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111. Fede Sanchez from L.A.Calif.U.S. (2002/12/26)

112. holly from currently china (2002/12/26)
Hello, I met you in Rome many moons ago. After travelling tibetan villages of Gansu Province in northern China I came across some new 'Momo' words you may or may not have heard. 'Momo' is a special kind of tibetan dumpling (containing detestable yak butter) and also means 'grandmother'in tibetan (or so I hear).
Cheers, holly!

113. shiri from <somewhere> (2002/12/28)
it was nice to recieve your mail and update. we plan to traviie to south india starting in the middle of january. still havn't travelled overseas with lalli exept to sinai. happy and fascinating new year.

114. Joan Arlette from Richfield, WI (2002/12/31)
Thanks for your travels and insights. I'd like to suggest a website of which I've recently become aware. It is and details the toxins & chemicals in the U.S. environment. Provides opportunity for viewer to receive info on their specific area's toxins. Very informative site for pollutants in the US. I don't have a similar resource for the planet but I am sure there is one.
[Suggested Webpage]

115. Alan Blanes from Edmonton Alberta (2003/01/02)
I am interested in finding out if you are aware of how many people become homeless due to abuse in social housing. I am wanting to organize 2 video screenings "Under the blue Light" and "In the Gutter and Other Good Places" which shows that a large portion of people lose their sense of belonging in some of these arbitrary, nepotism ridden empirebuilding clique operations that are often referred to as "projects" - They can often be run outside of the bounds of the law - and no-one can stand up to the abuse that is perpetrated in such housing organizations. I am interested in finding people who are also disturbed by this type of demeaning tripe, and I would like to get a group of people together who are willing to ask questions of funders of these abusive housing operators - and to start the demand notice process to force answers!
If you know what I am talking about - I want to hear from you.
Happy new year!

Alan Blanes 2.Jan2003

116. tricia from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada (2003/01/03)
Awesome idea. I hope to have the same type of pilgrimage some day soon.
[Suggested Webpage]

117. steven berkowitz from washington state, USA (2003/01/07)
we are hoping to start a Moshav in Israel,during late 2003, in the Jezreel-HaGilboa area. Interested parties are encouraged to email me at SABERKOWITZ@ATTBI.COM

118. Vitya from Puna, Hawaii (2003/01/09)
Love and blessings from the raw foodists in Hawaii. We have wonderful sustainable communities here. I haven't been away from the islands in years, so it is nice to see that consciousness is rising globally...I thought it was just here...great web-site...I hope to have my own raw eco-village on the ocean someday,


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119. Bishop Sotemohk Beeyayelel from Ong's Hat, New Jersey, USA (2003/01/15)
My Dear Friend,

Thank you for creating such a fascinating website dealing with one of my favorite countries in the world, Morocco. I love it for its human diversity and beautiful geography, and look forward to visiting.

May I invite you to visit our own humble website, that of the Moorish Orthodox Church Diocese of New Jersey at

Thank you again, and God bless you!
[Suggested Webpage]

120. Mike from Soho, London (2003/01/17)
Good site.
Please look at ours. One of our authors of the website (a hostel residents) has been issued a warning about it and they want to close it because the truth hurts. We think the warning is very unfair. What do you think??
Please email us or the managing company that issued the warning or
Thank you. God bless all
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