Sailing Community

We were looking into sailing before and during our trip but our efforts didn't bear fruit. We met Phil at EcoForest where he shared with us his vision of a vegan-raw sailing community spreading goodness around the world. We were of course more than interested as it went along our line of thinking. Phil has the experience and means to make the boat move, however we are looking for a few more people to join us on this indefinite voyage. Contact Phil or us if you see yourself part of this vision:

My vision for a global eco-nomadic way of life has taken me to the conclusion that sailing offers the greatest potential for harmonious global transport and accommodation.

The beauty of a sailing boat at anchor or underway is apparent to all; natural shapes, streamlined buoyant hull, wings of canvas. The simplicity of control and the simplicity of construction combine to allow this global travel machine to blend and harmonize with the patterns of nature.

The grace and beauty of movement is underwritten by awesome power and strength. The speed of travel is manageable, just above walking pace being a "good speed". This allows experiencing each moment while moving through different cultures, ecosystems, and climates and without the shock so common in faster travel. One can cover the entire globe with a steady, gentle, and continuous pace.

We have to learn to work with and observe the elements. Sun, moon, wind, tides, climates, currents, and the minutely, hourly, daily, monthly, and yearly changes all govern us directly and so obviously, on a boat that cannot be ignored. The boat is never still.

To travel without engines, with their irksome smells, noises, and consumption is the only free way to travel. Combining the old traditional methods with modern documenting technology, energy from wind and sun, and minimum navigation gadgets, gives a feel of being in touch with the present day yet rooted in the eternal wisdom from the past.

We will travel for travels sake, see the marvels of nature, visit evolving cultures and intentional communities, communicate the message of awareness, peace and raw energy, collect seeds and send them to communities as trial plants, help seed and establish EcoForests everywhere, network like-minded people, transport passengers and goods sustainably, attend gatherings and festivals, live outdoors, breath fresh ocean air, explore the vast array of exciting fruits and herbs, play music and games, be useful to others by volunteering and working to cover our minimal living costs.


Feedback, thoughts and questions are always welcome at

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