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61. Denise from <somewhere> (2002/06/28)
Hi Erika, OfeK and Momo

I just wanted to tell you how much I like your webpage. It's so interesting to read about your trip and I have been doing so for months. Actually you partly inspired me to do our travels. We are leaving in November for Mexico and are planning on traveling south living in intentional communities, ecovillages etc. and are going to help in a humanitarian project. I have a little boy about the age of Momo so I love to read when you write about her excperiences. I also like your Libaware with so many interesting topics and so many issues which of many are not part of my life (yet)but are surely worth considering and trying.

I wish you all the best wherever you are going and I'll keep on checking your wonderful webpage.

62. steve from Boise, Idaho (2002/07/03)
I Used To Vistit my Grandmother in Reutlingen as a child(Im 40Yrs)I was surfing the web and stumbled acrossed your sight, thanks for the tour.

63. gali & moran from jerusalem (2002/07/04)
beautiful!...discovering modern technology.. thanks alot for writing everything. easy to use, interesting & useful information toda

64. thor from U.S.A (2002/07/07)
Diaperless parenting can save the world if we let it.

65. Sri Thakur Mahasaya das from London, UK (2002/07/10)
Nice to see your advocating Cow protection, Bhaktivedanta Manor at Watford, has had a Cow Protection program for years, they are loved, their calfs are kept with them and they can grow old and eventually, as we all must, die naturally. Keep up the good work, if you get to England, go to the Manor and see how the cows should be looked after

66. Colin Streeter from London UK (2002/07/13)
I agree with your comments about Sunseed. Wonderful people struggling against some distant management but nothing for Africa and no commitment to true self sufficency. A SHAM.

I shall seek out some of your other places. Thanks for the inspiration.


67. Tim Irwin from Northern Ireland (2002/07/24)
Im new to this site, but Im actively seeking an alternative to the lifestyle and existence I've forged for mayself, thus far. As a London "suit" Im desperate to find for myself or be guided towards a more fulfilling and ethical way to lead my life. Surplus money, material items, power and authority are truly overrated. I will never give up hope.
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68. Emma from El Bierzo(Spain) (2002/07/30)
"La peor cárcel es la mente, sobre todo cuando no te dejan usarla". I won a fail by my beautiful phrase! Obviousness:España va bien! (By Pepe-Mari Aznar, not Me)
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69. Marielle from Acorn Community in Virginia (2002/08/18)
I think your website is Wonderful! I enjoyed browsing through your articles and pictures. I hear we may be seeing the three of you very soon at Acorn. How exciting!
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70. Jason Allen from Chicago / Tehran (2002/08/31)
Unbeleiveable! Wha a feeling to be doing something similar to your journey to visit these kinds of communities and one day find a site such a yours speaking right to my experience. Wow! I am on month 27 of spiritual quest that now takes me to intentional communities in western Europe. My site has impressions and photos fromevery country from Thailand to Greece accross Eurasia and the pure core spirituality and self development in the major faiths.
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