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641. Leslie from Liverpool (2006/10/05)
Having gone barefoot for more or less 1OO% of the time, saddly coming from England People will often stand and stare. Still
probably in the dark ages l guess!But given time am sure
people will except it very soon.

642. MICROCENTER47 from Lagos (2006/10/06)

643. alexandra s fercak from portland oregon (2006/10/06)

644. Jack Dickey from South Carolina, USA (2006/10/10)

645. Michelle from utah (2006/10/11)

646. GMA from Australia (2006/10/11)
For all the good things you've done, and all the good things you are, you have my uttermost respect. So take care, and keep up the great work. Peace.
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647. Michael / deamaik from Tribe of Likatien / Füssen, Germany (2006/10/13)
Thank´s 4this great Website!

Very nice Pic´s and impressions from so many different community´s... wow! :-D

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648. Rina Schaffer from Jerusalem (2006/10/14)

649. fin from Sydney (2006/10/30)
ilove Orgiva/Beneficio!
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650. Lucas Moon Derhy from Denver, Colorado (2006/10/31)



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