Martin's Xanadu
French Jura-Mountains/2001.07.01-2001.07.02

"We're just going to visit a friend of ours", Heinz said as we left the BioExpo.

We could sense right away that Martin is a wise and peaceful man - living in his own world (a bit like Luke Skywalker visiting Yoda), and very content with it. We got there at night, had a good meal (he is probably vegan), and before we went to sleep in the guest room on the hay, he showed us some of the night-blooming flowers.

When the sun came out the next day, it revealed a marvelous garden, soil full of joy, proud and productive, happy to be there, happy to be free...

01_entrance_20010702 (127KB) 03_20010702 (133KB) 05_20010702 (141KB)
07_20010703 (133KB) 11_20010702 (153KB) 16_bridge_20010703 (131KB)
Martin's plot of land has many different areas, each one with a unique charm which makes it seem larger than it is. We walked from one to the other on the small trails and inhaled it all in - the smells, the sounds, the colors, the livelihood. Life is good.

04_well_20010702 (154KB) 06_solar-water-heater_20010703 (158KB)    15_vine-dome_20010703 (143KB) 10_20010702 (160KB)
The water sources are rain (also collected) and from a well dated 17??. On a sunny day, hot water comes from a simple black hose in a spiral on the roof.

   A vine dome and an area without human-interferance (This is called Zone 5 in Permaculture. It is the wilderness and is only used for observation of natural ecosystems and cycles).

02_corn_20010702 (88KB) 08_20010702 (158KB) 09_20010703 (156KB) 21_corn-jars_20010702 (97KB)
Corn is one of Martins great passions. He grows and collects a colorful and vast variety (More than 100) and wears beautiful corn-necklaces he assembles himself. He is also deeply concern with genetic engineering, especially of corn, and together with a friend from Zurich, maintains a Project for preservation and development of maize in organic agriculture.

12_greenhouse_20010703 (104KB) 13_cacti_20010703 (108KB) 14_greenhouse_20010703 (124KB)
The big greenhouse is built entirely from glued broken glass. Inside there is a large cacti collection and even one small sweet Stevia plant from South America!

20_bicycle-collection_20010702 (88KB)    22_martins-bedroom_20010703 (71KB) 23_guest-bedroom_20010702 (73KB)
Martin is car-free and this is his bicycle collection.

   Martin's bedroom and the guests' bedroom. Sleeping on the soft hay was amazingly comfortable.

18_martin_20010703 (162KB)And this is Martin. It was a very brief and hospitable visit and we really don't know too much about him. He said he wants to have a community there but he thinks people will are scared from the harsh winter without the usual modern amenities.

Sorry but this time there's only one photo of the cub...

24_momo-kitten_20010703 (102KB)


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