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711. Tony from Australia (2007/04/18)
Great site, very informative. Looking forward to you catching up on the latest reports!!Keep up the good work.

712. The Editor from LAX (2007/04/20)
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713. giovanna from milan (2007/04/27)

714. pace pace from Southern Bavaria (2007/04/28)
Dear Barefooters and Gallelieans and all pathfinders everywhere:
Be well . Hippy still needs a home (pref. with TRAD.Musicians) Love ya all
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715. Rui from Munich (2007/05/01)
Hi everyone.. I just accidently came across you website and your "adventures" and i have to say i'm fascinated.. I identify with you in many things but unfortunatly i have bonds to people that don't think quite the same way i do.. Things might change thought and someday i'll be able to "free" myself.. I wish you good and be well..

716. renee tesch from surrey,b.c. (2007/05/01)
Wow! I always instinctively knew that T.V. was bad for our brains - thank you for reminding me of all the reasons why we should seriously rethink our choice to plug out and tune in to life!
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717. J.R.Ortiz, Jr. from USA (2007/05/21)
Don't worry. I respect your opinion. If you don't want to eat meat is fine with me. I understand. In some way I am a "semi-vegeatrian". But still love my chicken stew. Bye!

718. danny ingrey from leigh, lancashire (2007/05/29)
this is my perfect type of community we should save the planet together

719. jonathan duncan from gosport (2007/05/29)
this is great

720. thomas from stourbridge (2007/05/30)
i think that this is the most wonderful place and would do anything to live as pure as you. i hope one day i could do what you do and live a cool life like you



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