand. A very interesting website indeed. Thanks to the webmaster.
[Suggested Webpage]

304. hemanth from cqanada (2004/07/28)
Hai i visited your websie on 27 july 2004 and visit my website for buying domains and i also have search, on line shop etc
[Suggested Webpage]

305. vickie from turlock,ca (2004/07/31)
Your story was great, it definitly planted a seed, I will pass it on to as many as possible. Thank you and good luck!vic*

306. Shaine from Tokyo, Japan (2004/08/02)
Its was a good learning experience!
keep up the good work!

307. BIG dwarf from ICELAND (2004/08/04)

Hello folks, very good website you have here, did found it when I was surfing
the internet, so I put my step on your guestbook.

Welcome to try my website as well....
[Suggested Webpage]

308. Farhang Monajjem from Iranduba,Amazon,Brasil (2004/08/09)
The practice of world citizenship could release incredable potentials dammed-up by prejedice and ethnocentrism including the potential of milions who are not citizens in fact but are de jury. Our local assocition helps to advnce citizenship preserving raiforest cultural and natural resources.
[Suggested Webpage]

309. Scott Fraser from Nova Scotia (2004/08/15)
Such a great thing to see the progressive experience in action. An exemplary collection of information you have shared here, and I suppose that's what comes about when you walk the better path.

A raw food eco-habitat is in the works for here in Nova Scotia (i.e. Berrytopia), and perhaps you will find it later in your journey.

Visit my website for info on sensory nutrition, neuromuscular wellness, flow-state abundance, and endogenous respiration.

Vital Presence,
Sensational Peace,
[Suggested Webpage]

310. lisa from ontario (2004/08/23)

311. amos from s.where (2004/08/28)
hello to you all this is my second letter,i'm amos.let's discuss now,if we're really in quest of future civilisation, what happened till now: all the other animals on this earth are more or less behaving well creating together with the other living beings:THE BEAUTY OF NATURE. but homo sapiens (from now on h.s.) is different. an estimated 95% of h.s. is misbehaving by using his curiosity and abilities, devoted to the FASCINATION OF TECHNOLOGY, he is turning all the world in suburbia, with huge streets to drive to and fro, and little gardens, growing the rest of vegetation type of aspidistra...absurdly these people produce at the same time an overflow of words claiming they want to protect the earth from harm. the logical clue is that the vast majotity of "ecos" must be hypocrites, schizophrenic or else.what about myself? don?t worry, i live in a house in the woods, have no car,grow my own food, i'm definetly with the 5%. so if the few, who could stop the pollution of mind, soul and stomach, will gather, i ask you, what about this one?
LET'S GET THE HYPOCRITES OUT! more next time amos

312. Elijah from Pleides (2004/08/31)
I enjoyed looking into your journeys and have taken many myself. We are establishing a ZION Community/Commune here in Tennessee on 62 acres of Land. Maybe you could visit. We plan to build 2 Monolithic Domes and a Huge Garden with Fruit Trees, and all sorts of things. We do not Smoke, Drink or Do Drugs. We do not Believe in WAR or Weapons. We are Vegetarian. Just be Kind is all we ask..Live and Let Live.
[Suggested Webpage]

313. justyn york seale (rhane) from out of town (2004/09/02)
Honor the Great cultivation Principle True Kind Endure!
[Suggested Webpage]

314. PetaGurl from <somewhere> (2004/09/05)
Check out this interview with Travis from Atreyu. He's a vegetarian who talks about his experiences and animal rights.
[Suggested Webpage]

315. Tony Bondhus from Ukraine (2004/09/05)
I'm trying to save the world, sounds impossible, I know, but here's how I see it.

Even the poorest country has an abundance of ready and willing workers and natural resources, everything needed to become a wealthy thriving nation.

I think people will protect the environment, if they are in a system which makes it easy to do so.

I see change coming. There is a trend towards freedom on the Internet for example. I think Gaia is fueling this change (I see Gaia as an extremely intelligent super organism).

I seek to make mutually benificial connections, such as business connections, intellectual connections, friendship connections, etc, with people or whole communities. Anyone or anything that can help with my goal. Even if it is just spreading the word.
[Suggested Webpage]

316. luna from belgium (2004/09/07)

317. Sherry Ebersole from Hagerstown, Md (2004/09/11)

318. micheal twofeathers from wherever my travels lead (2004/09/12)
if you get a chance check out the url i left, it could quite possibly give you some new leads to look at. if you want more, i have them.
[Suggested Webpage]

319. Bare feet are fine! from Couldy Liverpool (2004/09/14)
Hi everyone,
Just found your web site and it`s great that there are normal people out there who like me, like to walk about in their BARE FEET! Nothing wrong with it at all!! so let them all stare and look in fact having dirty barefeet is a turn on to a lot of people who like to watch and see how black they become!

320. Linka from New York (2004/09/16)
I attempted walking barefoot in places other than around my house, but apparently my teachers didn't approve after 3 days of my being barefoot. I don't understand why, it's not like I'm bringing in a disease... great job with telling people how awesome it is to be barefoot and free!

321. Robert from USA-Ohio (2004/09/17)

322. Susan from Bolingbrook IL (2004/09/17)
i loved the facts on going barefoot and most importantly facts about driving barefoot. i always drive without shoes and now my teenager is driving and tells me that it is illegal . i can't wait until he gets home to show him your site. thanks

323. MELODY J from TEXAS (2004/09/17)
Have always wondered about the barefoot driving law...thanks for the information

324. Les from Oklahoma (2004/09/18)
Go barefooted forever.

325. Boo from Star Lake new york (2004/09/19)

326. gus from cali (2004/09/21)

327. diana Spatola from <somewhere> (2004/09/22)
Im going to the hawaian islands maui and want to stay with the friends

328. Bev Leworthy from Bristol U.K (2004/09/23)

329. mami loca from USA (2004/09/24)
I absolutely love this site! Thank you so much for putting it together. I would love to know more about your nomadic adventures, in greater detail! Peace.

330. Grace from NC (2004/09/25)
Really cool site!

331. Lolo from texas (2004/09/27)
I absolutely love this site! Thank you so much for putting it together. I would love to know more about your nomadic adventures, in greater detail! Peace.

332. Terry from L.a. (2004/10/01)
Hi, enjoyed the site, wanted to ask someone about having elctric power on camping trips, we want to take a vcr and tv set and hook it up to a power inverter, and car battery on a comping trip so we can watch old movies in the woods, someone advised us not to do this as it will drain all the power of the battery in a few hrs, and is not worthwhile, is this true ? Someone please email me at

333. kwami from togo (2004/10/07)
thank you

334. saltheart from N.O. LA USA (2004/10/19)
hi =)

335. Huckle from Kent UK (2004/10/29)
Please update the EvoluLog. I want to know what's happening with you happy people. How's Momo? Please keep us up to date with your adventures.
[Suggested Webpage]

336. Rob from Spain (2004/10/29)
Wow, this is such an excellent resource. I learnt loads about bear feet and I'm sure I've got loads more to learn.
[Suggested Webpage]

337. ruth&mally from orgiva spain (2004/10/31)
organic gardener&woodcarver..lesbian couple ..middleaged but rockin on!

338. amos from s.w. (2004/11/01)
hello.this is amos again(letters before:300,311).initially I wanted to build up together with other interested guests and with the hosts erica and ofek,
a definition of the "eco scene"
a description of the enemies of nature
discuss the use of violence to protect nature on this planet, including natural people, who still have a heart...
no time now for this. remeber the sixties, it was stupid white men then, who told you, material things, was everything,their sentimentality was a little bit of patriotism and a little bit of hypocrite christianity. you had the hippie movement, making them very worn out and seeming to have changed a lot.
now 40 years later the stupid white men are back.they ate up the hippies, worse, they bought most of them, they have the gear to establish ten "1984ies" and they are oh so full of hatry because their consumism has destroyed their families and friendships,surprise, surprise,THE OIL IS RUNNING OUT and they are ready for war, no, for BIG WAR.
who could stop them? certainly people who have ideas controversial to consumism, people who are technocritical. if you have a notion tell us, tell us in this guestbook, but I see for example a few funamenalist christian sects like the hutterers, but no chance the american gov is oh so hypocrit christian themselves,the hutterers and alike will simply not noticed. so next try

339. Jac from UK (2004/11/02)
Hi I think your stuff is great, not looking to start a debate but want to contact other christians who all think this is great too - christianity and alternative living are not mutually exclusive!!! Anyone out there agree?

340. Lynda from Canada (2004/11/09)
Greetings! This is a fascinating site. I really admire you guys!
[Suggested Webpage]

341. Lori & Chris Bain from San Jose, CA (2004/11/13)
We can't thank you enough for all the valuable information you provide on your website. Our life has changed thanks to you. We have added your to our website to spread the word.
We are finally settle from our move across the country and look forward to meeting you next time we head up your way.
Thanks for the newsletter we love reading it, and hope to take part in one of your events.
[Suggested Webpage]

342. manny from scardina (2004/11/14)
[Suggested Webpage]

343. Anonymous Nomad from A place (2004/11/21)
Your travelogue is superb, your spirit inspiring. Rethinking what it means to be human is not a small affair. You have friends in most unsuspected places. I sincerely hope you will get to the task of completing the missing entries of your Evolulog, and pray the hurdles that have impeded you from doing so thus far will be easily overcome. Yours is a great and significant gift. Thank you.
[Suggested Webpage]

344. Marc from Toronto (2004/11/26)
As a young man starting out in the world, i know I can't live within the system. I am trying to figure out how to live outside. And how to change it

345. Tegh she sa ke ta from Tennessee (2004/11/29)

346. Lisa from Toronto, Canada (2004/11/29)
Thank you for sharing your inspiring life and journey. I look forward to reading more about it. You are special people who prove that there is something that can be done to change the current state of the world. Keep up the good fight.

347. Jan & Carol from West Linn, Oregon, USA (2004/12/07)
We cross the continent in our vegetable-oil-powered warehouse and living quarters, selling our wares at arts & crafts festivals.
[Suggested Webpage]

348. Guy Baldwin from Bangor, California (2004/12/08)
We're looking for a small-scale organic market garden near London to visit during a one-week trip 14/12/04 - 20/12/04. We run a small-scale certified organic farm in northern California. We just like to meet with farmers wherever we go.
[Suggested Webpage]

349. Jack Holman from Houston, Texas (2004/12/13)
Im a 56 year old, single man who wants to sell him home and move into a community that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. A place where I can be around people who don't worry abt how much you have or what type of car you drive. Life is short, I've put in my time with 'society' and now I want, for a better word, to drop out.

350. ewen from scotland (2004/12/14)
just trawling through Avingnon for a poem I'm writing and came across your web page. Looked rare and warm. And honest.

351. ewen from scotland (2004/12/14)
just trawling through Avingnon for a poem I'm writing and came across your web page. Looked rare and warm. And honest.

352. Grant from England (2004/12/16)
Looks lovely. Would like to visit some day :)

353. Omar from Australia (2004/12/17)
May G-D have mercy upon all of us. Kalashnikovs or Uzis are not the answer. Peace by force has become a norm in todays world. I sincerely hope the Muslims of the world acknowledge your efforts so that Israel/Palestine shall return to the land of Shalom/Salam.

354. Hugomale from <somewhere> (2004/12/18)
Your site is a wonderful discovery, & hopefully will help strengthen the Circle of our global tribe. Peace & Love to Brothers & Sisters everywhere in these difficult times.

355. Charlene Schultz from Arlington, WA (2004/12/20)

356. Jay Krause from Zion,Il 60099 USA (2004/12/21)
the unseen becomes seen to many as darknes cannot contain light awareness granted avail oneself ,let, & allow with a burning desire do not try outside of availing oneself to know and be

357. Aesha from Tennessee (2004/12/29)
I`m aesha i`m 17 & i hate ppl. who try to be someone else... be yourself!! Yea of corse some ppl. aren`t going to like you but oh well you still have a life and ppl. that do like you! And i can`t stand ppl. that judge someone b/c of the way they look or dress it`s so stupid!! i mean what if the guys family couldn`t afford anything different...or maybe they just want to dress like that it doesn`t mean that they don`t have a cool personality. i have plenty of friends and i don`t like how they dress but they are some of the coolest down to earth laid back ppl. you`ll ever meet!! Thats what makes a person them! what i`m trying to say is accept, don`t judge! By judging you might be missing the coolest person ever!! -Aesha Langford-

358. Peter from Germany (2004/12/30)
I have read your reports with big interest. I think its very important to think. What you eat, what you do...i guess a lot of people -if they would think about what they do instead of watching TV etc.-would change their behaviour onto a higher, more ethic level. Wait...maybe it is not a bad idea to reach them via TV? ;) I think we are not so far away from being a new culture, or, a new species. Lets wake up! Have a happy and peaceful new year 2005!!
[Suggested Webpage]

359. Steffi from CA (2005/01/01)
wish I had the guts to do what you are doing! Be safe. Happy 2005:)

360. Susan from Vancouver (2005/01/06)

361. Katie from Chicago (2005/01/09)
I very much admire your quest, and your resources have been very helpful as I attempt to define what my own journey (following college graduation in May) will be. It is very heartening that so many people are searching for the best way to live intentionally in our globalizing society. I hope we can continue to share our experiences and ideas and learn to truly listen to each other. Thank you for this excellent page, and best wishes as your journey continues!

362. William Tinker from Northfield,N.H. (2005/01/15)
It is great to see a decent guest book with out obcenties and put downs.Good Work!
A Brother In The Struggle
[Suggested Webpage]

363. Diane from Ohio (2005/01/19)
Thanks for all the great LiBaware resources! Would love to read your history and what motivated you to start your quest.
[Suggested Webpage]

364. minnesinger5 from Angstreichamerika (2005/01/21)
Help! Please help me out of the US Fearempire. I have many skills esp music and art and Love to you all, please send word

365. Anna Tillman from Cotter, AR USA (2005/01/24)
I've enjoyed your site. I am trying to find an e-mail or other address for Wayne, Annie and Nolween. I have been friends with them for many years, but lost touch. If anyone knows how to get in touch with them, or if, in fact, Wayne or Annie read this...please get in touch with me!
Luv, Anna

366. sergi from barcelona/spain (2005/01/25)

367. Kenneth from Costa Rica (2005/01/26)
i think, it is an excellent experience...

368. David McKibbin from Mitchell, Nebraska (2005/01/28)
Great website. I have a suggestion for a book review, that I would write. Called "Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television." Probably the most important book on why we should not watch television in the past 50 years. Thank you
[Suggested Webpage]

369. Micah Dilse from Boonville, Mo (2005/02/02)
Barefooted is the only way of life

[Suggested Webpage]

371. John & Rose Nomads from Living nomadicly in eastern U.S. (2005/02/06)
[Suggested Webpage]

372. Efrat from Israel (2005/02/07)

373. ira from israel (2005/02/07)
dear nomades
after so many interesting places do you want to settle down?
i feel i cannot find my place. i learn from your stories' see other ways

374. Erin Lanning from Joplin Mo (2005/02/08)
hello mom and artist friend and weirdo???

375. zee from Puna, Hawaii (2005/02/08)
[Suggested Webpage]

376. tutto from taiwan (2005/02/09)

377. maddy from uk (2005/02/13)
i am a middle aged woman very interested in your journey,where r u now and why no web site. You are both truly inspiring!!

378. anDrea from outer space (2005/02/14)

379. Frank from Kommune Niederkaufungen (2005/02/18)
Greetings from the commune in Niederkaufungen. Every so often I look at your website to see where you are, and what you are doing. And I recommend it to other people too. Your "diaper free" ideas have influenced Jona with both of his kids I hope that your methods of travel influence a few of our future visitors.All the best, from Frank.

380. Ben Holden from Leeds UK (2005/02/19)
[Suggested Webpage]

381. Guy Prouty from Eugene (2005/02/20)
Hello Ofek! I enjoyed your talk about your travels a few weeks ago.

I have a question regarding raw foods. I wish I was 80% raw, but I'm not but want to go to 100%. The dishes I prepare now take a lot of time (especially drying). Can you recommend some raw recipe books that don't take a lot of time to prepare? I think if I could speed up the process a bit, I could go to 100% raw.

Thanks a bunch,


382. Millissa from Fernwood Idaho (2005/02/21)

383. Sue Southern from England (2005/02/23)
Four years ago the blood-type diet changed my life in a hugely positive way. By following the diet the pain and/or discomfort of my dysfunctional digestive system has completely gone. I am not alone, not by a long way. Therefore I am a huge supporter of Dr Dadamo and his studies/books

384. melissa from london (2005/02/24)
Meet on march 11 to discuss terrorism and reflect on what can be done.
[Suggested Webpage]

385. Lauren M. from Fairport, NY (2005/03/01)

386. Roberto Mass from Honduras (2005/03/01)

387. Annie from U.K. (2005/03/03)

388. Lexis from USA (2005/03/07)
Nice site!

389. Peggy Kinder from England (2005/03/11)
An extremely interesting article. I belive every word of it.

390. jenna from florida (2005/03/11)

391. Friederike from Germany (2005/03/12)
What an awesome collection you have put together in the LiBaware! Generally what a positive surprise to find private "greenies" so professionally represented on the web! Your story gets me to think about my future life. I am preparing to study midwifery, years ago I stayed at Beneficio in spain for some time. It seemed nice to get to help out naturally childbearing women in communities like those. We will see... Good luck to you, thanks for your efforts of sharing your (life-) journey with so many others!

392. Wave from Barcelona (2005/03/12)
i used to be like you but now i drive round in a van spilling diesel everywhere and stealing everything. how people change.

393. Joe Roche from Milford, CT. U.S.A. (2005/03/14)
How about some new pictures of Momo. She must be 5 new. Waiting for Portland Report. Best Wishes, Joe

394. chris judge from lancashire (2005/03/15)

395. algaber from <somewhere> (2005/03/21)
thank you

396. Richard Brockway from new jersey (2005/03/22)
I need to get out of my town in new jersey very badly, i want to live with you home phone number is 908 928 1093 if anyone wants a new roomate

397. lisa from scotland (2005/03/25)

398. Myshra xox from Ontario (2005/03/28)
keep on living your personal legend, none will be happy unless they do...keep truckin'!

399. Tegan Emryss Smith from Nova Scotia (2005/03/28)
i have been ridiculed my whole life for loving to be barefoot. Thank you.
love tegan

400. Melissa Winston from West Palm Beach, FL (2005/03/30)
loved your website! our family is looking for our "tribe". We're willing to relocate or do whatever it takes to make our dream of living in harmony with Mother Earth and our fellow humans. Your family is an inspiration to us! Please let us know if you are ever in FL! Peace and blessings, Melissa

401. John Fielder from Cairns, Australia (2005/03/30)
[Suggested Webpage]

402. Don Eitner from Slovenia (2005/03/31)
Mir stabo! Peace be with you!

403. eman from egypt (2005/04/02)

404. Colleen Rivet from right beside Tink's House (2005/04/03)

405. Prof. Dr. Bernd Gerken from Germany Hoexter (2005/04/03)
children of future offers possibilities to cooperate in near-to-nature-gardening, and some more aspects of life - a seminar-centre focussing on ecology and human beings in southern portugal in statu nascendi
[Suggested Webpage]

406. Tara Yount from Pennsylvania (2005/04/06)
peace in birth peace on earth!
[Suggested Webpage]

407. alvaro ramirez from colombia (2005/04/09)

408. Dylan from Pennsylvania (2005/04/13)
Here are the lyrics to one of my favorite songs by one of my favorite bands. BLIND MELON: Change

I don't feel the suns comin' out today
It's staying in, it's gonna find another way.
As I sit here in this misery,
I don't think I'll ever (no Lord) see the sun from here.
And oh as I fade away,
They'll all look at me and say, and they'll say,
"Hey look at him! I'll never live that way."
But that's okay, they're just afraid to change.
And when you feel life ain't worth living
You've got to stand up and
Take a look around you look up way to the sky.
And when your deepest thoughts are broken,
Keep on dreaming boy, cause when you stop dreamin' it's time to die.
And as we all play parts of tomorrow,
some ways we'll work and other ways we'll play.
But I know we can't all stay here forever,
So I want to write my words on the face of today.
And then they'll paint it
And oh as I fade away,
They'll all look at me and say, they'll say,
"Hey look at him and where he is these days."
When life is hard, you have to change.

409. ashley from maui (2005/04/13)

410. kathylee from michigan (2005/04/13)

411. Lee from Australia (2005/04/14)
thanks, interesting stuff... i agree that healthy eating is the way to a healthy life as well as positive thinking and compashion for all animals and peoples. but i also feel that dismissing this eat right for you type concept isnt wise... what if it is to do with the basic componants of our blood and the value of food vibrations that we infiltrate into that blood stream. there is truth in the concept of eat right for your type, it seems though that marketing has got in the way of all the truth and the money makers are making bits and pieces up as they go. (white lies) thanks for your article.

412. Sage from Earth (2005/04/15)
I was a little surprised to see a link to Garden O'Vegan on here. They are pro-spanking and homophobic.
The rest of the sight is awesome. Thanks!

413. Abi from Devon, England (2005/04/18)
this site is truly inspirational, and i completely admire your values and way of living. good luck and thankyou.

414. maria from texas (2005/04/18)

415. Robin from Portland, OR (2005/04/21)

416. Brandon from North Dakota (2005/04/22)

417. Brandon from North Dakota (2005/04/22)

418. Ishita from India (2005/04/25)
your work is most facinating.
i work on creating environmentally sustainable livelihoods in the interiors of the Trans-Himalayas in a place called Spiti in india.
i would be extremely grateful if you could keep me posted on your reports and travels
thank you
take care

419. emma from newcastle upon tyne (2005/04/27)
smile like you mean it ;)

420. somone from london (2005/04/27)

421. i and i from the land (2005/04/28)
smile if u mean it,did not feel welcome so moved on.

422. Ido Isler from Israel (2005/04/28)

423. Melissa from Iowa (2005/04/28)
I am interest in ghosts and wonder the impossible facts

424. guy from pittsburtgh (2005/04/29)

425. someone from somewhare (2005/04/30)
i want to learn

426. noam from Israel (2005/04/30)

427. Thomas from Maryland (2005/05/01)
Israel rocks!!

428. steveryan from skegness (2005/05/02)

429. rrr from israel (2005/05/03)
your site is so inreresting,
full of usefull information,
but the most interesting thing is your family's life story.

please update the site,
even if you are settled somewhere and if you are not nomads anymore.

430. Marie Mason from England (2005/05/03)

431. ashley from tennesse (2005/05/04)
I just eat some mushrooms

432. roy from colorado (2005/05/07)
recumbent bikes and anarchy

433. Mick from Hoh River, Olympic Mountains (2005/05/07)
Follow your feet back into the forest, take off your shoes and learn to walk ball-to-heel, the walk of integration, instead of heel-to-ball the walk of domination. If you have trouble contact at our e-mail.

434. yara from always moving (2005/05/12)
Do you know many people have been asking... "what happened to the economads?"

Yep! keep sharing your experiences with us, it inspires many people and opens many doors to the ones who dream of discovering the world!

good luck and keep up updated!

435. Stephanie from Athens Georgia (2005/05/12)
[Suggested Webpage]

436. Jason from Denmark (2005/05/12)
Hey! Inspirational. But why no update? Give us something. Anything!!
[Suggested Webpage]

437. ola from nigeria (2005/05/12)
i am nigeria born to chritain home in 1969 and graduate of agriculture working on horticulture flowers ilove reading and marking friends

438. Andy Hamilton from Bath UK (2005/05/13)
I live just up the road from the tinkers bubble lot and had not heard of them before. Really inspiring, as is your journey. I notice that the last date is 2003 does this mean that your economad mission has ended, 2 years ago?
[Suggested Webpage]

439. Nia from Colorado, US (2005/05/16)
What happened to the economads?! We want more Momo! And more tales of economadism!

440. Deb from Illinois (2005/05/16)
I was just checking in to see if there was any new updates from you and to see how MoMo has grown.
[Suggested Webpage]

441. pace pace from colorado etc. (2005/05/17)
hippy (ernster) sucht zuhause in bayern oder oeserreich. esl (b.s.w. englisch)lehrer,volkskuenstler/musiker; exz.guter koch&backer sehr gut mit kindern & aeltere laeute. musst unbedingt heraus vom bushcheneyland ins frei und unter den europaeischen volk.
bitte, mit tip melden: Oekohof oder Stelle oder Crashpad oder arbeit oder projekt. Talent sucht Gelengenheit mit Liebe und Frieden. Bitte zuhilfe! , Euerer

442. lisa from texas (2005/05/22)

443. Nancy Holland from Arkansas (2005/05/23)

444. Harry from Australia (2005/05/24)

445. Kaitlin from Clavet (2005/05/26)

446. chuck from gloucester massachusetts (2005/05/27)
hello, I am insane. hahaaahha

447. Mook from uk (2005/05/27)
Big Round And jolly
Lets heal the Bubble.
[Suggested Webpage]

448. Maddy from Northern CA (2005/05/30)
Hey everyone out there. I'm looking into starting a critical mass/temporary, mobile community from Los Angelas to South America, with people joinging up or leaving wherever they see the need/opportunity. I'm trying to reach others who might be interested, and thought this'd be a good place. If anyone is interested or has an idea of where I oculd better reach people, drop me a line. Much Peace and Love,
[Suggested Webpage]

449. reuven from israel (2005/05/31)
nice to see that you are
working on the site,
and there will be new updates.

450. reuven from israel (2005/05/31)
nice to see that you are
working on the site,
and there will be new updates.

451. LaVonne from Missouri/everywhere (2005/06/04)
I want to say that thank you for this site it is really help ful and also i was wondering if anyone knew if there are laws about being on the raod with children and whwt/where could i look them up they would be really helpful to us just email me

452. M32 from Atlanta (2005/06/05)
keep it up!

453. Jeff from Texas (2005/06/05)
New Tribal Culture? Where have you been?

454. mr mugujunior from aladimma owerri (2005/06/05)
i am here to check out the web

455. Estelle from New York (2005/06/11)

456. Siobhan from England (2005/06/13)
I have just read your article on sunseed and agree with every word you said. Until i came back to England to go to college I used to live further down river from Sunseed in Las Perales. My Mum (Jackie) and I worked the gardens and used the irragation system to produce fresh fruit and veg for the table, we were virtually self sufficient. So I see no reason why Sunseed couldn't with careful management do the same!
Thank-you for telling the truth on the internet!

457. bob from ct (2005/06/13)

458. thomas from Minneapolis (2005/06/14)
found your site from ecopolitan website. very interesting site. maybe you want to listen to my internet radio and let me know how it sounds to you.
[Suggested Webpage]

459. Danelle from Texas (2005/06/18)
Hi Y'all I decided to type in Beneficio to see what came up and I got your site. I am really sorry to hear Beneficio is thought of and talked about in a negative way in traveler circles. I lived there for 3 years from '96 to '99 and it was an amazing place.I loved the land and the spirit of the earth mother is so loving there. It did gradually become worse when disrespectfull hardcore drug users and drinkers came to get a free ride 'cause they'd heard they wouldn't get kicked out no matter what they did. I eventually left because the ex-partner of a woman named vanessa showed up and started becoming more and more violent towards women in the community. I became a target as I became more vocal about the community kicking him out during meetings.I was a single young woman living down the mountain a bit from the big lodge and had a beautiful all leather Tipi. Vanessa's ex-partner teamed up with a guy named Franz and came and beat me up and told me to leave the community or I'd be raped and killed. When I went to get help from my "brothers and sisters" of 3 years in the community, I was told that everyone was too blissed out from a vipassana workshop they'd just returned from and couldn't be asked to help. It was mindblowing. Beyond disappointing in every respect. It is unfortunate that such a beautiful place was ruined by disrespect and apathy posing as pacifisim. No true community would let a "sister" be robbed and beaten. Last I heard, a few years ago, vanessa's ex was still living there.So sad

460. Maria from USA (2005/06/18)
Danielle from texas, i was shocked to hear your story at Beneficio, that was a place i wanted to visit, but i've been scared about the drug and alcohol problem.
Where are you living now? Still in europe?
Get in touch with me at:

461. Julie Visscher from Chilliwack, BC (2005/06/28)
Hi, I just recently started my blood type diet because my daughter is highly allergic to many foods. I am practically starving because of the O type diet and I am so sick of meat!! I am restricted in eating alot of my favorite fruit and veggies!! Your article has opened my eyes, I am a born again Christian and do not believe in evolution, therefore I am now really questioning the Blood type diet! Thanks for your info. it makes a lot of sense.

462. cinderella farrah from south africa (2005/07/05)
i enjoyed myself

463. dan from usa (2005/07/08)
i stayed at benificio villiage it was remarkable

464. deborah adams from Australia Adelaide (2005/07/10)
I am trying to find the answrs to the problems we favce as day to day consumers in this current world, I know we can make a new reality if only for our families. Information & experiience to match with that, along with intelligence is vital. Thank you. My children may live differently to the way I do.

465. Jessica Christofano from Rockford (2005/07/11)
Interesting site... keep up with the good work.

466. tom from Alabama (2005/07/12)

467. Laura Streek from Cambridge, UK (2005/07/13)

468. Andrea from Canandaigua (2005/07/13)
I'm a fun loving down to earth gal. Express myself with music.
[Suggested Webpage]

469. Michael Walcher from Nokomis, Illinois (2005/07/15)
in spirit!

470. erin dean from tempe, arizona, u.s.a. (2005/07/15)

471. Isaac from Ohio (2005/07/22)
[Suggested Webpage]

472. Guy Anderson from Now, Liverpool (2005/07/23)
This is the most beautifully crafted web site I have ever seen, I have read so much for now and am completely lost for words. I will read much more and write again soon, Thankyou.

473. matthew from canada (2005/07/25)
I myself am a barefooter a city barefooter so my soles get black all the time I just clean them and im off I do sugest barefooting mecause its awsome!

474. Jeremy from France/UK (2005/07/25)
You have a great site-the best I've come accross in a long while.
I would like, however, to comment on your AIDS/HIV links. I think it is important to question conventional wisdom at every level. It is, however, also important to question all theories and in particular "conspiracy theories", especially in the age of the internet, when such theories can easily be spread.
I think the theories on AIDS/HIV should be looked into, but should not be blinsly accepted anymore than conventional wisdom should. These are scientific matters, and it is all to easy to mislead the ignorant public(of which I am a member).
I think it is aprticularly dangerous to imply that AIDS is a homosexual disease without having conclusive evidence.
Safe journey!
[Suggested Webpage]

475. pahsun from Bellingham,WA (2005/07/29)

476. maddy from uk (2005/07/30)
i do hope you haven't been seduced by nw states,so looking forward to 2 and more years news!! why no information and news?

477. sKip from Northwest - USA (2005/07/31)
Battles of life are won or lost within the hearts and minds of each individual. "Think good and positive thoughts; Feel good and positive feelings. . .Peace, Love, Joy.

478. William from Indiana (2005/08/04)
you are inspirational!
[Suggested Webpage]

479. suzi from london (2005/08/06)

480. roofer from ontario (2005/08/07)

481. Jeanell from Houston, TX (2005/08/18)
I saw Ofek's slideshow at Lost Valley Educational Center and was so inspired. I would definitely call myself and economad and it was wonderful to relate to his stories and also to learn all sorts of amazing new things! Thank you for sharing. I will be passing this website along to friends.
[Suggested Webpage]

482. Christina from Ohio (2005/08/26)

483. renee from slovenia (2005/08/30)
.... ehm ....

Everything good to everbody reading this from a cactoholic!

484. Barefoot Traveller from India (2005/08/30)
Everyone is welcome to visit my Yahoo-Group THE BAREFOOT TRAVELLERS TEPEE: Travelling, backpacking, hiking… Many of us LOVE it, and some of us ENJOY it even more if they are doing it barefoot! I have spent YEARS on the road, and I have been barefoot all the time. Meeting other like-minded souls, spotting another pair of tanned, dusty bare feet with soles black as coal is cool, one knows immediately: We’ve something in common! I have met a good many barefoot traveller: The typical newcomer – with a pair of flip-flops dangling from his backpack – and people like me, with no shoes at all in their luggage, trusting in their leather-like soles, toughened over many months. Chatting about our experiences is always fun, and one day, I was thinking: There should be a place in Cyberspace for our tribe, a place too meet, to share stories – while on the road, after returning home, while planning a new adventure… I have created a Yahoo-Group – our very own Virtual Tepee! Here’s the link:
[Suggested Webpage]

485. Toni Detherage from Lawrence, Kansas, USA (2005/09/02)
The photos are beautiful. Who can I ask for permission to use one for a hospice powerpoint presentation about legacies? Thank you very much. Toni Detherage

486. mike forest from northeast washington (2005/09/06)
I love your
have helped me alot.
I am sick also..but geting mike
[Suggested Webpage]

487. Narsi from India (2005/09/08)
Interesting concept and an equally interesting web site...guess I have never been a (Eco)nomad, but I can feel the way one would from your site

Good stuff, thanks


488. Sally Negus from New Hampshire (2005/09/09)

489. jutta ried from germany (2005/09/10)
hi folks,
I have written in your guestbook before in dec. 2003 and wonder where you you're stying at the moment?? Have you found your community yet?
Always nice to read in your site.

490. ken from california (2005/09/12)

491. David Foulis from Liverpool (2005/09/16)
Remember me,I stayed with you in 1990.I had a great time and I remember you all with fondness.I see from the regular newsletters that alot of the old crew are still there.I wish you would put more photo's on the newsletter.Peggy doesn't look a day older than in 1990.But the rest of you,I'd love to see photo's of Michael,Julie,Ellen,George,Jeff,Bruno and the rest.

I'm off to Mozambique next week on my quest to visit 100 countries before I die,Only 20 to go.


David xx

492. Sheba B. from Upstate,NY (USA) (2005/09/18)

493. D from al (2005/09/21)
i am me

494. lucy from london (2005/09/21)
wiked . thank you x l

495. mark mangum from chapin s.c. (2005/09/22)

496. Archibald Flagenheimer from New york City (2005/09/22)
Everyday is a holiday.

497. Pedro Menendez from Spain (2005/09/22)
Hello economads! I´m planning to travell through Africa by Donkey towards the east for the beggining of 2006. Anyone have any experience or tips to share?

498. PaCe from Colorado u.A. (2005/09/23)
Hippy sucht nochimmer KommunalZuhause in (BRD;Oes;Schw;It)Alpengebiet (suedlich von Donau) Kann Dtsch. bin ESLLehrer & Volkskuenstler

499. Claire from New York (2005/09/26)
What is a nomad?

500. bernd Gerken from germany Childen of Future (2005/09/28)
The "Olivenseminar" with harvesting Olives and further restoration work on traditional houses shall be organized beginning Oct. 23rd in southern portugal - see for details or mail directly to

[Suggested Webpage]

501. dodge from wisconsin (2005/10/04)
looking for an escape to clear my mind and find some truth

502. Heather from Maine, USA (2005/10/04)
You economads ROCK!!!!!!Thanks for being!

503. Narsi from India (2005/10/08)
Nice and useful web site and articles...I was going thru your web page on alternative menstrual really was an eye-opener, especially since I am a male and rarely thought about this topic!

Thanks for the resource, keep up the good work

504. denisehawkins from highland, ca (2005/10/10)
good information, thankyou!!

505. Brandi from New Orleans (2005/10/11)

506. Sara from <somewhere> (2005/10/11)

507. Sheri Ranger from Cortes Island B.C. Canada (2005/10/13)

508. sarah arcarese from trenton, new jersey (2005/10/13)
I admire what you do. always wanted to do the same, my husband not in agreement, though. keep going.

509. Rebeca Potasnik from Olympia, Washington (2005/10/15)
Hi! I just found that you have an edited version of an article I wrote on your website. It's the one called "Alternative Menstrual Products." I wrote it quite awhile ago and have some new thoughts that I hope whoever maintains the site could edit into the article. I wrote that sponges only need to be rinsed out in cold water and allowed to dry. I would change this to encourage women to wash their sponges with soap and hot water when they can. Also, thoroughly dry the sponges at the end of your cycle before you put store them. I think these are especially important for women who are more prone to getting infections.
Thanks for spreading the word about healthier menstrual products!
Rebeca Potasnik

510. Mr Robin cook from london (2005/10/15)

511. Bruce Calligan from Atlanta (2005/10/18)
Very nice website, make me have many ideas

512. Emmer Lee from NJ (2005/10/18)
Interesting lifestyle

513. Kiala Naste from UK (2005/10/18)
In fact I wanted to say I liked the article on alternate menstrual product...I see that the author has suggested a few more things too! God site, keep it up
[Suggested Webpage]

514. Julio Cesar Pezo Gil from Lima, Perú (2005/10/20)
hi how are you I am writing this message because I am interested about your page also I Want to more information about your page because your page is very fantastic and beautiful.
it has a good image.
friend send me a video.
please here you are my address
my address is av. 12 de octubre 119 smp code 01
that is all bye bye see then.

Lima, 19 de octubre del 2005

515. Marred from Oakland, CA (2005/10/20)
I'm moving to Minneapolis and your site popped up as I was hunting down food co-ops. Goodluck on all your travels

516. <someone> from Bielefeld (NRW) (2005/10/21)
Hallo !!!
Wir haben derzeit, in Sozialwissenschaften (Poltik), dass Thema Basisdemoktratische Demokratie!
Unter anderen wurde uns ein Link zu dieser Seite gegeben,ich finde es einerseits recht erstaunlich,dass es sowetwas zuer heutigen zeit noch gibt...
Ich denke, das die Menschen viel weniger Probleme und sorgen haben.
Aber eins Frage ich mich, hat denn niemand so das richtige Sagen ? Werden alle wirklich gleich geschaätzt und anerkannt !!!
Ich wünsche ihnen weiterhin viel Glück !!!
MFg Rebecca K. (7)

517. vicente from spain (2005/10/27)
I hope to see your again this year, muchos besos para todos
[Suggested Webpage]

518. Grace from london (2005/10/30)

519. greengrl from earth (2005/10/31)

520. brieann from nj (2005/11/03)
I want to allow myself to connect with mother earth and my soul and leave commercial life behind.

521. veronica from nyc (2005/11/07)
eat veggies!

522. chris from nigeria,africa (2005/11/07)

523. Sam from UK (2005/11/08)
Interesting site and ideas, found it while searching for parenting information.

Sam x
[Suggested Webpage]

524. Shane from Sheridan, WY (2005/11/09)
Hey!! You guys are helping us out a lot! We're seeking an Intentional Community and find your work inspiring. We'll let you know if something comes up! Shalom

525. Goran Nikolic from Serbia & Montenegro (2005/11/11)
Hey, I want To Come To You, In USA.

526. Issis from Houston (2005/11/15)
Awesome site!

527. ira krause from Buffalo,NY& Zion,IL (2005/11/18)
in the mist of trouble you can be in
peace and joy./////Within you comes forth to my mind the precious one that you not accept yourself as in the past, Realize right now that you are a
great treasure(no pride)///Keep the excellent spirit of being a
child-son-daughter of the Most High///What you walk away from God will lead you
,(instruction).In which you will follow and determine the futhure you
create,(Holy Spirit guidance). In closing God will treat you better than you
will treat yourself written by ira krause

528. precious from philippines (2005/11/18)

529. emily from burntwood (2005/11/22)

530. Ben from USA (2005/11/23)
Love the site design layout. You did a great job. Keep it up along with your journey.
[Suggested Webpage]

531. Mark from Southern California (2005/11/24)
Hello, from Gorilla Grove tribe, Ecovillage, and Media experiment. We are the new commons for Rainbow Nation Without Borders. Seeing the misery that springs from the unequal distribution of wealth and privlege, we are the revolutionary movement for higher social culture.
[Suggested Webpage]

532. Conrad from Hawaii (2005/11/29)
Blessings and Love,
I found your website By putting "new tribal culture" in quotes and I found this... wow! This websites fabulous. I am also looking for the new tribal culture. The old lady and I traveled to maybe 20 countries etc. did lots of raibow gatherings...(even did the dead sea rainbow scene) jive? anyway my multimedia eBook website at is the story similar? to yours.
Love and Peace
[Suggested Webpage]

533. craig from washington In 47501 (2005/11/29)
yes i have heard of pandanaram it is located about 30 or so miles from me i have actually met people from there and some of my friends have visited there it is a very weird place i have heard from my grandfather who worked at crane naval base that borders this utopia i have never went there myself for there is only one way in and one way out and if you mess with one you mess with them all i hope to hear back from you pun

534. Mick The Barefoot from Olympic Mountains, Washing State (2005/12/02)
We are bipedal beings that need story in order to live. We have lost 'TOUCH' with how to 'MAKE SENSE' of our current cultural story. So take off your shoes, step out of confinement and follow your feet in order to recuperate what our cultural story has lost. TOUCH

535. Moath Abusaud from Palestine/Jerusalem (2005/12/14)
Bism ALLAh Alrhman ALraheem
May ALLAhs Noor(light) constantly surround our Fadayeen of ALLah. May ALLahs Kallam (words) become imprinted on everyhuman mind and soul,so that when Yumma ALkeyamma(judgement day) arrives, nobody can say that ALLah and the fadayeen of ALLah have never told and informed them of the true path towards ALLah. May the Holy Land of Palestine always and forever be the center, and the nursery of spirituality for Mankind. Long live the fadayeen of ALLah ,May the Martyers of ALLah,and the fadayeen of ALLah guide all of us Palestinians, Iraqs
who resist the kuffar and infedels aggression, and muslims world wide who are the resistance fighters towards ALLahs magical light and kingdom of heaven. Oh maker ,oh shaker: shake the ground Against the enemies of Plaestine and those who challenge your almighty authority in Iraq. Oh commander of this world and every part of life in this Universe and beyond, PLease Oh ALLAh SMASH the Zionist Cowards who try to assissinate(cold bloodied murder) the bravest souls on earth the fadayeen of ALLah in PLAestine occupied and beyond.
Inshallah Palestine and its People will be united under the great and ever lasting leadership of the Fadayeen of ALLah.
Support the Palestine resistance movement. End the brutal Israeli occupation, by getting involved against the inhuman treatment by the Zionist American and israeli militaries that are occupiing our Middle eastern countries and our muslim pepoles all over the world.. salam wa alekom
Mag alsalama
Sincerly and respectifully
Moath S .Abusaud
P.O.W.(I was captured during the first intifada).
P.S. being a prisoner of War and being captured by the Zioist forces , just made me much more determioned to fight the Israeli and AMercians who seek to occupie and kill my Beloved and brave Palestinian pepole. Long live the Best soldiers Of ALLah in this World and throughout time. May ALLah always inshallah take care of My Palestinian Brothers and sister living under this illegal, inhuman Zioist AMercian occupation.
inshallah, ALlah will rid these worhtless Zionist, Godless Israeli settlers and there followers out of the middle east and out of this world inshallah.
yalla ya seedy salamat
[Suggested Webpage]

536. Minh from Oakland, CA (2005/12/17)

537. Alexander Lopera from Miami (2005/12/26)

538. james from usa (2006/01/08)

539. Ronald Red Bear from Southern Oregon (2006/01/11)
Missed the sun dance in 2005
in 7 years i will return

540. Karin from Spitta (2006/01/12)

541. Gabriel A. Levicky from New York (2006/01/18)
I am curious about your structure and what it takes to join you on the experimental base...

542. Sam Newhouse from biggleswade some where in england (2006/01/18)
the websites actually for our band. But the main point is that there's so much in the world that shouldn't be, and the only way i feel i can escape them is to live in a comune with people who feel the same way i do. i need to escape from poverty and leave this capitalist trash whole! the only problem is i'm only 15...but i don't think that is enough to stop me from living in a peaceful comunity where we all work as one.
[Suggested Webpage]

543. madeleine from uk (2006/01/26)
well my economad friends i have been following you for years and am very disappointed in how you have not written your log for so long and the trash in the guestbook. Are you aware you are advertising teen porn and a poker site. Shame on you get your act together.

544. Fabiola from Bolivia (2006/01/30)
Awesome! I wanna join

545. Ian Gordon from Seoul (by way of Scotland) (2006/01/31)
Very interesting site. I particularly liked the section on coppicing. I want to start a rooftop garden but have always considered myself to have black fingers.

546. Richard Nacamuli from Califon, NJ, USA (2006/02/02)
This is an amazing site, full of valuable information. You are at the top of my favorites.

547. moi from IN (2006/02/03)

548. sebastijan from croatia (2006/02/07)
my qualiti of living is straight to zirro, i want to improve my life and be a part of something that i think is wright. actually, i know that way you people do is absolutly wright. i am 26 years old,no drugs problem, no vegeterian, no children and wife.

549. Bill Taylor from Los Angeles (2006/02/08)

550. Duncan Williams from London (2006/02/13)
[Suggested Webpage]

551. aimzdroid from brighton (2006/02/15)

552. David from Texas (2006/02/18)

553. Frank Johnson from <somewhere> (2006/02/21)

554. PaCe PaCe from Colorado (2006/02/22)
Dear Friends from everywhere and nowhere. I am a folk ways artist and laborer who speaks german and eng. and teaches ESL and who sews dolls andwants very much to return to the Alpine Regions soon. Does any of you out there reccomend a wwoof or oekohof or Projekt in the Alps (or near) Bakery, Goatfarm, Theater Folkmusic group orSchool hwere I might serve and live?
I am a thoroughly hippy person who doesn't want much in the way of $$$$ But for adventure and REAL PEOPLE I am a glutton of curiousity.
Please write:
[Suggested Webpage]

555. Retired farmer from Mi. (2006/02/22)
The majority of things you state are untrue. Why do you lie ?

556. manal sorour from Egypt (2006/02/26)

557. Green Man from South Africa (2006/03/03)
Just stubbled apon your site. All I can say is KEEPIT UP!
Bom shankar
[Suggested Webpage]

558. R H Pace from colorado (2006/03/04)
Dear Retired farmer from MI
(below) Now calling someone a LIAR is pretty cold.
Are you going to site examples or are you just going to spew as most of the antiprogressives do?
Do you have any proof?
Hey retired farmer from MI-you have the time tell us or else get your shoes off NOW and start walking a mile in economad's barefeet.
[Suggested Webpage]

559. RD from wv (2006/03/09)

560. Tom Ivers from Los Angeles (2006/03/09)
Enjoyed the site, were lifetime environmentalists in Los Angeles at CH Landscaping, -BEAUTIFUL FOUNTAINS, PONDS, RETAINING WALLS.

We will make you the most beautiful fountain inside or outside the home at prices lower than our competition, also construction of small ponds, patio, concrete, and wood work. Also specialize in retaining walls ; Keystone, concrete, walls set with or without mortar, we let you pick whatever style/design you like. All kinds of landscaping work done as well, write or call today - 310 714 - 3976

561. Basia from Canada (2006/03/10)
Hey Ofek, Erika & Momo! long time no talk! how r U guys? where r U? what r U up to? (just to refresh U'r memory, my son Nachman & i, gave U guys a lift from....i think Eugene OR, area, from the ...raw festival....wat was it called...hmmmm.....then U got some durians & we shared them at U'r place in Portland...i think... i'm in White Rock, BC (or Vancouver, BC) area...& getting itchy again to visit some raw/living U have any to recommand in united states, or north america? ...Momo must be a lot bigger by now...that was ~ 3 years ago our paths crossed....i think it was a ...tribal gathering...??? LOTS OF LOOOVE, BLESSINGS, & LIVING/RAW BLISS, Basia, ps. r U still raw?
[Suggested Webpage]

562. shawna patruno from midland ontario (2006/03/12)

563. Casey Makela from US (2006/03/12)
Awsome site and resource!

Sign the first online petition ever launched to decriminalize birth and support birthing freedom at the American College of Traditional Midwives website.

Casey Makela

[Suggested Webpage]

564. Erin from Olympia, Washington (2006/03/15)
Awesome website... my sweetie and I want to do the same thing you guys are doing during the next few years. I'm interested in what you're up to now, and how you liked Lost Valley (I used to live in Eugene). We're headed to Acorn in September, I believe (plans not final yet) and your comments helped. Thanks, & happy Tuesday :)

565. TORI VOLLMER from KANSAS CITY, MO (2006/03/19)

566. Paul Greenman Barker from South Africa (2006/03/19)
In pondering the issues of personal expression I would like to pose a question. Why be normal when you can your self?
Bom shankar
[Suggested Webpage]

567. dorinda from ghana (2006/03/19)
[Suggested Webpage]

568. moath from Jerusalem,Palestine (2006/03/22)
Bism Allah Alrahman alraheem
Enshallah Palestine will return to the Palestinians shortly. The Enemies of Palestine are many throughout time and history we have been able to toppel all occupiers and foreign miltaries since the begining of thime. Enshallah we will succeed in eveicting the Jewsih american Zionist Squatters from our indgenous Palestinian lands and expell the jewsih intuders and invaders who come to murder our Palestinian pepole back to Europe and AMerica and Germany , Russia and from where ever else they came from. Allah Akbar min ALdunia, ALLah will enshallah Make the Jewsih and american occupiers Pay in 55 gallon barrels of blood for every Palestinian that is killed by U.S. and israeli made soldiers. Death to the Occupiers of Palestine(ZIonist AMericna and british forces), Death to all who seek to murder My Palestinian Specail Forces Units Of Palestine.
Enshallah alnasser lina.
Signed Commander of Palestinian Specail Operations and Specail forces Units of Occupied Palestine. Palestine Specail ForcesCommander S.F.O.Moath Abusaud

569. Taib from Australia (2006/03/22)

570. Holly from Earthaven (2006/03/23)
Was bummed by your review of Earthaven. I've lived here for 8 years, birthed here, breastfed for years here, used and washed cloth diapers here, lived in a tent with 2 kids here, built a home here, and grow food here. It is sad to me for you to paint one and all with the same brush in such a manner. It is a challenge to live under others' public scrutiny and judgement of what is true and right, while attempting to live and create a village out of a forest and raise a family. We are all trying to figure this out, some take different paths. I feel the best we can do is try to find the commonalities and support each other in our quest for a sustainable future.

571. Pignut from UK/Bulgaria (2006/03/23)
[Suggested Webpage]

572. SunnyDay from Frankfurt (2006/03/23)
Dear Erika, dear ofek dear Momo!
Very very good Site, surprisingly interesting. Are you still on the road or back in Palestine?? Please update your Evolog! Thanks a lot and all the best for your future!
Love SunnyDay

573. Gardener from (2006/03/25)
[Suggested Webpage]

574. Katrina Taylor from Florida,USA (2006/03/27)
Wow! Very interesting and informative site. Keep up the good work.
[Suggested Webpage]

575. jeff from toronto (2006/03/28)

576. Mary from North Carolina (2006/03/29)

577. gavin from uk (2006/04/12)
i will eat you raw, you disposable plastic hamburgers.

578. alice from france (2006/04/13)
i just left beneficio and i came back to babylone to work help i am lost!!!!

579. Dawn LaBorde from Arcata, Ca (2006/04/15)

580. Art Kab from Japan, but US originally (2006/04/15)
I found your website. Cool. Sounds like something I want to do. I am looking for a place away from the electrosmog. A place where people can't and don't use cell phones. Do you know of any?

581. Terry from Los Angeles (2006/04/19)


I'm posting this ad for my friend and his girlfriend. They are clean and environmentally conscious young couple who are vegetarians. They are seeking a room or garage to rent from a nice person.They would maybe like to begin a week to week basis, but really it's up to you since you'll be the landlord. They have a well behaved 2 yr. old kid, and are tired of paying for hotel rooms every night. Does someone out there have a garage that is not being used or a vacant room in their house in Los Angeles ?

582. Jing Jing Ding from London, Ontario (2006/04/22)

583. Peter from WA State (2006/04/22)

I'd like to extend a personal invitation to you to drop by and the new discussion forum that's just opened up.

The forum allows you to meet others with similar interests in sustainability, become more widely known, and attract traffic to your own website or blog.

Please drop on by for a look and register if you would like to be part of a growing community.

Best regards,

[Suggested Webpage]

584. Jane from Dewitt (2006/04/24)
Great Site!

585. andy cadiente from alaska (2006/04/28)

586. or from global village (2006/05/08)
dear peace comrades,
i was initially drawn to your website for its promise of pacifict views. However I'm somewhat doubtful of your real motivation.
In your political agenda you sound quite militaristic with respect to zionism and in fact in your website there seems to be no other political evil in the world save to zionism- which is quite
radical to say the least.
I do not intend to open up this complex issue which deserves a deep inquiry then you would would like to admit. In short zionism is a name that millions of persecuted jews wanted to use in order to take charge for their suffering.
Unfortunately, its consequence is not at all euphoric. zionist ideas didn't and do not
assume to cause suffering to others in its essence.
In general, stereotying is very easy to do (the mouse is ugly-kill him) so beware of the aggresive motivation behind your righteous ideas.
Time has changed (wake up)
and Israel is pulling out of conquered territories-
while having to deal with extrimism in the middle east and in palestine.
In short, if your motivation is to enhance world peace- look at the individual- are you acting out of a need to blame something for your suffering- isn't it exactly here that you need to look at? Ins't the politcal arena a similar reflection of that?
As we speak iran is calling to the destruction of israel with atom and publicly denies the holocaust, civil wars are underway in other parts of the world etc. -one is wandering why this is not mentioned in your site - if one wants to give an honest description of evils in the world.
In short why don't you come
and visit yourself the 'zionist state' and maybe then you will be disappointed to find out that it's not so black and white and there is a lot of gray shades- but this might be too much work and might need one to become honest with what is really happening and the hardest of all- honest with oneself.
so i wish you the best on your peace journey - may you learn and mature to express compassion to all beings and to yourself.
my suggested link would be
the dali lama and insight meditation with Christopher Titmus who is a buddhist peace activist -extremely active in israel and palestine. love and peace, or

587. Jes Braun from Minneapolis/St Paul, MN (2006/05/10)
i am an artistic, animal loving vegan. i stumbled over your site on a search for communes/collective living situations. it is my dream to eventually create a peaceful place to live and raise a family. meat free, cruelty free, concrete free. you guys are really inspiring. thank you.
[Suggested Webpage]

588. Kim from Bellingham, Mass (2006/05/11)
Thank you for these pics and treasures. I am a former TT member and pray to be HOME one day !! Shalom and Love, Kim

589. Liz from Humboldt County, CA (2006/05/13)

590. DAN 1 from Livermore, Ca (2006/05/16)
Hello to you three explorers of Intentional communities and new tribalism. Have you actually found a wee people in the mountains anywhere living the hunter gatherer life?
[Suggested Webpage]

591. Matthew from High Peak, UK (2006/05/17)
I want to follow in your footsteps!

592. Marika Isom from Vermont (2006/05/17)
My lover, Jeremy, and I are are raw foodists looking for a place to be happy. We are signing up to Wwoof soon and hopefully will find a nice place for the summer and then hope to head out of the country by the winter. What are you economads up to? We feel so stuck right now but we are getting there. We are currently in Northern Cali and can't want to find a good environment to be in and feel healthy again!
[Suggested Webpage]

593. LooPY from Durban,South Africa (2006/05/19)
i have nothing to say/it's been an average day/but hey i guess that's the point/u only see it after your 1st joint/that haze/that makes days eternally ease into infinity/but...enough about me
[Suggested Webpage]

594. Martha from Earthaven Ecovillage (2006/05/29)
Have you considered visiting Earthaven Ecovillage, near Asheville NC. Thank you for your EvoluLog
[Suggested Webpage]

595. uche from america (2006/05/29)
i like this site guest keep it fro all

596. An On from Spain (2006/06/02)
I have just read your piece about Sunseed in Spain. I stayed there recently - early 2006 - I just want to say that many people have a good time there, but I completely agree with your criticisms. It is not a serious project at all! The manager who suggested that you "move on" (about your web site) has now moved on, and what has replaced her has moved the project back.

597. Patrick Crawford from Forest Row, UK (2006/06/03)

598. Liam from Decatur, GA USA (2006/06/11)
Stay Strong!

599. Louise Stanzione from florida (2006/06/20)

600. Ketama from Australia (2006/06/20)

601. chakir from spain (2006/06/20)
jkoeprsgope re rt`pe 0it'weit'erkt'wete¡'

602. Mabon Dane from Haverhill (2006/06/22)
A very educational site on alternative living :-)

603. ava burgess from manchester (2006/06/22)

604. dianna marsolek from AZ CHINO VALLY (2006/06/24)

605. JOE SCHMO from NO HO (2006/06/29)

606. Sabrina from Anywhere (2006/06/30)
The cost of gas has made being a traveling hippy almost impossible. The small amount of money I make goes to gas. I feel bad about this, but at the same time this is my life. I was considering visiting self sufficient communties that are pagan/heathen friendly. If anyone has suggestions, please write me.

607. Sabrina from Anywhere (2006/07/04)
I am thinking of buying land in West Virginia and wanted to ask a few questions to anyone who knows West Virginia well.

608. Jim Ratzlaff from Taiwan (2006/07/09)
Your article failed to mention JFK's attempt to stop the nuclear reactor just before his was executed and it's significance. He was going to take out not only Israels but also had a military strike planned for China. John Kennedys vision would have gone a long way towards stopping Zionism as he would have had a more balanced approach to Middle Eastern affairs, and this may have contributed to his death.

609. BALU VASAN from INDIA (2006/07/18)
INDIA -PIN 524 345

610. Felicity Laws from Portreath, Cornwall (2006/07/18)
I'm looking for your Austrian Scythes, Mill from the Isle of Man said to buy direct from you rather than Permanent Publications.... Look forward to hearing from you.

611. keith bragger from florida (2006/07/18)

612. Mark Geuy from Murrieta (2006/07/26)
Mark Geuy of Murrieta - just checking out your website which I find to have some very arrested graphics which are very cool!!!

[Suggested Webpage]

613. Tom Love from St. Charles, IL (2006/07/29)
I am one who makes psychedelic tunes of all sorts. I right now work at Kinkos but will be leaving for the road soon

614. rahele from iran (2006/07/31)

615. tiffany miller from pa (2006/08/10)
this will be my first time visiting your site.

616. Rastalibaba from Belgium (2006/08/11)
one love one heart one rainbow one destiny
[Suggested Webpage]

617. AstralMage from Gaia (2006/08/12)
Thank you for providing such an awesome resource. Great articles in the LiBaware. I wish you all the best. Greetings, AM
[Suggested Webpage]

618. Troy Mandeville from rhode island (2006/08/14)
hey my name is troy i am absolutely inspired but what you guys are doing, nomadic traveleing has and is one of my life passions, if there is anyway i can help please contact me.!
[Suggested Webpage]

619. Ellen from Winchester, UK (2006/08/19)

620. rozleena ramli from malaysia (2006/08/22)
Would like to know the latest information on how dangerous the sanitary pads out there. What will happen if women continues using unsafe sanitary pads? What kind of safe sanitary pads they can wear? More women in this world should be aware of these harmful consequences if they dont choose the right sanitary pads. They should be a lot of awareness campaign for all the women.

621. romita from united states (2006/08/22)

622. Elisa from Italy Verona (2006/08/23)
I love this adventure u are doing and I appreciate the nice photos of Cinque Terre, the best place I saw here in Italy (until now!).
Have a nice journey around the world!
[Suggested Webpage]

623. steve jr from mi (2006/08/29)
this is steve, steve darden's son. he works at trendwest. i need someone to talk to sometimes. hes big into cocaine and had problems with it in the past. i with we could have a normal family life. he raped me and my sister, september also. she is pregnent now, but not with my dads kid. i'm so fucked upemail me to talk

624. DAN 1 from Narbaria Minor (2006/08/29)
Please bring your journey up to date? It is important to me to know your progress.
Where is Lost Valley, Oregon?
Respectfully, DAN 1
[Suggested Webpage]

625. LightningHeart from Wassaic NY (2006/08/29)
A great book ("The Continuum Concept")and resource for the spanking section. Also "Birth without Violence" by Fredrick Leboyer
[Suggested Webpage]

626. from EU (2006/09/01)
HI Erik@feK/mo² wonderfull site!!!
i'am just awaiting for updatings about your last 2/yrs i'am so curious about your experience of live

627. samantha from arizona (2006/09/04)
There is a person that posted a posting pretending to be steve darden jr going by screen name stevejr666 this person posted onto several different sites lies and complete slander to several different sites on the same day aug 29th using a bogus email PLEASE REMOVE THIS FROM YOUR SITE it doesnt belong on any site including yours,thank you ahead of time for your fast action on this matter.

628. Javier from Spain (2006/09/10)
Your community is not sustainable!! You depend on schools, hospitals, services that the rest of us pay for!!!! But yet it seems you believe that you are better people than the rest of us. Anyway, good luck

629. Sarah Dallas from Paris, France (2006/09/13)
Enjoyed your website. Thank you. Keep up the good work.

630. Richard Fagan from Falfield (north bristol) (2006/09/14)
Looks idillic. What a great idea for living (maybe ahead of the rest of the fossil fuel reliant world). Must be a very peaceful life? I just what to chop wood and build fires for the rest of my life. When can i move in?

631. pam from usa (2006/09/14)
I do not know about this diet. I am just curious about it and I appreciate your view point as I try yo develop one of my own. I did want to remark about the native american/corn correlation you mentioned. I have read (somewhere?)that the corn that is grown today is not the same as the corn that was eaten by native americans when the whites first arrived in the Americas. The corn now is supposedly quite a bit higher in sugar than it once was. I can't quote the science to back that up...but it wouldn't surprise me. It is interesting anyway. Best Wishes.

632. PaCe Pace from Colorado (2006/09/15)
I have a great spamblock but here amoung the guests, I see where all the junk went. Why would barefooters tollerate such blatant NOTHING commerce.
You capital hounds surfacing here are showing off your wares to noone.
What the heck is wrong with you people. please advertize somewhere else. no one. I mean, no one here will bite, I don't think.
Blight and wasten ow go away we don't need your stuff.
[Suggested Webpage]

633. Nina Huguet from SPAIN (2006/09/17)
I like your web site, we can discover beautiful places arraund in the nature, I m interest in the communities in Europe, where you can learn, sheare, and feel the nature. Tanks. Nina.

634. nadine from london (2006/09/19)
Hi, I have recently come back from Sunseed (06&07 2006) and have to agree with certain of the comments made. One of your main criticisms as I see it is the trustees continual choice of project managers that are not up to the task, and the ensuing unprofessionalism found at Sunseed. However, the more temporary staff made my stay unforgettable, if slightly overbudget, and I learnt a great deal during my stay. For this I wish to thank the volonteers present and all of the Staff working under the PM at that date.


635. gary wein from toronto (2006/09/19)
to have your ignorant opinions of jews and israel on your website astounds and saddens me. what it has to do with sustainable living i'll never figure out. i've been involved with the green revolution for 20 years, volunteering and economically supporting eco-friendly causes - therefore eventually finding your site by searching for these subjects. i was shocked to find people who espouse these fine sustainable philosophies only to be dissapointed by your lack of knowledge of the jewish-israeli situation. you've been brainwashed along with the rest of the arab world (and others) into thinking that israel is to blame for everything including its own existence. if the arabs had their way, they would have anihilated israel long ago, and then as usual, would turn to their own kind and started killing again. the israelis, throughout the years have been only on the defensive agains suicide bombers, rocket launches agains the civilian population, and people like you who are so ignorant as to believe anything as long as it is a lie because it is told by passionate people, passionate in their ignorant, generations long, reasonless hate for jews and israel. the palestinians have been rejected by all their arab neighbors, but only israel is critisized, after being the only government in the area to actually give them land, which they so stupidly lost to wars and conflicts they and their arab neighbors started. people like you only write about israel because it is so easy to follow along like sheep, listening to the bleeting helpless palestinians, who refuse to help themselves to the gifts of land, jobs and technology offered to them by the jews of israel, which has not been offered to them by any of their arab neighbors. there are over 1 million arabs living in israel as working, tax paying, voting population, and they are silent because they realize they have such good lives, that revealing their luck to the arab world, that they live in the only democracy in the area and have such rich lives would enfuriate the arabs even more. what the heck*%##@! were the hezbollah doing stockpiling 50,000 missiles along the israeli border? just for fun? do you speak of this? do you speak of other conflicts in the world? no. you pick on israel like every other coward, knowing that israel is too peaceful and country to do what an arab would do to you if you dared to criticize them. do you dare speak of the east timor situation? the darfur, somalia, DR congo, afganistan, india, north american natives, chechen, etc, etc. etc.?? No. you pick on israel. don't give me your eco bs when you r political mindset reveals such cowardly ignorance.

636. claire from norfolk (2006/09/28)
walk the path of beauty way

637. Jessica from california (2006/09/28)
This kind of lifestyle intrigues me...

638. Brandon Kilgore from Bellingham (2006/10/04)
In Need of information on how to start a food not lawns. It has fallen apart in B-Ham and I would like to see it in action again.

639. Peter Dann from AUSTRALIA (2006/10/05)

640. Leslie from Liverpool (2006/10/05)
Having gone barefoot for more or less 1OO% of the time, saddly coming from England People will often stand and stare. Still
probably in the dark ages l guess!But given time am sure
people will except it very soon.

641. Leslie from Liverpool (2006/10/05)
Having gone barefoot for more or less 1OO% of the time, saddly coming from England People will often stand and stare. Still
probably in the dark ages l guess!But given time am sure
people will except it very soon.

642. MICROCENTER47 from Lagos (2006/10/06)

643. alexandra s fercak from portland oregon (2006/10/06)

644. Jack Dickey from South Carolina, USA (2006/10/10)

645. Michelle from utah (2006/10/11)

646. GMA from Australia (2006/10/11)
For all the good things you've done, and all the good things you are, you have my uttermost respect. So take care, and keep up the great work. Peace.
[Suggested Webpage]

647. Michael / deamaik from Tribe of Likatien / Füssen, Germany (2006/10/13)
Thank´s 4this great Website!

Very nice Pic´s and impressions from so many different community´s... wow! :-D

Wanna take a look at us?:
[Suggested Webpage]

648. Rina Schaffer from Jerusalem (2006/10/14)

649. fin from Sydney (2006/10/30)
ilove Orgiva/Beneficio!
[Suggested Webpage]

650. Lucas Moon Derhy from Denver, Colorado (2006/10/31)

651. steve from mt hood (2006/10/31)

652. eugene palow from usa (2006/11/07)

653. simone from italy (2006/11/08)
very simple life for a better future...

654. amy from london (2006/11/09)
i want to run away and become a hippy

655. Jane Sutherland from bristol/south gloucestershire (2006/11/12)
I wish i was a bit younger so that I could join you! but being nearly 56 I am not sure if I have what is needed but truly admire what you are you know of any other similar communities who take old codgers?

656. Steve from UK (2006/11/13)
Wow... respect! Incredible to hit the road as you did with young kids... I can't even cope babysitting my nephew and niece for an hour :p
-From a fellow traveller seeking more than the "daily grind".
[Suggested Webpage]

657. misty from texas (2006/11/13)
i found this place very interesting compared to where i live. we wwere doing researches on utopias in school and i decided to read this page. This has led me to find out that not all utopias are the same. But theres nothing wrong with utopias!

658. martin from uk (2006/11/16)

659. Tim from Oklahoma (2006/11/19)

660. zack spencer from oklahoma (2006/11/19)

661. Frederic from Huntsville (2006/11/20)

662. Kevin Stuart from Carlisle (2006/11/23)
I seen your development on the tele the other day. I think what you are doing is great. Good luck with the planners, there are always people around who will stop you doing what you want.

663. curtis from nj (2006/11/24)
am ayoung good going man who try to reach people needs went in want

664. tony aguilar from calif (2006/11/25)
I have been going barefoot since I was a kid in my neighborhood we went barefoot from spring though fall man it was great filp flops what are those? we went every where in barefeet no one said a word thirty years later I still enjoy barefeet although it is not as accecpted as it was back then more than once I have come across resistace about barefeet they say it the health dept I know thats B.S. but it don't stop me. all I can say if God ment us to ware shoes we would have been born with them no shoes no sweat barefoot just do it

665. frida from sweden (2006/11/26)
Hope I see u all in the new world where love rules

666. Bela Glosz from Hungary (2006/11/27)
You've been doing very good things -- I'm amazed!!! The is also superb!!!!

667. nate van noord from detroit, mi (2006/11/28)
i live in an intentional community in detroit and am very curious to here about your journeys and some of the communities you have visited.

668. may from spain (2006/11/29)
I want to get in touch with you

669. bernd from germany/portugal (2006/12/01)
We are grateful for the connections, Your networks offers!!

Thank You ! - And possibly meet us in southern protugal or elsewhere, where the network garden-of-europe or the porject-.ideas Iberia-Verde! and Trees-for-Earth act!

At Haliotis - Cetntre of ecology and health in Southern Portugal offers holiday-times, workshops, practical work in the reorganization of traditional forest-gardens, permaculture and knowledge about plants and animals. Remember: Southern Europe is the main refuge-area for all spoecies, who are no longer capable with the critical ecological conditions in central.-europe, due to water- and air-pollution, the separation of landscape by roads, influences of radiatons etc .... As some thousand years ago, when thwese countries where effective "glacial refugies" they act now as "industrial refuges".

Another part of our programs are tai-chi and qigong, combined with drawing and modelling with earth, wood etc. ... -
[Suggested Webpage]

670. Devere Myer from Durango Colorado USA (2006/12/04)
You have the right ideas about a sustainable lifestyle that we all need. Right now I'm still caught up in 24 hour four day week job that I have to drive to and that I'm trying to get away from.

671. Barbara from Poland (2006/12/05)
I love your website! I am a nomad too but looking for a place to stop. Namaste. Barbara
[Suggested Webpage]

672. Angela from Minneapolis (2006/12/06)
i just happened to stumble on your page. How did you guys decide to do this and how do you come up with money to get from one place to the next? any other expenses? just curious...i think its really neat

673. Kenneth Appleton from Superior, WI, U.S.A. (2006/12/09)
I was thinking how neat it could be to travle around and learn about intentional communities as you do before I discovered your website.

674. Rosemary from Devon, UK (2006/12/11)
I am interested in finding out more about you and whether you welcome guest/volunteers to visit? I am seeking an alternative to the 9-5 rat race here in the UK. My diary is empty so please reply!! Thank you.

675. mauricio from brazil (2006/12/12)

676. JIm from Texas (2006/12/19)
Dear ignorant people like satatisticians you repert on what you want to report on. The milk is "cleaned" at a milk plant by going through a seperator, or a clarifier that removes red and white blood cells. Milk is pasturized to remove harmful bacteris, and i want you to prove to me that milk causes bed wetting, how studid can you be? Since humans work in milk plants tes sme problems exist, bt to say all milk is bad is like saying all Dr.s are clumsy oafs because a few leave things in patients. Get a life! My father hads drank milk every day for 78 years and has had no prolems with it i have drank it for 51 and due to a weight problem cased by over indugence i have a problem wuth my cholesterol. It was not caused by milk its by living life in tge ffast food labe. People are looking for an excuse so when your kid weat the bed, when you have high HCL or triglycerides lets all balme milk, BS!

677. Marie from La Lune Nette (2006/12/22)
Hello, i'm a french girl and don't speak english very well... excuze me!
i had seen your website some times and i discover la lune nette on your website, thank you because now, i leave at this place and it's so great and interesting. in 1 or 2 years, my boyfriend and me will travel in France and maybe in the world and if you speak a little french it will be so great to listen your experience of communities... i don't know if i speak very well and i'm so sorry if you don't understand...

very good website! good luck!
[Suggested Webpage]

678. Heidi from Portland (2006/12/26)

679. Lori from <somewhere> (2006/12/27)
Thank you for the informed information on vitamin B-12.

680. Istvan from France (2006/12/30)
greatings to Heinz with the hope to meet online
[Suggested Webpage]

681. Craig Delandre from UK (2006/12/31)
I think ive only seen five excellent web sites period, and this one is part of them, good on you, good health, peace, love and happines.
[Suggested Webpage]

682. lan from south africa (2007/01/10)

683. achaibou from marseille (2007/01/10)

684. Justin Boudreau from RI (2007/01/15)
Hey troy madeville from Ri is either my father or long lost half bro,,, have him contact me

685. Vanessa from Italy (2007/01/16)
Thanks for your very interesting web-side,
hugs vanessa

686. ava burgess from manchester (2007/01/16)

687. antony from lincolnshire, englang (2007/01/17)
take a look at my website charting the experiences of a family trying to live self-sufficient inan urban environment.
[Suggested Webpage]

688. ~chico. from canadia (2007/01/22)
helo again. :)
we need to talk.

[Suggested Webpage]

689. shaun from burntwood (2007/01/22)
wow wee!!!

690. bob from north pole (2007/01/29)
very interesting

691. Kathe from Boston, MA (2007/02/01)
Thanks for sharing your journey! I'll look forward to your other articles that are under construction!

692. Heidi from England (2007/02/13)
Please would it be possible to come and stay with you for a few weeks. I love the mountains and would love to join an eco friendly organic eating camp for a few weeks. Would it be possible to come next Thursday my coach would be arriving in Malagar in the evening. Thank you for your help. Peace to you.

693. Jeffrey from Red Rock Land, UTAH (2007/02/14)
The higherarchy must rise from the lowerarchy.
We must learn to sit in circles while we speak. We must press our heads firmly to the ground, our precious Mother, and continually give thanks for LIFE, for Creation. Peace and Blessings to all, especially to those seeking a better way. Much thanks for your example and willingness to share your story with US. Shalom Salaam...