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11. Caro from Bremen (2001/10/10)
Hi Erika, Ofek and Momo!
I am rght now in your webpage and was looking for new ideas and informations.
I hope you have a good journey and thanks for being with us in Bremen Caro

12. Patricia Krause from Olympia, Washington (2001/10/10)

I hummed Olivia Newton John's ever so 80s pop hit Xanadu while, I read about Martin's fabulous Xanadu garden. I really enjoy your information and pictures.

Peace-Love-Joy and oh yeah - Rock N Roll!!


13. Rick Ostrander from Maryland/USA (2001/10/26)
Happy trails. I'll revisit. Please stay in touch.

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14. Ute from Ireland (2001/10/27)
Lovely site, great travel writing, gorgeous Momo!
Keep us posted. Give us a shout if you ever make it to Ireland. You'd be most welcome to stay.
Ute (+ Mick in absentia)
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15. Jasminka from Croatia (2001/10/28)
Thank you for reminding me... :)
Am just starting a permaculture garden and hopefuly, will invite you to visit soon :)
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16. Jacqui Knight from Russell, Bay of Islands, New Zealand (2001/10/29)

What a wonderful adventure! I admire your courage and the manner in which you are sharing so many "green" thoughts with the people you visit along your way.

I was directed here by someone who has seen my website which they said reminded them of your journey... But my baby was a dog, and two horses instead of bikes. Please look me up if you get to New Zealand as I'd love to meet you.

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17. nicole philps from sydney australia (2001/10/29)
bonjour erika, ofek and momo. I met erika in paris nearly 4 years ago!! i am a travelling vegetarian who aspires to be as ecologically conscious as you are and to travel and live a much less harmless way. one day. thanks for sharing your wisdom and dreams with us all.
love nik

18. rachel from usa (2001/10/30)
Well I am not exactly sure what to say, but I would like to say that I think Italy is a fasinating country. It has interested me for quite some time now. I would love to visit Pompeii. Or maybe another state. But of course Pompeii is my favorite! When I think about all the mystery and excitement I can't help but think it might have been like to live during the explosive volcano. It must have been a real thrill to live and tell about it. That would be my number one place to visit also to investigate. Maybe one day I will find something out that no one else has found. Maybe one day I will live my dream, not only from books, but from reality.

19. wimpy from belgium (2001/11/13)
finding these encouraging words and people on the internet gives 1 main thing : HOPE

Thank you all travelling people and stay well

20. Mango from England(this time) (2001/12/05)
Love the barefootedness. I'll include a link to you in my website. Eat Fruit, Be Cute, Live long and prosper (ps I'm the author of the story you have about the life of a cow).

Rawesome, Mango.
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