Migrating South
Kassel - Strasbourg - La Lune Nette - Montelimar - Montpellier - Barcelona - Malaga/2001.11.17-2001.12.12

From Kassel to Strasbourg and back to a snowy visit to our friends in La Lune Nette. Then hitching through Montelimar and OfeK's first experience waiting in line in a McDrive with a French-Algerian who gave him a ride to the organic shop... A few sunny days in Montpellier, two meals in BioCenter, Barcelona and an over night train to Malaga!

01_long-train-to-strasbourg_momo_20011117 (60KB) 02_strasbourg_momo_20011119 (87KB) 03_la-lune-nette-snow_sira-momo_20011124 (103KB) 04_la-lune-nette-snow_flourant-sira-momo_20011124 (102KB) 05_la-lune-nette-snow_flourant_20011124 (109KB) 06_avingnon-sign_20011207 (93KB) 07_barcelona_momo-erika_20011209 (77KB) 08_barcelona_momo_20011209 (107KB) 09_barcelona_momo_20011209 (58KB) 10_barcelona_momo-musicians_20011211 (76KB) 11_train-to-malaga_momo-erika-ofek_20011212 (70KB) 12_train-to-malaga_momo_20011212 (39KB)


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