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121. rebex from minneapolis (2003/01/20)
nice meeting you at the Revolutionary Anarachist Mom and Baby League meeting. check out this pro-choice young mama website, think its up yore ally. viva, "raising kids, raising hell!" keep in touch.
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122. virginie from granada (2003/01/20)
hola todos, es una pagina muy ricas..gracias a vosotros para enseñar al mundo lo que vivir realmente. estoy en granada y queria saber si habia una communidad de este tipo a lado de granada? en la Alpujarra por ejemplo? sé que hay muchas communidades hippies pero no sé exactamente donde. anyway, mi gran respectos por lo que haceis. besos. virginia

123. gabrielle & yannick from Paris for the moment (2003/01/27)
We just want to thank you for the good time we've spent with you tonight.
Hope to do what you're doing one day.
Good luck !
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124. Shawn from Nebraska, USA (2003/01/28)
Hello I found your webpage very interesting. I'm interested in intentional communities, and in fact I'm trying to start one up of my own. If people are interested please visit my website. Thanks
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125. rose from Avalon (2003/02/03)
i love your site and i am going to the l'harmonie in frabce soon. you are doing a great job welldone folks!

126. kalyani olson from new hope (2003/02/03)
I heard the end of the kfai radio program today. I am interested in the toxic oil/heating food theories. I also had all my metal fillings exchanged, but still feel the aftereffects. Any suggestions?

127. carly allen from tyler texas (2003/02/09)
keep on keepin it real. your an inspiration. you bring hope to the world

128. Bob Briggs from Kailua, Hawaii (2003/02/18)
Darlene, I really appreciate your account of the fluoridation fiasco and all that you have done and are doing. I have been actively fighting fluoridation for a long time here in Hawaii. We are now hoping to get a ban on fluoridation through our legislature this year.
Thank you and the best to you. Aloha, Bob

129. Tamar Snir from Minneapolis-MN (2003/02/23)
Thanks guys for the courage you bring to the world. It is possible to live the life you see as true. Only a handful do and the rest just watch. some will follow and make it happen. God bless.

130. Eric Alexander from Longview, Texas (2003/02/24)



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