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691. Kathe from Boston, MA (2007/02/01)
Thanks for sharing your journey! I'll look forward to your other articles that are under construction!

692. Heidi from England (2007/02/13)
Please would it be possible to come and stay with you for a few weeks. I love the mountains and would love to join an eco friendly organic eating camp for a few weeks. Would it be possible to come next Thursday my coach would be arriving in Malagar in the evening. Thank you for your help. Peace to you.

693. Jeffrey from Red Rock Land, UTAH (2007/02/14)
The higherarchy must rise from the lowerarchy.
We must learn to sit in circles while we speak. We must press our heads firmly to the ground, our precious Mother, and continually give thanks for LIFE, for Creation. Peace and Blessings to all, especially to those seeking a better way. Much thanks for your example and willingness to share your story with US. Shalom Salaam...

694. mark from memphis (2007/02/17)

695. john from london (2007/02/20)
i have been living barefoot all my life, my wife hates all footwear and always walk barefoot no matter where she goes. we find that being barefoot relaxes us so much being able to feel the earth under our bare feet feels so good. a lot of people here in london comment about us but we both say that it feels great and is natural as i was not born wearing footwear and i always want to be barefoot so why do i have to listen to you. we are not trying to make a protest of any kind and dont want to upset people but just want to be happy by wanting our feet to be bare all the time and grounding to mother earth helps us with get on with life so much more easierly.
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696. susan from somerset (2007/02/21)

697. organicjack from oregon (2007/02/24)
Yummm. Natural Building. Clay, Sand, Straw, Bamboo...shelter. Build a house with the dirt under your feet that will last for generations to enjoy...
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698. Jay Levy from Takoma Park, Maryland (2007/02/26)
Some additonal info about our city. It has the strongest Nuclear Free Zone law in the country. The city is forbidden to purchase anything from any entity making nuclear weapons, compnents or delivery ssstems. Non-citizens can vote in city elections. We are a sanctuary city. The police dept. is authorized to not cooperate with any law enforcement entity in pursuit of an undocumented person if that person has not committed a crime.The city is alos not permitted by law to purchase anything from any entity have business dealings with the government of Burma (Myanmar) or to purchase any financial instruments (stocks, bonds, etc) from the World Bank.

699. zuma from benin republic (2007/02/27)
i am boy of 26years old i by and do business with trust people

700. rosie from ireland (2007/02/28)
hello! does anyone know how to get intouch with tinkers bubble by email??? thanks!



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