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81. Dionysio from southwest usa (2002/10/19)
hey!!! I like your website to see we are not alone... i especialy enjoyed the spain bits...i was recently there...get in touch anytime ..especially if you are in northern new mexico...
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82. Troy from <somewhere> (2002/10/21)
In this friendly, friendly world,
With each day so full of joy.
Why should any heart be lonely.
In this friendly, friendly world,
With each night so full of dreams,
Why should any here be afraid?
The world is such a wonderful place to wander through
When you've got someone you love to wander along with you.
With the sky so full of stars,
And the river so full of song
Every heart should be so thankful
The world is such a wonderful place to wander through
When you've got someone you love to wander along with you.
With the sky so full of stars,
And the river so full of song.
Every heart should be so thankful
Thankful for this friendly, friendly world.
By Andy Kaufman

83. Erin from Dallas, Tx, USA (2002/10/25)
I love your site! It has a lot of information and is very well made. I was born at home in 1984, I have been 'unschooled' my whole life, have been doing all raw foods since January ('02). I am very interested in barefooting, though I work in a health food store, and it would be against dress code, and with going through detoxification I get cold very easy. But it is definitely something I see in my future, and I do it when I can now. I love your information about the Blood Type diet. My family was interested in it for awhile, but it didn't change anything for us (raw foods HAVE!!). I'm B positive, and my whole life I could tell I was lactose intolerant (although I didn't get confirmation from a doctor, or really go to a doctor much at all for that matter...). I'm rambling! Anyways, you sound like awesome people, and if you are ever in Texas you have somewhere to stay/visit if you would like :)
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84. lila from tel aviv (2002/10/27)
I love your idea and your way of life!
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85. Kate Moore from England (2002/10/27)
Having been disgruntled with tampons for some 30 years, I've always used the good old Dr Whites or let my knickers take care of things. I'm always interested in new ideas.

86. lyndon hadley-coates from malta (2002/10/28)
my daughter is planning to visit you. i hope she enjoys the experience. she is one of the most beautiful people i know in every respect and i hope you enjoy her honesty and enthusiasm. if i were born again i would like to return just like her.

87. Johanna from X-student at Holma College of Holistic Studies (Sweden) (2002/10/30)
Hey! Thanks again for the visit! Remember the sangha all around the world:). I hope the project is going well. Love, Johanna
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88. Carl Lehrburger from Boulder, Colorado USA (2002/10/30)
Greetings Economads, it was very nice to see the "Out of Sight, Out of Mind" article posted on your site. Thanks. Should you want to include updated contact info for me, please note:
Carl Lehrburger
PureVision Technology, Inc.
511 N. McKinley
Ft. Lupton, CO USA 80621

Be well and thanks,

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89. emma from england (2002/11/02)

90. Marin from Poland (2002/11/06)
You are great! Maybe someday I visit yours familly. By and positive energy for you.



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