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581. Terry from Los Angeles (2006/04/19)


I'm posting this ad for my friend and his girlfriend. They are clean and environmentally conscious young couple who are vegetarians. They are seeking a room or garage to rent from a nice person.They would maybe like to begin a week to week basis, but really it's up to you since you'll be the landlord. They have a well behaved 2 yr. old kid, and are tired of paying for hotel rooms every night. Does someone out there have a garage that is not being used or a vacant room in their house in Los Angeles ?

582. Jing Jing Ding from London, Ontario (2006/04/22)

583. Peter from WA State (2006/04/22)

I'd like to extend a personal invitation to you to drop by and the new discussion forum that's just opened up.

The forum allows you to meet others with similar interests in sustainability, become more widely known, and attract traffic to your own website or blog.

Please drop on by for a look and register if you would like to be part of a growing community.

Best regards,

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584. Jane from Dewitt (2006/04/24)
Great Site!

585. andy cadiente from alaska (2006/04/28)

586. or from global village (2006/05/08)
dear peace comrades,
i was initially drawn to your website for its promise of pacifict views. However I'm somewhat doubtful of your real motivation.
In your political agenda you sound quite militaristic with respect to zionism and in fact in your website there seems to be no other political evil in the world save to zionism- which is quite
radical to say the least.
I do not intend to open up this complex issue which deserves a deep inquiry then you would would like to admit. In short zionism is a name that millions of persecuted jews wanted to use in order to take charge for their suffering.
Unfortunately, its consequence is not at all euphoric. zionist ideas didn't and do not
assume to cause suffering to others in its essence.
In general, stereotying is very easy to do (the mouse is ugly-kill him) so beware of the aggresive motivation behind your righteous ideas.
Time has changed (wake up)
and Israel is pulling out of conquered territories-
while having to deal with extrimism in the middle east and in palestine.
In short, if your motivation is to enhance world peace- look at the individual- are you acting out of a need to blame something for your suffering- isn't it exactly here that you need to look at? Ins't the politcal arena a similar reflection of that?
As we speak iran is calling to the destruction of israel with atom and publicly denies the holocaust, civil wars are underway in other parts of the world etc. -one is wandering why this is not mentioned in your site - if one wants to give an honest description of evils in the world.
In short why don't you come
and visit yourself the 'zionist state' and maybe then you will be disappointed to find out that it's not so black and white and there is a lot of gray shades- but this might be too much work and might need one to become honest with what is really happening and the hardest of all- honest with oneself.
so i wish you the best on your peace journey - may you learn and mature to express compassion to all beings and to yourself.
my suggested link would be
the dali lama and insight meditation with Christopher Titmus who is a buddhist peace activist -extremely active in israel and palestine. love and peace, or

587. Jes Braun from Minneapolis/St Paul, MN (2006/05/10)
i am an artistic, animal loving vegan. i stumbled over your site on a search for communes/collective living situations. it is my dream to eventually create a peaceful place to live and raise a family. meat free, cruelty free, concrete free. you guys are really inspiring. thank you.
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588. Kim from Bellingham, Mass (2006/05/11)
Thank you for these pics and treasures. I am a former TT member and pray to be HOME one day !! Shalom and Love, Kim

589. Liz from Humboldt County, CA (2006/05/13)

590. DAN 1 from Livermore, Ca (2006/05/16)
Hello to you three explorers of Intentional communities and new tribalism. Have you actually found a wee people in the mountains anywhere living the hunter gatherer life?
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