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101. Lo from Wisconsin (2002/12/06)
I like how you promote veganism and peaceful cooperation. Shalom Aleichem.

102. shelem from the community (2002/12/10)

103. DARREN AKA SCOTT from BRITAIN (2002/12/11)
I had a fabulous time in orgiva and i would like to wish everybody a life of light love and happiness. Hare krishna.

104. dave hodgson from old hall community (2002/12/12)
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105. momo from texas (2002/12/15)
you should separate the raw foods from your politics (that suck !!)

106. Amnon Levav from Maalot, Israel (2002/12/16)
Try to be positive - it works. Do it with love! separate the raw foods from your politics. The site would be more digestable that way.
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107. galation people, from usa . everywhere (2002/12/16)
the people of the usa , need to understand , jesus loves everyone , who are you to say someone down on their luck is of no value,isahh 65,66
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108. Andrew Paisey from Pill, North Somerset (2002/12/18)
It seems so sad that freedom comes at the price of being denied access to the sun.
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109. shiri ben dov from israel (2002/12/25)
trying to see how to pack my doughter and myself and eco travell to somewhere we can live and learn nature.
i am fascinated by your sight and stories.
happy new year- love- shiri.

110. Emma from El Bierzo(Spain) (2002/12/25)
Jou,jou,jou...! O.S.B. in Christmas When I was a little girl: (By myself & my cousin Willby) -Bebe wisky hasta que te caigas,bebe wisky hasta que te caigas,bebe wisky hasta que te caigas... y disfrútalo bien! Te pringas comiendo pudding,te pringas comiendo pudding,te pringas comiendo pudding... y disfrutas muy bien!Tu borras con la goma y escribes con el lapicero... Bebe wisky hasta que te caigas... y... disfrútalo bieeen! (Sorry!It´s "We wish you a Merry Christmas...") It´s a Joke! I only want a Smile in Christmas!



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