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531. Mark from Southern California (2005/11/24)
Hello, from Gorilla Grove tribe, Ecovillage, and Media experiment. We are the new commons for Rainbow Nation Without Borders. Seeing the misery that springs from the unequal distribution of wealth and privlege, we are the revolutionary movement for higher social culture.
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532. Conrad from Hawaii (2005/11/29)
Blessings and Love,
I found your website By putting "new tribal culture" in quotes and I found this... wow! This websites fabulous. I am also looking for the new tribal culture. The old lady and I traveled to maybe 20 countries etc. did lots of raibow gatherings...(even did the dead sea rainbow scene) jive? anyway my multimedia eBook website at is the story similar? to yours.
Love and Peace
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533. craig from washington In 47501 (2005/11/29)
yes i have heard of pandanaram it is located about 30 or so miles from me i have actually met people from there and some of my friends have visited there it is a very weird place i have heard from my grandfather who worked at crane naval base that borders this utopia i have never went there myself for there is only one way in and one way out and if you mess with one you mess with them all i hope to hear back from you pun

534. Mick The Barefoot from Olympic Mountains, Washing State (2005/12/02)
We are bipedal beings that need story in order to live. We have lost 'TOUCH' with how to 'MAKE SENSE' of our current cultural story. So take off your shoes, step out of confinement and follow your feet in order to recuperate what our cultural story has lost. TOUCH

535. Moath Abusaud from Palestine/Jerusalem (2005/12/14)
Bism ALLAh Alrhman ALraheem
May ALLAhs Noor(light) constantly surround our Fadayeen of ALLah. May ALLahs Kallam (words) become imprinted on everyhuman mind and soul,so that when Yumma ALkeyamma(judgement day) arrives, nobody can say that ALLah and the fadayeen of ALLah have never told and informed them of the true path towards ALLah. May the Holy Land of Palestine always and forever be the center, and the nursery of spirituality for Mankind. Long live the fadayeen of ALLah ,May the Martyers of ALLah,and the fadayeen of ALLah guide all of us Palestinians, Iraqs
who resist the kuffar and infedels aggression, and muslims world wide who are the resistance fighters towards ALLahs magical light and kingdom of heaven. Oh maker ,oh shaker: shake the ground Against the enemies of Plaestine and those who challenge your almighty authority in Iraq. Oh commander of this world and every part of life in this Universe and beyond, PLease Oh ALLAh SMASH the Zionist Cowards who try to assissinate(cold bloodied murder) the bravest souls on earth the fadayeen of ALLah in PLAestine occupied and beyond.
Inshallah Palestine and its People will be united under the great and ever lasting leadership of the Fadayeen of ALLah.
Support the Palestine resistance movement. End the brutal Israeli occupation, by getting involved against the inhuman treatment by the Zionist American and israeli militaries that are occupiing our Middle eastern countries and our muslim pepoles all over the world.. salam wa alekom
Mag alsalama
Sincerly and respectifully
Moath S .Abusaud
P.O.W.(I was captured during the first intifada).
P.S. being a prisoner of War and being captured by the Zioist forces , just made me much more determioned to fight the Israeli and AMercians who seek to occupie and kill my Beloved and brave Palestinian pepole. Long live the Best soldiers Of ALLah in this World and throughout time. May ALLah always inshallah take care of My Palestinian Brothers and sister living under this illegal, inhuman Zioist AMercian occupation.
inshallah, ALlah will rid these worhtless Zionist, Godless Israeli settlers and there followers out of the middle east and out of this world inshallah.
yalla ya seedy salamat
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536. Minh from Oakland, CA (2005/12/17)

537. Alexander Lopera from Miami (2005/12/26)

538. james from usa (2006/01/08)

539. Ronald Red Bear from Southern Oregon (2006/01/11)
Missed the sun dance in 2005
in 7 years i will return

540. Karin from Spitta (2006/01/12)



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