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31. Chris from Australia (2002/02/23)
Hi! Great page!

32. Sylvia Rodriguez from Mcallen Tx (2002/02/24)
Hi Erika! Wow love your website! Just wondering how you were doing. We have a lot of catching up to do!
An old friend-Sylvia

33. Colin Ready-Evoy from Toronto (2002/03/14)
Hello, hello again!
I have a bit of good news for you - i have been offered $200 by The David Suzuki Foundation to print and distribute more of the brochures that I had designed on their behalf on the subject of Global Warming.
I like the new name for the website but I always thought the old one was prettyt damn clever. Thanks for regaling us all with tales of your journey and enlightening us with so much information about......everything.
Your fan and friend,
P.S. and thanks for the surprise graphic of me on the Guest book. :)
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34. abba from home (2002/03/16)
great job & kiss momo

35. Katie Jo from Austin, TX (2002/03/16)
Bright greetings to Eco-nomads,

I am on the list serve for the yahoo intentional communities group. I checked out your recommended website and found it to be very pleasing. I am living in a collective community in Austin that is at the grassroots level. My tentative plans are to travel this fall overseas and learn more about permaculture, eco-living,, solar power, animal care, spirituality, and ect...I saw some of your the places you visited that you immensely enjoyed. Do you have any other places to share that are outside of Germany? I am interested in Spain since I can speak some Spanish. I am looking for a community that I can share and learn from with exchange of my labors of love a place to dwell and nourish and nuture myself? Thank you for your precious time and devotion,
Take care and take heart,
Katie Jo

36. robert miller from parkersburg (2002/03/19)
live long and prosper. is it the same as. lele makou nona puali

37. Joan Arlette from Richfield, Wisconsin (2002/03/22)
We wholly support your ideas and want to find ways to participate in the kind of movement you are defining. We, too, do organic gardening, follow similar practices in many areas of our lives. Human rights, peace and the sharing of the world's resources are uppermost in our minds.
Please keep us on your list.

38. andrea from hawaii (2002/04/10)

39. Hilla Ben David from Shanti Beach, Dead Sea, israel (2002/04/15)
I became a nomad lately, sharing time between living in a hut on the beach and traveling in the country with a base in Jerusalem. This are very high days - everything is on the edge.
It is a great time to travel, meet people across the land and get more undrstanding of the wonderful opportunities that are hidden behind the difficult "situation" in this wonderful country. What wonderful people.. what an explotion of natural beauty everywhere...

I am an ecological designer, doing reasearch on ecological community building and sustainable developement and I am trying to practice what I learn with my friends in Shanti Beach

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40. Chris Chopik from Candaa (2002/04/22)
You have opened my mind to new ideas - some of them uncomfortable ones. One suggestion for improved resonance is to remove "uncircumcised" from your fromt page - unless your intention is to exclude jews and muslims from participating in your organization.

See you on the brige to the middle way.

Peace, Love and
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