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631. pam from usa (2006/09/14)
I do not know about this diet. I am just curious about it and I appreciate your view point as I try yo develop one of my own. I did want to remark about the native american/corn correlation you mentioned. I have read (somewhere?)that the corn that is grown today is not the same as the corn that was eaten by native americans when the whites first arrived in the Americas. The corn now is supposedly quite a bit higher in sugar than it once was. I can't quote the science to back that up...but it wouldn't surprise me. It is interesting anyway. Best Wishes.

632. PaCe Pace from Colorado (2006/09/15)
I have a great spamblock but here amoung the guests, I see where all the junk went. Why would barefooters tollerate such blatant NOTHING commerce.
You capital hounds surfacing here are showing off your wares to noone.
What the heck is wrong with you people. please advertize somewhere else. no one. I mean, no one here will bite, I don't think.
Blight and wasten ow go away we don't need your stuff.
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633. Nina Huguet from SPAIN (2006/09/17)
I like your web site, we can discover beautiful places arraund in the nature, I m interest in the communities in Europe, where you can learn, sheare, and feel the nature. Tanks. Nina.

634. nadine from london (2006/09/19)
Hi, I have recently come back from Sunseed (06&07 2006) and have to agree with certain of the comments made. One of your main criticisms as I see it is the trustees continual choice of project managers that are not up to the task, and the ensuing unprofessionalism found at Sunseed. However, the more temporary staff made my stay unforgettable, if slightly overbudget, and I learnt a great deal during my stay. For this I wish to thank the volonteers present and all of the Staff working under the PM at that date.


635. gary wein from toronto (2006/09/19)
to have your ignorant opinions of jews and israel on your website astounds and saddens me. what it has to do with sustainable living i'll never figure out. i've been involved with the green revolution for 20 years, volunteering and economically supporting eco-friendly causes - therefore eventually finding your site by searching for these subjects. i was shocked to find people who espouse these fine sustainable philosophies only to be dissapointed by your lack of knowledge of the jewish-israeli situation. you've been brainwashed along with the rest of the arab world (and others) into thinking that israel is to blame for everything including its own existence. if the arabs had their way, they would have anihilated israel long ago, and then as usual, would turn to their own kind and started killing again. the israelis, throughout the years have been only on the defensive agains suicide bombers, rocket launches agains the civilian population, and people like you who are so ignorant as to believe anything as long as it is a lie because it is told by passionate people, passionate in their ignorant, generations long, reasonless hate for jews and israel. the palestinians have been rejected by all their arab neighbors, but only israel is critisized, after being the only government in the area to actually give them land, which they so stupidly lost to wars and conflicts they and their arab neighbors started. people like you only write about israel because it is so easy to follow along like sheep, listening to the bleeting helpless palestinians, who refuse to help themselves to the gifts of land, jobs and technology offered to them by the jews of israel, which has not been offered to them by any of their arab neighbors. there are over 1 million arabs living in israel as working, tax paying, voting population, and they are silent because they realize they have such good lives, that revealing their luck to the arab world, that they live in the only democracy in the area and have such rich lives would enfuriate the arabs even more. what the heck*%##@! were the hezbollah doing stockpiling 50,000 missiles along the israeli border? just for fun? do you speak of this? do you speak of other conflicts in the world? no. you pick on israel like every other coward, knowing that israel is too peaceful and country to do what an arab would do to you if you dared to criticize them. do you dare speak of the east timor situation? the darfur, somalia, DR congo, afganistan, india, north american natives, chechen, etc, etc. etc.?? No. you pick on israel. don't give me your eco bs when you r political mindset reveals such cowardly ignorance.

636. claire from norfolk (2006/09/28)
walk the path of beauty way

637. Jessica from california (2006/09/28)
This kind of lifestyle intrigues me...

638. Brandon Kilgore from Bellingham (2006/10/04)
In Need of information on how to start a food not lawns. It has fallen apart in B-Ham and I would like to see it in action again.

639. Peter Dann from AUSTRALIA (2006/10/05)

640. Leslie from Liverpool (2006/10/05)
Having gone barefoot for more or less 1OO% of the time, saddly coming from England People will often stand and stare. Still
probably in the dark ages l guess!But given time am sure
people will except it very soon.



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